Microsoft releases Seadragon iPhone Application

Dec 15, 2008

Microsoft’s Live Labs have released a new application for the Apple iPhone. The application, called Seadragon, will enable users to browse through an entire collection of photos from a single screen and to zoom in quickly in high-resolution photos. This is for the first time Microsoft have released an application for Apple’s iPhone.


Seadragon is an application that changes the way we use screens to view images. It is designed to provide next-generation visual experiences, regardless of the size of the screen, size of the file or the bandwidth of your network. Seadragon already available in a number of platforms including Microsoft Surface, and in Photosynth and Silverlight. Now, it is the time for iPhone! Interestingly, Microsoft hasn’t released this mobile app for Windows Mobile phones yet. He hope that they will add it soon.

Seadragon iPhone Application

For super-close-ups of your images, you can get Seadragon Deep Zoom functionality by using Photosynth. It will also enable you to organize all your images together into a beautiful 3-D space. What’s more? You can use Seadragon Ajax and embed a simple viewer into your own web sites or blog posts.  Or, you can also download the Deep Zoom Composer to embed a viewer into your own web site or blog post.

So, Seadragon Mobile is a perfect image browser for your iPhone with mega zoom capabilities. It is available for free at the iTunes App Store. Get it today from here.

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