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Jul 15, 2011

Have you ever tried Advanced IP Scanner? Recently, I came across this application while I was looking for a network scanner. It needed such a software to use on my local network. A few recommendations came from my friends. One recommendation was Advanced IP Scanner 2.0 from Radmin. I was told that Advanced IP Scanner is a very handy application, specially when someone wants to get detailed information about all the connected devices on a home or office network. After a quick search on Google and after reading a few articles, I decided to give it a try!

So, I visited Advanced Ip Scanner homepage and downloaded the application. It is a freeware and supports Windows operating system (Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista and Windows 7) only. The file size is small (about 7.5MB) and installation process is simple. After installation, I was welcomed by a clean interface. You can perform various tasks from the menus on top and the toolbar with icons. My scan took just a few seconds. I was impressed by it’s speed and information that it provided about the computers on my network. The Advanced IP Scanner also supports remote wake up and shutdown operations.

Advanced IP Scanner Software

Fast Network Scan with Advanced IP Scanner

To start scanning, enter your network IP address range in the empty field and press the “Scan” button. Within a few seconds, your scanning will be complete and Advanced IP Scanner will present before you a list of the computers in the network. There is also a High-accuracy scanning option which you can choose from the Settings menu. This option improves accuracy by scanning each device several times.

From the Operations menu you can easily perform other tasks such as Browse computer, Shut down, Wake-On-LAN and connect via HTTP, FTP or Telnet. If a system on your network supports “Wake-On-LAN”, you can easily wake it up remotely by using this software. The Shut Down function of Advanced IP Scanner helps in shutting down any particular computer or a group of computers remotely.

A Handy Tool

Are you a system administrator? Are you looking for a free network scanner utility for your corporate or home network? If yes, look no further and try Advanced IP Scanner 2.0 from Radmin. This free network scanning software is extremely easy to use and has many useful features. It will not only provide you information on computers connected to a network, but will also let you remotely perform various tasks. In simple words, it is a handy tool for managing a computer network. Download Advanced IP Scanner today!

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