Intel launches Core i5, Core i7 and Xeon 3400 Processors

Sep 8, 2009

On Tuesday Intel launched several high-performance desktop and server processors. The new Intel Core i5 processor family, two new Intel Core i7 processors and the Intel Xeon processor 3400 series marks the arrival of Intel’s latest Nehalem microarchitecture to mainstream desktop and entry server markets.

Intel Core i5 Processor

Codenamed Lynnfield, these new chips are based on Intel’s award-winning Nehalem microarchitecture and are designed to meet the needs of consumers who want top-notch performance for digital media, productivity, gaming and other demanding applications.

The new Core i7 and i5 processors are the first Intel processors to integrate both a 16-lane PCI Express 2 graphics port and two-channel memory controller. Previous Intel chipsets required two separate chips. A new Direct Media Interface (DMI) connects between the processor and chipset. All new processors are lead- and halogen-free1 and feature Intel exclusive Turbo Boost Technology. The top-of-the-line Core i7 processors also support Intel Hyper-Threading Technology. Combined, these features give computer users absolute “intelligent” performance when necessary and optimum power-efficiency when the computer is lightly loaded.

On the other hand, new Intel 3400 and 3420 chipsets will improve small business productivity by running email, file, print and dynamic Web serving tasks more efficiently. The processors launched today also include the Intel Xeon L3426, a low-power variant that delivers up to 188 percent improvement in energy efficiency per dollar than the previous-generation Intel Xeon X3380,

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