Jupiter, Venus and Moon to appear closer in the Sky

Nov 30, 2008

On Monday, Jupiter, Venus and Moon will appear nearer than ever in the sky. Jupiter and Venus have been rapidly coming closer for the last few days and now our moon will give them a company by hanging higher and nearer. So, on Monday evening, you will be able to see the three of them together in the sky. The trio will form a wide isosceles triangle, with Venus at the vertex. Don’t miss this phenomenon, as it will not be visible again until 2012.

Venus, Jupiter and Moon

If you don’t want to miss the triangular formation by Jupiter, Venus and crescent Moon, look towards southwest after sunset on Monday. It will be visible from all parts of the world up to about two hours after sunset. These three celestial objects will be so close that you’ll be able to hide them all behind your thumb held at arm’s length. Don’t miss this.

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