Using InPrivate Browsing in Internet Explorer

Jun 19, 2013

InPrivate Browsing is a privacy mode in Microsoft Internet Explorer. When enabled, this mode ensures that your web browsing activities are not recorded in the browser cache. In order words, InPrivate Browsing mode prevents Internet Explorer from storing information related to your browsing session in your computer. This mode is useful for those who are concerned about their privacy. If you are using Internet Explorer on a shared (or public) computer, InPrivate Browsing is recommended.

Privacy Mode in Browsers

All modern web browsers locally stores various information related to user’s web browsing activities. For example: URLs of visited web pages, temporary internet files, download information, cookies, etc. Those local data might compromise privacy of the user. That’s why web browsers started to adding a private mode or privacy mode, which allows users to browse the web without storing any local data. The privacy mode in Microsoft Internet Explorer is called InPrivate Browsing

When InPrivate Browsing is turned ON, Internet Explorer stops storing browsing related information. All toolbars and extensions are also disabled by default. This ensures greater privacy. Point to be noted that InPrivate Browsing offers protection in local level only. It prevents others from accessing your browsing history or other related information via your computer. But it can’t stop ISP and your network from monitoring your web activities.

InPrivate Browsing

How to use InPrivate Browsing?

The InPrivate Browsing in Internet Explorer can be easily turned by using using the Safety Menu. For that go to the Safety option in command bar (top right corner) and select InPrivate Browsing from the drop-down menu. Alternatively you can use a shortcut: press Ctrl, Shift and P keys together (Ctrl+Shift+P).

When the mode is ON, the address bar will show the word InPrivate with a blue background.

InPrivate Browsing starts with a new window. The privacy mode will continue to work till you use that particular window. For convenience, you can open multiple tabs in that window. No local data will be stored. But if you open another browser window, InPrivate Browsing won’t work.

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