Infoaxe : A Search Engine for Your Browsing History

Nov 18, 2008

Getting tired of bookmarking and/or emailing all of your favorite web pages? We think infoaxe will help you! Infoaxe is an interesting startup that indexes your browsing history and makes them searchable. All you have to do is install a toolbar in Internet Explorer or Firefox and keep the record button on. It will automatically record your browsing history that you can access anytime you want from your toolbar or the infoaxe website. Sounds cool. Isn’t it?

Infoaxe - Personal Web Memory

Infoaxe is founded by two graduate students at Stanford University. Every page that you see on the Web gets added to your Personal Web Memory and becomes searchable. Your web memory is stored on the infoaxe servers and protected by your infoaxe account and password. You can access it and search from any computer. So, no more manual bookmarking!

So, in our view, infoaxe can revolutionize the way we search and access information on the Web. Get a toolbar for your browser and enjoy your browsing. For more information watch the video.

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