Opera Unite : Web Server on Web Browser

Jun 17, 2009

Opera has created technology that allows a Web browser to also function as a Web server. The new technology is available as a part of the latest beta version of the Opera 10 browser and is called as “Opera Unite”. Opera Unite harnesses the power of today’s fast connections and hardware to turn your ordinary personal computer into an web server.

Opera Unite

Opera Unite allows you to easily share your data: photos, music, notes and other files. Various “services” can be loaded and activated via the browser. for example, you can even run chat rooms with the “The Lounge” and host entire Web sites with the “Web Server” services. In simple words, Opera Unite puts the power of a Web server in your browser, giving you greater privacy and flexibility than other online services.

Opera Unite is very easy to use and extendable. Simply enable Opera Unite when you start Opera, and you are ready to go. Find and install services with one click from our online catalog or easily create your own by using Web standards like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SVG and AJAX. And the good thing is that Opera Unite services can be accessed from any modern browser, including mobile browsers!

Opera Unite is now available with seven free services built by Opera. They include file sharing, media player, web server, photo sharing, the lounge, Opera Unite page and the fridge. More information and to download Opera Unite visit: http://unite.opera.com/

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