Lights Off on all Video Sites with Turn Off the Lights Firefox Add-on

Nov 26, 2010

Love watching videos online? Want a lights off effect? Though lights off effect is helpful from users point of view, only a few web video sites actually uses it. So, what about a plugin or something that adds lights off effect on all video sites? Yes, it is possible. If you are a Firefox user, try Turn Off the Lights add-on. Turn Off the Lights dims everything in the background of a video, so that you can enjoy the video content without any distractions.

Turn Off the Lights

Turn Off the Lights is easy to use. Simply click on the lamp button and the page will fade to dark with the video on focus. So, you can enjoy the video without being distracted by other contents of the web page. Click again on the lamp button or on the black element and the web page will return back as normal. This simple add-on supports multiple video sites. You can also use it on image sites such as Google Images.

Install Turn Off the Lights add-on today and enjoy your favorite videos online.

Download Turn Off the Lights for Firefox

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