Mozilla Firefox 3.1 Beta 2

Dec 9, 2008

Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 is here! This new version of the popular browser is intended for developer testing and community feedback. It comes with some new features including all new Private Browsing Mode that allows you to browse without Firefox storing any traces of where you’ve been and a faster JavaScript engine called TraceMonkey!

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Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 is available for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux in 55 different languages. It also comes with a new function that will make it easy to remove the history of your past few hours of browsing, or remove all traces of a website. Well, the new tab-switching & preview behavior has been removed, based on feedback from Beta 1 users.

The brower also now supports the HTML 5 and <video> and <audio> elements, the W3C Geolocation API, JavaScript query selectors, CSS 2.1 and 3 properties, SVG transforms and offline applications.

Note that, this release is meant for testing purposes only. So, it is recommended that you read the complete release notes and known issues before installing this beta version of Firefox. For more information about this release, visit –

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  1. hitech01 on 15th Dec, 08 06:12am #

    Unfortunatley I posponed to use the latest firefox because mine always freeze and hang everytime. So, I’m still using FF 3.0

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