Orbit jQuery Image Slider Plugin

Sep 22, 2010

Looking for a jQuery image slider plugin? Try Orbit, a cool jQuery image slider plugin that will let you create beautiful and effective sliders for images of any size. Features of the generated slider includes animation effects, captions, directional navigation and a cool timer. Orbit is small in size (just 2.8kb) and easy to use. It automatically determines the height and width of your set of images and scale them accordingly. The markup is clean. Just add your image links within a div element. The captions are automatically generated from the title tags.


For easy customization, Orbit jQuery image slider plugin offer the following parameters:

animation: animation type (fade, horizontal-slide and vertical-slide)
animationSpeed: specify the animation speed
advanceSpeed: time between transitions
startClockOnMouseOut: timer should restart on mouseout (true/false)
startClockOnMouseOutAfter: how long after mouseout timer should start again
directionalNav: manual advancing directional navs (true/false)
captions: title at bottom (true/false)
captionAnimationSpeed: animation speed for caption
timer: circular timer in slider (true/false)

Orbit jQuery plugin is compatible with all major web browsers, but works best in Chrome and Firefox 3.5+.

Orbit jQuery Plugin Download Link:


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