Know more about your File Extensions

Mar 26, 2009

Want to know more about some file extensions? Certain file extensions are not opening on your computer? Need help in fixing file extension problems? Not sure where to look for help? Take a look at, a resourceful website that contains valuable information about the different file extensions.

Computer File Extensions

Computer File Extensions

On that website you will get information about all types of file extensions. In fact you will be amazed to see so many of them! Don’t worry all the popular file extensions are listed on their front page. Follow the link of a particular file extension and you will get more information about it’s problems, opening programs etc. File Extension information can also be accessed by performing a search or by following the alphabetically ordered list of file extensions.

File Extension problems mainly comes from errors in Windows registry. Let’s take an example here: You have installed a new software that plays certain media file extensions. During installation that software becomes default player for those file extensions. So far, it is fine. But, what will happen when you uninstall the media player software and it forgot to assign those file extensions to open with the previous software associated with them? Those file extensions will fail to open in your computer.

This was just one of many possible ways through which registry errors may occur. So, if you want to keep everything stable and fine, you need to fix those registry errors first. Use a registry cleaning software, remove those errors and suddenly all those file extension problems are gone! Besides information on File Extension problems, ComputerFileExtensions also have information on how to scan your computer for problems and how to fix the detected problems. We are sure that it will help you.

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