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May 25, 2009

Internet is full of information. But the problem is everything is not present in a single site. That’s why to help people find the information they want, there are search engines. Every day millions of people uses search engines to find articles, news, video, shopping information and other things. Still, it looks like people want something more from the traditional search engines! And that’s why every year many new search engines are being launched.

LeapFish - Click Free Search

Recently, we came across about a new search engine called LeapFish. Launched in 2008, LeapFish aims to deliver variety of web content in a single and clean search interface. It displays the most relevant content for any search query by aggregating and organizing information from the major search engines, web portals like Google, Yahoo, CNN, YouTube, eBay and other social media sites.

LeapFish claims to offer web users a click-free search experience. After testing it for a while, we found that they are right. It displays relevant search results from across the web in a single search query and to view the results you don’t have to use a single click! Just type in the query in the search box and see the results appear without a click. LeapFish utilizes the power of hyper-threading technology to communicate between multiple search engines. So, as you type the results stars to appear. Moreover as it pulls results from multiple search engines, you can expect to get more relevant information in the form of search results.

With LeapFish you can search the web, news, answers, videos, images, shopping and blogs. The most interesting part in searching videos is that you can watch a video without a click! Just place your mouse cursor over the video and it will play automatically. Similarly hover your mouse cursor over an image to see the actual image without leaving LeapFish. While searching you can also switch between Google, Yahoo, and MSN by using the radio button above the search box.

Just because of it’s unique way to display search results and the click-free search interface, LeapFish recently got some good media coverage. Channel Web, a popular social media news site, reported that they really like the functionality that LeapFish.com offers. According to Channel Web:

“As an aggregator, results aren’t limited to Google; Radio buttons at the top of the page allow the user to quickly switch among Yahoo and MSN also. With a simple mouse click, the new results appear instantly.”

So, if you want to think beyond traditional search engines, LeapFish is probably one of the best options for you. With the help of LeapFish, you can browse the web in real-time with minimum clicks and keystrokes. It will not only provide you the most relevant information but will also save your valuable time. Try it once and experience something new!

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  1. darrell on 25th May, 09 04:05pm #

    Amazing new search functionality. I’m curious as to how they will begin to monetize their results and how to optimize for best results for our company.

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