iJab : Ajax Web Based Jabber Program

Feb 15, 2010

Looking for a good web Instant Messaging program or web messenger for your web site? Try, iJab is an Ajax-based web based instant messaging program for XMPP/Jabber. With this open source software, users can run their own instant messaging without limitations or software cost. iJab does not require any special hardware or software. It can run on any server which supports XMPP server and openfire or ejabberd. iJab is interpreted purely by the client web browser. So, it runs solely in a browser and no additional downloading or installations are required.

iJab Ajax Web Jabber

Features of iJab includes:

  • Based on standard XMPP protocol.
  • Support MSN, AIM transport and any transports in XMPP server.
  • Support three Modes: stand-alone application, web chat bar in page and live support.
  • iJab supports MUC(Multi user chat) in XMPP.
  • No need to download or install any software.
  • New Message Notification.
  • Support user-search function.
  • Automatically converts smileys to icons.
  • Cross-browser compatible.
  • Easy integration with web site.
  • Supports theme and you could add your own theme.
  • iJab is an open source software.
  • And many more…

More info: http://www.ijab.im/

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