On Demand File Sharing Service from Egnyte

Oct 23, 2009

If you run a company and want backup and share your files, online file storage is a great option for you. Online backup or online data storage can give you complete peace of mind, provided you have the right infrastructure or you are with the right file storage service provider. The idea of having your own storage and backup infrastructure is great. But, with it huge initial investment and maintenance cost is also involved. Recently, I came across Egnyte, a Mountain View, California based company providing on demand online file storage service to small and medium sized businesses. After going through it’s pages and researching available online data about the company, I found it worth mentioning on this blog. So, read on to know more about Egnyte.

Egnyte - File Sharing Software

Egnyte - File Sharing Software

What kind of service Egnyte offer? Egnyte basically offer online file storage,collaborative file sharing and backup services that you can use to store your files in a secure centralized location. Their on-demand file sharing and local cloud computing services are geared towards those small or medium sized businesses that wants to take advantage of online file storage without spending extra money on hardware or maintenance.

Yes, your guess is right! Egnyte is offering cloud computing services. As a customer, you will get an online file server from Egnyte. On that file server, you can store and organize your files. You can access those files through a secure access using a web browser or a mapped drive on your computer. That’s why it is called On Demand File Server. Egnyte has an in-built search engine that will help you find your files quickly. You can also share your backed up files with your employees and/or business partners. To ensure safety of your files, Egnyte’s data backup runs continuously and also offer you an option to go for instant backup. Moreover, all communication with Egnyte happens over 128-bit AES encryption over SSL.

One of the great advantages of Egnyte is Local Cloud file storage, which will give you off-line access to your files. In order to use Egnyte Local Cloud service, you need to install Egnyte Local Cloud (ELC) software on your local storage device. Once installed, you can access your files on the On Demand File Server locally, even when your internet connection is not available. As your files are available locally, you edit or modify them easily. And when your Internet connection is available, the local cloud synchronizes the modified files to the On Demand File Server.

So, what you think? Egnyte sounds interesting? In my view, this is a great service that small businesses can use to store, backup and ensure safety of their important files. Egnyte file sharing software is also perfect for business collaboration as it facilitates centralized file storage and easy online file sharing. What about price? Egnyte have three different service plans to meet the requirements of different businesses or professionals. For better understanding of the packages and their pricing, visit the official Egnyte website.

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