Personal Finance Management and Budgeting with Mint

Feb 8, 2011

Are you looking for a free money management or personal budgeting software? Want a free tool to keep track of all your financial transactions and statements? If yes, you can try, a free web-based personal finance management service web site. What Mint actually do is access all your financial accounts (bank account, investment account, credit cards etc), organizes your transaction details and presents them in various easy-to-understand ways so that you can take decisions to achieve your budgeting or financial goals.

Mint free personal finance software

Mint can connect to almost all US-based banking and financial institutions with Internet banking facility. So, it automatically pulls all your financial information and transactions data into one place online. You can view your account details, balances and transactions right from your computer or your mobile phone. Mint has many categories. Your transactions or statements are automatically filed in the right category. Want to add your own categories? No problem! You can easily create and assign new categories to your transactions.  

You can do a lot of things with Mint. For example: you can plan your monthly budget or track your financial goals. You can create a personal budget based on your past spending data. This software presents your average spending in each category. You can meet your saving goals by planning category wise cuts in expenses. With the help of Mint you can easily see how your expenses are going to affect your monthly or yearly budget. This will help you take decisions before it is too late.

Mint provides graphs and charts to help you study, compare and track your various financial statements. What’s more? Mint sends weekly updates on your spending and saving. It also sends more than 20 types of alerts that can save your money and protect your personal finance. You can also set it to send other alerts in the form of emails or text messages. What about security and privacy? Mint is using 128-bit encryption and various other physical security measures to ensure safety of your information. Moreover, it is a read-only service and no transaction can be made by using Mint. So, no need to worry about safety of your money.

So, Mint is a completely free personal finance management service. In fact, it is regarded as one of the best personal finance sites on the web. It will not only help you track your various financial accounts but will also let you create personal budgets or set financial goals. Go, give it a try!

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