OpenOffice 3.0 Released, Demand Crashes Site

Oct 14, 2008

The long wait is finally over! OpenOffice 3.0 is here, with some enhanced features and serious upgrades over the version 2.4. The Open Source Office software that competes directly with Microsoft Office, now covers entire area of word processing, presentation, spreadsheets, graphics, databases and office other applications. So, it is a fully packed software suite that will give you everything that you wanted from Microsoft Office or other productivity software.

OpenOffice 3.0

Some new features of OpenOffice 3.0 includes improved interface for the Chart application,  XML support and XSLT based filters, new icons and a new zoom control in Start Center, improved crop features in Draw and Impress and new notes feature and built-in math solver component in Writer.

One more good news is that OpenOffice 3.0 also features out-of-the-box import filters for Microsoft Office file formats. It means that with OpenOffice 3.0 now you can easily read Microsoft Office 2007/ 2008 documents saved in new formats such as .docx, .xlsx or .pptx.

Shortly after OpenOffice 3.0 became available today, tons of users from around the world visited it’s official site for downloading the much awaited software. The demand was so high that the website crashed. Now you will be able to see only a simple text only page on their site with download links. What does it means? Why people want it so badly? There may be only one reason – it is really good!

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