PHP Database Tool: MySQL Ajax Table Editor

Feb 16, 2010

Looking for a good MySQL Table Editor? Try Mysql Ajax Table Editor, a highly customizable PHP script that will let you create web pages to edit your MySQL database tables in a matter of minutes. It is PHP4 and PHP5 compatible and has the ability to join on multiple tables and maintain search functionality. As it is written with Ajax, MySQL Ajax Table Editor is very dynamic and it can be customized to fit almost every application. With this script, you can also create dynamic web applications with Ajax in a matter of minutes. Mysql Ajax Table Editor is a free script released under the GNU LGPL license. So, you don’t have to worry about costs. Just get it and get involved in your database-related projects.

Mysql Ajax Table Editor

Some features of Mysql Ajax Table Editor:

  • Add, edit, copy, delete, view and export table records.
  • Join on multiple tables and maintain search functionality.
  • Edit multiple rows.
  • Order by any column.
  • Allow users to hide or display columns
  • Callback functions can be called after add, edit, copy and delete.
  • Quick search with highlighting.
  • Advanced search with many options.
  • Display add, edit, copy and view actions with icons or buttons.
  • Add your own user defined actions, buttons and icons.
  • Customize table look with CSS.
  • Language support.
  • Works with both PHP4 and PHP5.

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