jQuery GPS : Add Google Maps with Directions

Mar 17, 2010

Want to add Google Maps to your web sites? Need a jQuery Google Maps plugin? Try jQuery GPS, a simple plugin that makes it easier to add Google Maps to web sites. Besides displaying a map on your web site, this jQuery plugin also has the ability to let you select the place the map shows when it first loads, and to open a tooltip and display a picture on that starting location.

jQuery GPS

jQuery GPS is a lightweight plugin and is very easy to use. To use this plugin you need your own Google Maps API. You can add inputs by adding default or custom IDs. Default element IDs such as "direction", "start", "end" and "getdirections" will let you create a simple Google Maps application with directions and highlighted maps. But you can easily change the default element IDs in jQuery GPS. In fact, you can also change a few default settings that control Google Maps settings such as the map zoom level, map center, tooltip, image, image width and image height.

More info, documentation and download link: http://www.birdwingfx.com/jQuery_gps/

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