Windows 8 : How to Install Apps from Windows Store?

Sep 5, 2013

Microsoft Windows 8 comes to several cool and useful built-in apps. For example: Music, Video, Photos, People, Games, Mail, SkyDrive and more. Those apps comes handy in basic tasks. But wait! Windows 8 app range is not limited to those few apps. You can download and use thousands of useful and fun apps from Windows Store. And the best thing is most of them are 100% Free apps. Using Windows 8 for the first time? Don’t worry! This article will guide you in installing new apps from Windows Store.

Windows Store Image

In Windows Store, apps are categorized into following categories: Games, Social, Entertainment, Photo, Music & Video, Sports, Books & Reference, News & Weather, Health & Fitness, Food & Dining, Lifestyle, Shopping, Travel, Finance, Productivity, Tools, Security, Business, Education and Government. To find all apps in a category, simply click or tap on the category title. In the category window, you can sort apps by price (Free, Free and Trial and Paid) or by noteworthy (newest, highest rating, lowest price, highest price). Some categories also has Sub-categories. For example: Games. When a subcategory is present, a drop down menu will appear in the main category window. Use that to browse and install apps.

How to install an Windows 8 App?

  1. Go to the Start Screen and find Windows Store tile. Click or tap on the tile to open Windows Store.
  2. In the Windows Store, the first screen displays features and popular apps. Scroll sideways to discover more categories. Click on the category name to explore more.
  3. Windows Store Category

  4. Double click on the app tile of your interest. The app information page will appear. To download an app, simple press the Install button on the left bar. The upper right corner of the screen will indicate download progress.
  5. Windows Store Install App

  6. Upon completion of download, Windows will display a notification. The app tile will be added to the Start Screen. Tap or Click on that tile to open the app.

That’s it! You have just installed your first Windows 8 app. Follow the steps above and add more Windows 8 apps to your computer.

Note: If you are running Windows Store app first time, you’ll be asked to add a Microsoft account. Enter your details or create one and proceed.

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