How to Completely Uninstall AVG with AVG Remover Tool?

Jun 10, 2013

AVG is one the popular free anti-virus software available in market today. Sometimes AVG uninstall process fails and leaves behind traces of the application on your computer. In that case you may need a remover tool for AVG. Want to completely remove AVG anti-virus from your computer? Need some help in fully uninstalling AVG? If yes, read on and find the best way to remove AVG from a computer.

Even after uninstalling, traces of some software remains on a computer. For example: a software may leave behind registry items, user files, drivers, shared dlls or even some installation files. Though many of those traces are harmless, it is suggested that you remove them from your computer. If you want to remove AVG completely, you can use a free tool called AVG Remover. Released by AVG, the AVG Remover deletes all components of an AVG installation from a computer. It is a freeware and 100% safe.

AVG Remover Screenshot

How to Uninstall AVG with AVG Remover?

  1. Open the AVG Remover download link (look below for link).
  2. Once in the download page, select the appropriate tool for your system (32-bit or 4-bit).
  3. Save the file in your hard disk. Once the download is complete, run the AVG remover file.
  4. A warning message will appear stating that the tool will remove AVG from your computer and it may require one or more reboots to complete the process. So, you should save your work and exit other applications. Press the Yes button.
  5. The application will run. When prompted, restart your computer.

That’s it! AVG is now completely removed/uninstalled from your computer.

Note: AVG Remover clean uninstalls AVG applications. In case of anti-viruses, it is suggested that you use another application right after uninstalling one.

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