Orkut Chrome Extension from Google

Nov 12, 2011

For Orkut users Google has released a Chrome browser extension. Called, Orkut Chrome Extension, this tiny extension lets you receive Orkut updates and scrap notifications right inside the Google Chrome web browser window. Orkut Chrome Extension adds a button to the browser toolbar that display the number of new updates and scrap notifications from your Orkut account. From  the button you can quickly access a friend’s page, visit home/scrap/photos pages, perform searches and share your favorite links on Orkut. If you are a Orkut user, the Orkut Chrome Extension is a good one for you. Try it today.

Orkut Chrome Extension 

Note that, Orkut Chrome Extension can access your data on all websites. It can see the address and titles of sites that you visit in your browser tabs and windows. But, you don’t have to worry! Because, it an official extension from Google.

Install Orkut Chrome Extension:


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