jQuery Mobile – Framework for Creating Mobile Sites or Apps

Sep 13, 2013

Want to create a mobile website? Looking for a HTML5 UI mobile framework? If yes, try jQuery Mobile. Built on top of jQuery core, jQuery Mobile is a mobile framework that will let you create a mobile site or mobile application without even writing a single line of JavaScript. It offers touch-optimized UI widgets and AJAX navigation system with cool transition. jQuery Mobile is lightweight and compatible with all major smartphones, tablets and desktop browsers. Continue reading to find more details and download links.

First released in 2010, jQuery Mobile today powers thousands of popular websites and mobile apps. No doubt, it is one of the best mobile frameworks available today. jQuery Mobile is easy to use, provided you are familiar with JavaScript, HTML and CSS. If you are familiar with jQuery, working with jQuery Mobile will be an easy job for you.

jQuery Mobile Demo

Features of jQuery Mobile:

  • Works on almost all mobile platforms.
  • Lightweight and limited dependencies.
  • Touch-optimized UI widgets.
  • Ajax powered navigation with transition effects.
  • Progressive enhancement and graceful degradation.
  • Theme framework is easy to customize.

jQuery Mobile supports all modern web browsers, smartphones, tablets and even e-book readers. But because of the progressive enhancement approach, it also works great on feature phone and old web browsers.

Download Link:

jQuery Mobile is a free mobile framework. You can download it from here. jQuery Mobile is offered in both uncompressed and minified form. CDN-hosted versions are also available (JS and CSS files). If you want to host the files yourself, you need to download the standard zip file, which contains all the required files (JS, CSS and images).

jQuery Mobile Download Builder:

Is it possible to build custom bundle of jQuery Mobile? Yes, jQuery has released an online jQuery Mobile Download Builder. All you need to do is open this link and specify components you need. Then press the Build My Download button to download a zip file which contains you custom JavaScript and stylesheet. The download builder supports customization of core, events, forms, transitions, navigation, widgets and utilities.

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