jQuery.validity : jQuery Form Validation Plugin

Jun 26, 2010

Looking for a jQuery form validation plugin? Get jQuery.validity, a jQuery plugin for powerful, accurate client-side form validation. Instead of writing validation manually or balancing some unwieldy server-side framework, Query.validity allows you to design client-side validation in a manner that feels natural and straightforward.


jQuery.validity is suitable for both simple as well as complex, dynamic, or conditional validation scenarios. It takes advantage of jQuery’s selector engine to perform validation on logical groupings of inputs, making it declarative and clean. Validity will have almost no effect on your markup and it will degrade without leaving any residuals in browser environments where JavaScript is disabled or not supported.

jQuery.validity is lightweight (only 9KB) and very easy to install. It won’t slow down your page. Moreover, as a developer, you will have full control of error handling and adapting it to the design of your page. Get it today!

Info and Download Link: http://validity.thatscaptaintoyou.com/

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