MegaZine3 : Free Flash Page Flip Engine

Feb 19, 2011

Want to create a web site with book page flip effects? Are you looking for a free page flip script? Try MegaZine3, a free and open source, Flash pageflip engine. With this tool you can easily create a web site with the look and feel of an actual book or magazine. It is extremely easy to use and the end product is stunning. You can turn and flip pages just like in a real book or magazine.  

MegaZine3 Free Pageflip Script

MegaZine3 supports multiple elements. So, you pages are not only single images but may contain multiple images. You can place, videos or other content in one single page. This Flash driven tool supports many features and effects such as liquid scaling, zoom, multiflip, sounds, video, dynamic XML based content definition, page caching, JavaScript interaction, fullscreen, thumbnails and more. Moreover, all GUI components are styled using XML. So, you can easily change the GUI without touching any core file codes.

This free flash pageflip engine supports plugins (swf files that offer additional functionality). With plugins such as the navigationbar, sidebar, deeplinking (SWFAddress), password, PrintPDF, Google Analytics and more, you can easily modify and expand the functionality of MegaZine3 engine. What’s more? MegaZine3 supports localization. It will let you easily localize your books, and provide your users an easy way to switch between languages without the need to completely reload the book.

MegaZine3 is free for private use, without limitations. You can get the engine files from the download link below.

Download MegaZine3 pageflip engine:


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