jParse : jQuery Plugin for XML Parsing

Jul 17, 2011

Need some help in XML parsing? Want to display your XML content in an interesting way? Try jParse, a jQuery plugin which will let you parse XML with the help of a jQuery Ajax request. jParse is ultra lightweight (4KB) and is compatible with jQuery 1.4+. With this jQuery plugin you can pull many types of information from an XML document. For example, you can pull the value of an XML node or the value of an attribute of an XML node. You can also output the number of <items> in an XML document or exclude XML nodes with certain words, numbers, or symbols. The HTML output with jParse is fully customizable.

jParse Jquery Plugin

jParse jQuery Plugin lets you parse an XML that was fetched with the jQuery .ajax method and that’s why it is ully customizable. But as the jQuery .ajax method does not allow for cross domain Ajax requests, the XML that you would like to parse with must be on the same domain you are working with. Don’t forget this when you use jParse on your web site.

jParse is compatible with all major web browsers including Firefox 1.5+, Safari 3+, Chrome 3, Internet Explorer 6+ and Opera 9+.

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