Managing News : Open Source RSS News Aggregation Application

Jul 9, 2010

Need a tool for tracking and sharing news and information? Or looking foe a free news aggregator tool? Try Managing News, an open source RSS/Atom based news tracker with advanced features like search, republishing and mapping. It is built on Drupal and thirty other open source projects. Managing News can show news as list or on a map. You can search the news items for key trends and graph the results. News can be easily republished by bundling articles into channels. The highly configurable maps also supports location tagging of news stories. Managing News also lets you share any story using Facebook, Twitter or via email.

Managing News

The Managing News application can run on any server environment that is suitable for Drupal. Your server must have apache (with mod_rewrite for clean urls), MySQL 5 and PHP 5.2 (32MB memory limit / 30+ second max execution time). Use of a PHP opcode cache like xcache is also recommended.

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