Phone Number Investigator and User Complaints

Mar 20, 2009

Want to trace the name and address of the owner of any phone number? Want to tell the world about the phone numbers used by telemarketers or annoying callers? If yes, you may need to take a look at, a website dedicated to Reverse Phone Number Lookup and reporting of phone numbers used by annoying callers and telemarketers.



On that website you will be able to find free information about any landline or cell phone number. They covers both the United States and Canada and the information provided includes location, city, phone carrier etc. To make a reverse phone search, just enter the phone number in the search field and hit the enter button. Within a few seconds, details about the phone number will be before your eyes! The good thing is the search result page displays the phone number on a map, which will give you an idea about the approximate location of the phone number.

The Phone Number Information page also comes with real user complaints about that particular phone number. It means if that particular number makes annoying calls to people, you will be alerted by the user complaints that appears at the bottom of the page. And if you are already a victim of that phone number, just file a complaint from that page stating how and when they makes those annoying calls. Your complaint will help many people including authorities who takes action against such callers.

So, is a community-powered website with one simple goal – to end all those annoying calls! Use it to find out more information about any phone number. And don’t forget to file complaints about all those annoying calls that you receive from scammers, telemarketers or fraudsters. Give them a visit.

12 Responses to “Phone Number Investigator and User Complaints”

  1. linda blauvelt on 24th Aug, 09 08:08pm #

    This man has said that i oe money and he is very threatening when he calls.his # is 1-310-418-1781 He says his name is Chris Harrison he speak very poor english

  2. Dawn on 12th Oct, 09 03:10pm #

    I purchased a Premium Unlimited Membership (Most Popular) $1.95/month that included the following services:
    Tracer Report for (586) 932-1021
    + Unlimited Reverse Phone Lookups
    + Unlimited People Search
    + Advanced Reports (full background checks and criminal records on anyone)
    ? The ultimate one-stop search tool for all of your people search needs!

    After paying the fee and signing up with a password, I was routed to ‘peoplesearchpro’ which provided the name attached to the phone number. At that point I attempted to look up a second number and was informed I needed to sign up for a ‘Premium membership’ again at their site for $29.95 per month to obtain the services listed at ‘’. I called the help line 888-813-0008 and talked to Susan. At first she tried to tell me I hadn’t read the fine print and I read it back to her. At that point she informed me ‘’ was an affiliate and that when I clicked through and was taken to ‘peoplesearch’ I would see the additional terms. Since I had to pay at ‘’ before being routed to ‘peoplesearch’ this was not a possibility. In the end she says she is refunding my payment. As of now, at least two unscrupulous websites have my CC info.

  3. Linda on 17th Oct, 09 02:10pm #

    I don’t recommend this service. In fact, this is not a service – just a service layer over another service.

  4. Frog lady on 11th Dec, 09 05:12am #

    Go to hell!

  5. frog lady on 11th Dec, 09 05:12am #

    You have to be really stupid to use this service. It is a bunch of con-artists.

  6. Sunny on 9th Jul, 10 12:07am #

    This is a bogus website crooks. The reverse lookup is false and they spam your name and CC info all over the web. Stay away frm them!!

  7. Squirrel on 27th Jul, 10 01:07pm #

    scam! tried it with 3 numbers, paid 5 bucks each…no result for any of the 3 numbers…won’t use it again

  8. rhonda on 14th Mar, 11 04:03pm #

    ITS A SCAM! Anyone can pay money and then make up a bunch of crap about someone they don’t like and post it. The company does not ask for any proof, etc. It happened to a friend of ours. His ex-wife made up a buch of names and acted like they were complaints. The company does NOTHING to verify the information.

  9. Sunnie on 8th Aug, 11 05:08am #

    Rhonda is right it happened to me.
    now my name is slandered, anyone can write anything if they want to destroy your reputation. now it is on the top of google search for my name, number and my private address!
    Shame on them for ruining peoples lives!
    This company needs to be put out of business!

  10. colt on 5th Jan, 12 06:01am #

    Dont ever use them if you have to use it for free but dont pay i tried paying for one number and i got the same stuff as i did for free there and everywhere else but they will charge because it is a result the results you pay for could show crap for information like what i got all it said was its a level 3 number thats it!

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