OSM Player : Open Source HTML5 Media Player

Sep 12, 2010

Open Standard Media (OSM) Player is an open source (GPLv3) media player for the web. The OSM Player was designed not only to be used within a Content Management System, but also as a stand alone player within an existing website. It is written in jQuery framework and is 100% free. The Open Standard Media Player supports dynamic delivery of any type of web media, including HTML5, YouTube, Vimeo, and Flash. There is also support for playlists. OSM Player is easily themable using jQuery ThemeRoller system.

OSM Player

Features of Open Standard Media Player:

  • Open Source and free media player.
  • Written in jQuery framework.
  • Dynamic HTML5 content delivery.
  • Supports many popular Audio and Video media formats.
  • Automatic Flash fallback for non-standard media.
  • Seamless Vimeo and YouTube integration.
  • XML playlist support.
  • Custom theme using ThemeRoller system.

Open Standard Media Player Download Link:


4 Responses to “OSM Player : Open Source HTML5 Media Player”

  1. Satish on 6th Nov, 13 04:11pm #

    Can i use this player for audio files?

    • Sandy Official Reply on 7th Nov, 13 08:11am #

      Yes, OSM media player supports audio.

  2. dragon on 6th Apr, 15 08:04am #

    hi, I am using the osmplayer, such as :

    playlist: ‘../vedios/presentations.xml’,
    height: ‘500px’,

    and how to get the time that the vedio had play?,

  3. dragon on 11th May, 15 01:05am #

    hi, i am using the osmplayer , i need to get the infomation of video which is playing in playlist, what should i do ?
    thanks everyone!

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