How to switch back to Yahoo! Mail Classic?

Jul 21, 2011

The new version of Yahoo! Mail is sleek, stylish and fast. But you need a faster Internet connection for better browsing experience. In slow connections you may experience some problems in opening your emails. Are you on Yahoo! too? Not happy with your Internet speed and unable to open your mails? Want to switch back to a previous version or Yahoo Mail Classic? If yes, follow the steps below and switch back to Yahoo! Mail Classic today.

Switch to Yahoo Mail Classic

How to return to Yahoo! Mail Classic:

  • In Firefox go to Tools and open Options.
  • Under the Content tab uncheck “Enable JavaScript”.
  • Open Yahoo mail URL and login using your id and password.
  • A notice will appear saying that JavaScript is needed to be enabled for using the new Yahoo! Mail. There you’ll see two options to return to a previous version of Yahoo! Mail. Choose the first option to switch just for one time or second option to return to a previous version.
  • Now you are back to the classic version.
  • In order to access all web sites properly, don’t forget to Enable JavaScript from the Content tab under Options in Firefox.
  • Refer the screenshot below for help.

Return to Old Yahoo Mail

Earlier Yahoo! used to display a handy “Return to Original Mail” link in help menu. But now it is gone. Because Yahoo recommends everyone to use the new version. I am also a Yahoo! Mail user. The new interface is great and I love it. My recommendation is that you use the newer version and switch to the classic version temporarily only when you are unable to open your emails on a slow Internet connection.


How to Switch Back using Internet Explorer?

  • From Tools Menu in your browser, go to Internet Options
  • In Internet Options, select Security tab.
  • The Security options for Internet is highlighted. Press the Custom Level button below.
  • Various settings will appear. Scroll down to Scripting section and select Disable radio button under Active scripting option.
  • Press OK button. A warning messaging will appear. Press Yes for that.
  • Again press OK on the Internet Options panel
  • Now Open Yahoo mail and login. Just like I wrote above, you’ll be greeted with a message to switch back (as in screenshot).
  • After switching don’t forget to re-enable Scripting. Otherwise you’ll miss a lot of the Internet!

Disable JavaScript in Internet Explorer

Update:I wrote this article when the new Yahoo Mail started to behave like broken on my computer. The main problem was navigation. First I thought it was my limited Internet speed. Anyway, I tried a very old browser. It worked and the result was this article. I’m glad that users found it useful. After all, more than 1 million page views can’t be wrong. Right?

With this update, I just want thank you all, specially those who shared their views to make this page more useful. And I confirm: this switch to Yahoo! Mail Classic still works.

Update (01/07/2013): Yahoo has changed the mail interface again. What you think of the latest design? Is it better than the previous one?

Update (04/26/2013): Bad news. Yahoo Mail Classic mail will no longer be available from June, 2013. In order to continue using Yahoo webmail service, you must upgrade. If you don’t upgrade, Yahoo will keep you lock out of your account. If you are using Classic mail, I’m sure you’ve already got the official email (upgrade notice). If you did’ you can follow the link provided by August in the comments.

I’m really upset this time. Used Yahoo mail for more than 14 years. No, I’m not going to complain. I have decided to upgrade my accounts after deadline and seriously considering buying a good hosting package for my important email account.

Update (06/17/2013): Fellow Yahoo user Bill provided two links in his comments here and here. Try the links. One user (thanks Mihai) already confirmed that it works.

Update (09/07/2013): Looks like Yahoo has permanently removed Yahoo Mail Classic. Now their trap page (yes they named it trap!) for users who didn’t upgraded shows upgrade options (full featured and basic). Till yesterday remind me later link was working. Now it is gone, which mean the end of Classic Mail. What’s next? One user suggested a petition. Personally I don’t oppose such ideas. But how can I forget Yahoo’s take it or leave it attitude?

Note: I don’t want to mislead anyone. I’m keeping the earlier updates just for record purpose. Hereby I confirm that all of the above mentioned tips or hits no longer works. Yahoo Mail Classic is dead.


348 Responses to “How to switch back to Yahoo! Mail Classic?”

  1. simi on 21st Jul, 11 04:07pm #

    oh dear thanks a lot for this tip. on gprs it is almost impossible to open yahoo mail here. now classic mail working fine.

      • clausia on 14th Jun, 13 01:06pm #

        that url is unavailable..any other suggestions

        • Sandy Official Reply on 14th Jun, 13 03:06pm #


          Options available one this page (some provided by users) stopped working since start of this month. Yes, Yahoo Mail Classic version is still there & some users are accessing it as usual. But I’m sure that’s temporary. Yahoo is fixing all available ways to use that version. And the truth is – classic version is dead.

          If you are facing trouble with new version, you may try the lite Basic version of yahoo mail. Not similar to Classic, but loads faster.

        • nothing on 30th Jun, 13 08:06pm #

          wow sandy your a bitch

    • vimal on 13th Jan, 12 06:01am #

      Ya the above mentioned method worked and i am very happy….:)

      • Ginger on 8th Mar, 12 03:03am #

        I don’t know why but it did not work for me…..??????

        • muhamadrazif1 on 1st Nov, 12 05:11am #

          try this .. right click >> change resolution>> choose 800x 600>> sign in yahoo mail>>( you will get error message page) >> click change classic email at the bottom page >>smile :) >>change back resolution like before>>double smile :) :)

        • Fredericka on 19th Dec, 12 12:12am #

          It didn’t really work for me either. It kind of looks like the old mail, but I still can’t just scroll through all of my mail. I have to do the Next/Prev thing. Why would they get rid of the scrolling ability?? Am I the only one who prefers to scroll instead of clicking between pages? Argh!!
          I want the old mail back, just how it was!!!

        • Bob on 10th Feb, 13 08:02pm #

          The issue with the scrolling might be that you have to reset one of the views. Don’t recall exactly where it is in the account settings, but you can have from 25-200 emails show on the page. Chances are the default is 25. Reset that to a higher number and that might do the trick for you.

      • Bob on 28th Jan, 13 06:01am #

        This worked. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy. I thought I was going to have to find a new email provider because the new mail is so user unfriendly the way I go through my mail. Now I won’t have to change until they make it impossible to go back.

        • Kathy Zeisel on 7th Mar, 13 11:03pm #

          I am trying to switch back to Yahoo Classic and it won’t let me. It wants me to pay $19.99 to upgrade. How did you do it??

        • Sandy Official Reply on 8th Mar, 13 07:03am #

          That’s Yahoo Mail Plus for which they charge $19.99 per year. If you want to switch to old, classic mail follow the instructions available on this page. It is not really that hard to switch. Disable JavaScript, reload Yahoo Mail, click the switch link that appears, enable Javascript and reload. Simple. Please read the elaborate instructions above.

      • Sami on 4th Jul, 13 03:07am #

        Manner less admins of yahoo group. Don’t you understand customers satisfactions of using “classic version”. It is more comfortable, convenient and also user friendly version. Because of forcing to changing new version decrease usage of your mailing service. But you don’t understand. What a stupid people you are. Upgrading new version is completely wrong option without user’s interest. You people should not do this, if you are well educated. You must enable the options to use classic version. Peoples wish must be fulfilled.

        • Luvenia on 30th Mar, 17 01:03pm #

          I agree

    • Uzo on 4th Apr, 12 10:04pm #

      Its cool. Just worked for me.

      • Steven Fiore on 20th Dec, 12 02:12am #

        This does not work and it wont go back to classic no matter how many times I try I am so disgusted I am closing my Yahoo e mail account after more than 10 years and going over to G Mail. It’s a fking shame the Nazi’s at Yahoo FORCE this crap on us without our permission or give us the option not to accept it. or not. Message to the fools who waste their money advertising on Yahoo. FORCED advertising never works, and now I will never see your ads because I am leaving yahoo e mail because of it. F U Yahoo!!!!!

    • Marianna on 7th Jan, 13 04:01pm #

      I have tried few times and it did not work for me, I have disabled javascript and it did not work, what else can I try?

    • Marianna on 7th Jan, 13 04:01pm #

      Could anyone help me pleae? It did not work for me, I’ve tried many times, THANK YOU!

      • Sandy Official Reply on 8th Jan, 13 06:01am #

        Marianna, Did you saw the page where Yahoo presents two options under the heading To return to a previous version of Yahoo! Mail…? If yes, make sure you selected the second link. Once the page reloads, reactivate JavaScript (important). And if didn’t saw any page with options, your JavaScript is not disabled. Just to write this reply, I tried it again. Opted for new Yahoo mail, disabled JS & switched back to old one. Working nicely. Please try again.

        If you are wondering which page I’m referring to, check the image below.
        Yahoo Mail No JavaScript

    • Freedom on 6th Feb, 14 05:02pm #

      I have 3 email accounts 1 of witch is classic and it still works I like it better. The problem I have with the new version is the way the emails disappear when clicking between the emails. They don’t tab like classic does. It is also harder to delete emails in the history without deleting them all or I just may not know how.

    • Sandy Official Reply on 25th Jul, 11 08:07am #

      We posted this after testing 2-3 times. It should work this way. Did you disable JavaScript before loading Yahoo! mail?

      • Pete on 16th Aug, 11 04:08pm #

        I just tried it, and it worked like a charm (which is more than I can say for the New Yahoo Mail).

        I don’t know if this made a difference, but after disabling Javascript, I exited Firefox and restarted it before I tried logging into Yahoo mail.

        Thanks Sandy!

        • clem on 6th Sep, 11 10:09pm #

          You dont need to restart.just disable java script, log off from your yahoo and log in again. try to open your inbox and you will get the java script error message and the option to switch back.

      • Galparanch on 8th Dec, 11 02:12am #

        TRY THIS
        Reduce your screen resolution to the LOWEST SETTING. Sign on to Your Yahoo mail account. You will see screen resolution to low warning, scroll down to “go back to classic” click it. Your done! If you do not know how to change your screen resolution go to your control panel click display, click settings, slide resolution bar to the far left click apply.

    • sarah on 29th Dec, 12 06:12pm #

      i agree!! im with you on closing it f**k yahoo

  2. Carol on 26th Jul, 11 03:07am #

    I think yahoo should give the option, who wants the New Yahoo Mail or stay with the Yahoo Classic Mail. I want my Yahoo Classic Mail back.

    • Joan on 24th Nov, 12 04:11am #

      Me, too, Carol! I absolutely hate the “new” Yahoo, and I want Classic back! Is anybody at Yahoo listening???

      • Fredericka on 19th Dec, 12 12:12am #

        Me too!!! This new thing is awful! I’m all for change if it improves things!! I can’t seem to find one thing that’s an improvement. :(

        • Sami on 4th Jul, 13 05:07am #

          Me, I also hate new version. I have been submitting many feedback to yahoo. But the idiots there are not responding regarding this.

        • Sandy Official Reply on 4th Jul, 13 08:07am #

          That’s why I am not recommending the appeal route. That is useless in this case.

  3. KB on 26th Jul, 11 05:07am #

    total LIFESAVING advice – thank you! … I hate everything about the New Yahoo Mail, very glad to be back to Classic version!

  4. paul on 28th Jul, 11 02:07am #

    thank you! the new version is/was annoying me and they made it so much more tricky to go back to the classic version.

  5. Emily on 2nd Aug, 11 09:08pm #

    didn’t work for me either, maybe yahoo have changed it ?

  6. Ellen on 3rd Aug, 11 10:08pm #

    I tried this and it didn’t work. All I got on the Yahoo mail page was a mostly blank page, with no options. I’m afraid the Nazis at Yahoo have closed this way back to a version of their email that is legible.

    • Fawnet on 11th Sep, 11 03:09pm #

      Ellen, it did the same thing to me–but I hit the Refresh button and the correct page loaded. Try that!

    • siva on 16th Oct, 12 08:10am #

      hi ellen how do to

    • 73 VW Bug on 13th Nov, 12 04:11pm #

      After much agony and frustration with Yahoo, was able to switch back to Y Classic in Nov 2012 using Firefox “disable Javascript” instructions.
      Hopefully won’t get automatically switched to new vers when I re-enable javascript; we’ll see, but for now, in Classic, so this trick still DOES work. Thanks so much everyone!!

  7. Jada on 4th Aug, 11 04:08am #

    Thank you! I just don’t like it, because I’m used to hitting back when reading an email and returning to the inbox. After seeing the log in page several times I was a little frustrated, and over it.

  8. tolu on 4th Aug, 11 07:08pm #

    it works like magic

  9. Phil Rak on 7th Aug, 11 07:08pm #

    As far as I’m concerned, the “new” Mail Classic isn’t worth shit. It hesitates, jams, needs to be signed into again and again. When working my email list and I go back to the list from reading an email, classic doesn’t return to to the spot where I left off, like the old one DID! AWFUL! I’m constantly clicking to correct and get back on track. Improvement my asp. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Did they ask you if it was ok to change? Huh?

  10. Shenweil on 11th Aug, 11 05:08pm #

    Thanks for providing the way to switch back to the Yahoo Classic Email. It worked and I clicked the second link to permanently change back. If Yahoo made the right-side AD panel removable (widening the mail list and content area) and the fonts of email list customable (larger size is needed), I wouldn’t have switched back to the Classic.

  11. Manny on 11th Aug, 11 08:08pm #

    After yahoo’s deadline to upgrade expired a few days ago, this trick does not seem to work anymore unfortuntately. If you haven’t accepted the new terms yet (which is not something one likes to do authorizing yahoo to go through your emails and start spamming you with advertisements), you will get to a ‘trap’ page, which forces you to hit the Upgrade Now button and there is no choice to get to classic email. If there is a trick around that would be fantastic as I have enjoyed yahoo mail (classic since inception), however, now will be looking for a new free easy internet email without advertising and violating one’s privacy.

    • M.K. on 11th Sep, 11 11:09pm #

      Truly agree with switching for the same reasons.

      • jon on 10th Jul, 13 03:07pm #

        do you know what other email service is best to switch from the bad new yahoo

    • men on 8th Dec, 11 11:12am #

      yes, they’ve tricked me to switch to a new version that suck!!!

    • patricia on 22nd Jan, 12 07:01pm #

      I just keep getting the runaround on getting back to classic.I am NOT downloading firefox etc.just to do this.They had no probs switching me to this new one(without my consent)but I have to go through this rigmarole to get back to classic.Why can they not switch me back?

    • Fredericka on 19th Dec, 12 12:12am #

      Uh Oh!! I sure don’t recall seeing anything that asked me to authorize. Could I have missed it? Is there something I could look for to see if I authorized. I hadn’t been in my mail for a couple days. When I opened it, it was just there, Boom! I think I’ll be looking for a different mail too. Bummer, I’ve been here since inception too. :(

  12. kris gabutan on 13th Aug, 11 03:08am #

    it worked! thank you very much for sharing!

  13. raj on 14th Aug, 11 07:08pm #

    thanks a lot .i hope it doest switch back.i was having problems vewing on my ipad.

  14. mariann on 16th Aug, 11 06:08pm #

    Thank you. It’s working so far. Classic provides a less complicated page, extended content, words instead of indecipherable icons.

  15. Jeffrey on 16th Aug, 11 11:08pm #

    I cannot agree with you about the new yahoo mail. Using mac osx it is still super buggy!
    So grateful for your help.

  16. Iwanh on 17th Aug, 11 06:08am #

    Wow, it works!!!
    Thank you so much for this tip!!!!
    You are great!!
    I am grateful for your help.
    Thanks again!!

  17. Kenny Obi on 17th Aug, 11 07:08am #

    Thanks for the tip IT WORKS!!!

    For those of you that say it’s not working, well, update your Bookmark!

  18. Hiren on 20th Aug, 11 07:08am #

    Thanks You Very Much, Its Really wotks

  19. Biggles on 20th Aug, 11 03:08pm #

    thanks! the new site was killing my computer because the javascript required sooooo much cpu it was barely usable…

  20. Ehsan on 23rd Aug, 11 09:08pm #

    thanks god thanks you! hooooph! You saved manythings!……huuuuuhhhh

  21. Kevin on 26th Aug, 11 09:08pm #

    I hate this new Yahoo mail. plus it not working for me, to go back. The used to have a chat box on the left side and it’s gone now. Stinks!!

  22. Risper on 27th Aug, 11 08:08am #

    Thanks so much for making it easier to switch from new yahoo mail back to classic mail. I went through alot till I was almost giving up and opening another email like from gmail, hotmail just to escape trouble. Thanks alot

  23. Niels on 27th Aug, 11 07:08pm #


    Gawd its good to be back@classic!

  24. Dinesh on 28th Aug, 11 08:08am #

    Oh! It really works.. Thanks buddy.. :)

  25. Plínio on 28th Aug, 11 07:08pm #

    Really, thanks a lot!

  26. neohkl on 29th Aug, 11 02:08am #

    I have trouble making mail options work in the new Yahoo mail. Doesnt anybody else? Nobody seems to have written about this, I click on OPTIONS…get the dropdown menu…select Mail Options and I get a tab. created on the tab bar just below. I select that tab… but nothing happens….What did I miss? Any kind soul can help me out here?

  27. billybob on 31st Aug, 11 12:08pm #

    Disabling JavaScript is the way to go!!

    ..for now, seems like the “fixed” the resolution way to switch back, so who knows how long this will last!

  28. Parashar on 1st Sep, 11 09:09am #

    Thanks you so much!! This totally worked for me…Thanks a ton!

  29. Linda on 1st Sep, 11 01:09pm #

    Do I have to to use Firefox to do this?

    • Sandy Official Reply on 1st Sep, 11 06:09pm #

      I wrote it from Firefox point of view. But you do it on other web browsers just by disabling JavaScript.

  30. Serge on 2nd Sep, 11 02:09am #

    Thanks a lot!

  31. Steve on 2nd Sep, 11 03:09am #

    new yahoo mail is biggest piece of sh&^$#!
    Back to Classic Yahoo mail is sweet.

    They did everything wrong with the new mail.
    Just leave the hell alone, Yahoo.

  32. curtis on 2nd Sep, 11 06:09pm #

    Thanks alot for posting this…finally i can enjoy my yahoomail classic…God bless you all =)

  33. Alex on 7th Sep, 11 06:09pm #

    I upgraded to the new yahoo mail, & now i am unable to use yahoo mail on my cell phone using GPRS. Is this because i upgraded to the new yahoo mail ?

    • Sandy Official Reply on 8th Sep, 11 04:09am #

      Try after switching back to Yahoo! mail Classic version.

  34. Mangalesh on 9th Sep, 11 05:09am #

    Hey, I just want to say you a VERY BIG THANK YOU. It worked now I’m happy using yahoo classic.

    Would like to thank the Firefox team as well.


  35. Fawnet on 11th Sep, 11 03:09pm #

    Yes–thank you so much! GEEZ I hated the new Yahoo email. Hello again, nice, clean, fast-loading blue & white interface–I missed you!

  36. M.K. on 11th Sep, 11 11:09pm #

    New email is the WORST! I am harrassed by messenger and can’t get it off. Where the heck do these messages come from anyway? I can’t enjoy my email. Good by Yahoo!!!!

  37. Cindy on 12th Sep, 11 11:09am #

    Thank you! Agree with BillyBob, reducing the resolution no longer works. This method worked flawlessly.

  38. msquared on 16th Sep, 11 07:09am #

    I refused to switch to the “new” Yahoo! mail for a long time, simply because I was very irritated by the “trap” message pleading me to upgrade each time I signed on. I got sick and tired of having to click “No thanks, continue to Yahoo! mail classic” every time I wanted to read my email. Thanks to this brilliant method, the trap message no longer appears. Thank you very much!!!

  39. lucasM on 17th Sep, 11 09:09pm #

    Thank you so much ! you did a very precise and efficient job !

  40. gundam41 on 18th Sep, 11 08:09am #

    its magic huh…
    its increadible

  41. lggarcia on 19th Sep, 11 01:09am #

    thanks a lot!

  42. U4IK on 19th Sep, 11 09:09am #

    Thanks for this tip! Using Google Chrome, go to: Options – Under the bonnet – Content settings – Javascript – Manage exceptions, then add and block. Seems to be working so far! Thanks again!

  43. amish on 19th Sep, 11 03:09pm #

    Thank you Sandy. It works great!

    I was forced to upgrade and used yahoo online chat help by chatting with a yahoo agent. they want to access your account, verify your birthday… What a crappy crap!

  44. vt on 20th Sep, 11 04:09pm #

    Did NOT work at all. Still stuck with the new garbage.

  45. Mark on 20th Sep, 11 05:09pm #

    Thanks for this, my netbook with small screen depth doesn’t work so well with the newer Mail, also the buttons like delete etc in the new mail didn’t work sometimes…

  46. Loy Ann Grimsley on 22nd Sep, 11 05:09pm #

    Thank you so much…totally hated the newer version and so did my computer. Have been trying to change back forever and your tips are the only ones that worked…awesome,,thank you…

  47. satish on 24th Sep, 11 11:09am #

    Did NOT work at all. Still stuck with the new garbage.

  48. Ruben on 25th Sep, 11 05:09pm #

    i don’t have a firefox to disable Java. What can i do? Help!!!!

    • Sandy Official Reply on 27th Sep, 11 03:09am #

      Your comments are marked spam as it contains a link. Sorry for that. Your solution works. But you need to bookmark the link. Otherwise new mail interface appears again. Anyway, thanks for the tip.

      Note that, what we posted here doesn’t require you to keep JavaScript disabled all the time. You just need to disable it just for switching back. Later enable JS and enjoy Classic mail.

  49. daniel on 29th Sep, 11 03:09pm #

    Thank you thank you thank you!

    BTW, Safari users can do the same trick. Open preferences>security then uncheck the javascript enable box.

    Ha! Take that, silly Yahoo “improvements”.

  50. Quinton on 2nd Oct, 11 01:10am #

    THANK YOU! New Yahoo Mail SUCKS! I can’t thank you enough!!!

  51. Kulwant Nagi on 2nd Oct, 11 04:10pm #

    Thanks A lot brother.. it saved my time… superb trick.. Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  52. Lauren on 5th Oct, 11 01:10pm #

    To UI4K:I have google and was hoping to find info on how to change the options to get to open yahoo mail!!It has not been working for me for days,and I did as you said and blocked it,and my mail came up immediatelty!!Yay!Tahnks so much!Hopefully they won’t find a way to block this,too!

  53. MOhd.Imran Qureshi on 8th Oct, 11 12:10pm #

    Thanks alot friend.I like the classic one .

  54. ranby on 10th Oct, 11 07:10am #

    switched back 2 yahoo classic…… chat is being disabled..can any1 help me in getting it back.?

    • Sandy Official Reply on 11th Oct, 11 04:10am #

      Did you enabled JavaScript after switching back to classic? If not do it. Because, we can’t find any problem using chat in Y Mail Classic.

      FYI, to return to New Yahoo mail, simply click the “Newest version of Y! Mail ” link on top left side of your Yahoo account.

  55. Gina on 12th Oct, 11 04:10am #

    Oh my God you are a lifesaver! I actually enjoy Yahoo Mail again – didn’t think that would ever happen again!!!!!!!!

  56. hossein on 13th Oct, 11 11:10am #

    you are awesome ;) thakssssssssss

  57. Omid on 14th Oct, 11 04:10am #

    How about google chrome? I am using google chrome and don’t know how to switch back to the older version. I will be glad if you help me.

  58. Khalid on 15th Oct, 11 03:10pm #

    Thanks a lot. you have solved my huge problem. thanks again

  59. Faisal on 19th Oct, 11 07:10pm #

    Thanks a lot, Great Effort, Awesome

  60. Viral Sharma on 22nd Oct, 11 06:10pm #

    All this people already said thanks to you, but I still want to say “Thank you Very Much”, U saved me.

  61. edris on 23rd Oct, 11 10:10am #

    that’s awesome, man ,
    tnx a lot …

  62. on 24th Oct, 11 07:10pm #

    WoooooW… man It Worked Perfect …. Folow Instructions and Pooow There You Goooo … Im back to ma Classic Shit of Yahooo .. Bigups man … WoooW

  63. Kel on 27th Oct, 11 02:10am #

    So good to be back. Haven’t been able to attach any files to email ever since getting the new mail.
    Thank you so much!!!

  64. Praveen on 28th Oct, 11 10:10am #

    Thanks ton, it worked for me!

  65. Leong on 29th Oct, 11 08:10am #

    Thanks a lot, it works well. Yahoo actually forced me to change it to the new design by not giving me an option to remain in Yahoo Classic (previously they gave me an option to do so but not few weeks back, and that prompted my unwilling migration to the new one). Thanks man. Old is GOLD.

  66. maria on 30th Oct, 11 11:10am #

    tahank you it works

  67. sandeep on 31st Oct, 11 09:10am #

    thanks a lot dear.

  68. endre on 1st Nov, 11 08:11am #

    This worked great for me! I only had to restart the Firefox after the uncheck operation.

  69. Prashant on 3rd Nov, 11 11:11am #

    Hi dear .
    Thanks………a lot…
    i was just handicapped with new yahoo mail.
    but now i am back to classic…
    cheers …& thanks to firefox team………

  70. ZEINAB on 5th Nov, 11 09:11am #



    • uche on 16th Nov, 13 02:11pm #

      I would like to be switched over yahoo classic

  71. Callme on 5th Nov, 11 07:11pm #

    good work . . . thanks allot.

  72. Yogesh09825222557 on 8th Nov, 11 08:11am #

    Dear Friends,

    For using internet explorer.
    switch back to yahoo mail classic,

    go to Tools,
    then Internet Option,
    then Security,
    then Custom Level,
    then Scripting Option,
    then Active scripting Disable,

    A notice will appear saying that JavaScript is needed to be enabled for using the new Yahoo! Mail. There you’ll see two options to return to a previous version of Yahoo! Mail. Choose the first option to switch just for one time or second option to return to a previous version.

    Now you are back to the classic version.

    after that don’t forget enable active scripting option in internet explorer.

    • natasha on 11th Nov, 11 06:11pm #

      thanx a lot
      it helps me a lot
      i also dont like new version
      realy thanx

  73. frank on 9th Nov, 11 09:11am #

    Thank you man..that old yahoo remain the best

  74. natasha on 11th Nov, 11 06:11pm #

    same here like all of u
    they use tricks 2 show dere newest versions wther peoples like it or not

    its 2 bad

  75. Rychedelic on 12th Nov, 11 12:11am #

    Thanx for the IE tip Yogesh, glad to have my yahoo classic back, finally!

  76. denise on 12th Nov, 11 06:11pm #

    it brought me back to the classic mail but still can’t make any adjustment to the disposable addresses. i can’t click the options anymore.

    classic mail can give you access to disposable addresses even if you don’t have a yahoo! mail plus account.

    • denise on 12th Nov, 11 06:11pm #

      disregard my previous comment.. i know what to do already to get disposable addresses even on classic mail..thanks for the tip on getting back to classic.. :)

  77. prashant on 18th Nov, 11 08:11am #

    it works,,,,thanx

  78. Sunil on 18th Nov, 11 05:11pm #

    Finally after searching a lot.. i switched back to yahoo classic
    thanx a lot buddy..god bless u!!

  79. Santos Guero on 20th Nov, 11 10:11pm #

    Wow! Thanks for this. Worked great for me. The text editor for the New Yahoo Mail is dreadful. Impossible to keep format from being screwed up. Even plain text is a disaster. I use Yahoo Business for professional correspondence. It was becoming an embarrassment. I was about to bail and start using the Outlook client because of all of the problems. Now I can hold off until Yahoo finally kill of the Classic Mail, which I’m sure they will at some point.

  80. cotoc on 22nd Nov, 11 10:11pm #

    Done. Thanx.

  81. rachna on 5th Dec, 11 06:12am #

    thanks worked…thanks a lot

  82. Joey Alizio Jr on 7th Dec, 11 05:12am #

    Thank-You Very Much.
    I Cannot Stand The ‘New’ Yahoo Mail.
    No Thank-You.
    It Cut Off Half Of My Writing In Drafts.
    Hint: ‘Select All’ Will Recover..
    Any Writing That You Cannot See…
    Bam! Outtro…

  83. shammi on 7th Dec, 11 06:12am #

    Great!!!! love the resolution, awesome.

  84. Kevin on 9th Dec, 11 12:12am #

    Worked like a charm, thanks.. :)

  85. hari on 9th Dec, 11 08:12am #

    Thanks its! works for me its really helpful, actually i was trying to do that since 2 to 3 months but i don’t get the option. but now these steps really helpful for me.

  86. anon guy on 15th Dec, 11 02:12am #

    wow, thanks a ton! this worked great.

    also, you can go to the yahoo email help page, and click the purple button to contact them, and ask to “switch back to yahoo mail classic”. an automated message replies saying they will do it within 2 business days.

  87. abid from pakistan on 17th Dec, 11 05:12am #

    Wow great thats works

  88. Chris on 18th Dec, 11 05:12pm #

    Sorry to rant on your blog but yahoo sucks and the mailing is horrible! I’ll just leave it at that before I list 100 points why it sucks so hard.

    I just started my own mail server to get away from these data mining, lame ad serving ewhores like yahoo.

  89. Azam Alvi on 21st Dec, 11 01:12pm #

    Very very thankx…..

  90. rinabhattacharyya on 25th Dec, 11 03:12pm #


    • rinabhattacharyya on 25th Dec, 11 03:12pm #

      I am comfortable to use yahoomail classic

  91. Aamir on 26th Dec, 11 09:12pm #

    superb advice…worked for me…thanks a ton!!!

  92. D.B.Thompson on 28th Dec, 11 12:12am #

    THANK YOU! B/c without ur much needed HELP!!!! I’d be COMPLETELY LOST!

    Also ur instructions above for how to do, etc,
    worked like a CHARM! So EASY IT &IT WORKS!

    0nce again, I THANK YOU!!!!!!! Sincerely, David.

  93. D.B.Thompson on 28th Dec, 11 12:12am #

    THANK YOU! B/c without ur much needed HELP!!!! I’d be COMPLETELY LOST!

    Also ur instructions above for how to do, etc,
    worked like a CHARM! So EASY &IT WORKS!

    0nce again, I THANK YOU!!!!!!! Sincerely, David.

  94. Stivana on 2nd Jan, 12 09:01pm #

    Thank You So Much.
    Your Information it the most helpful one.

    God bless you

  95. Alkn on 3rd Jan, 12 10:01pm #

    Brilliant :)

  96. caca on 17th Jan, 12 01:01pm #


  97. hilary on 27th Jan, 12 06:01pm #

    I now have to open every mail to check if spam – before I couyld just hover over it to view the sender’s email address por the subject to view the complete heading. The new mail’s view is not at all user friendly and very clumsy to use. It just looks a cluttered mess. Adverts stopping a full page view – it’s terrible!

  98. jon on 28th Jan, 12 05:01pm #

    Many thanks. New version rubbish

  99. Corin on 4th Feb, 12 06:02pm #

    could someone send the directions on how to switch back to yahoo classic using Internet Explorer, I do not use Firefox, and would LOVE to switch back to classic. Thanks

    • Sandy Official Reply on 6th Feb, 12 06:02am #

      Article updated for Internet Explorer tip!

  100. Santhosh on 5th Feb, 12 07:02am #

    Thank U so much, just perfect!

  101. Joey Alizio Jr on 16th Feb, 12 08:02pm #

    Mozilla FireFox..
    ThiS Is Easy And Fun…
    ToolS.. OptionS.. Content..
    Disable Javascript..
    Boom! Go To Your Yahoo! Email..
    Refresh The Page..
    Switch Back To The ClaSSIc Yahoo! Mail..
    That You Love The Most!

    Go Back!
    Don’t Forget To Re-Enable Javascript!

    • Notwally on 30th Mar, 12 06:03pm #

      STOP READING HERE! Joey’s version is short sweet and concise. And WORKS as of 29 March 2012.
      Don’t forget to delete your old bookmarks(and/or Home Page!) and re-make them or the fool thing will change you from Classic BACK to the New version.

      I bumped myself back twice that way.

      Thanks LOADS Sandy and Joey!!!!

      I h-e-a-r-t Yahoo Mail Classic

      • Sandy Official Reply on 31st Mar, 12 12:03pm #

        Thanks for leaving your own input. You referred to Joey’s comment, where all the steps are mentioned in a few words. Yes, some people hate to read a lot of words. But we must not forget about the users who are not familiar with tools, options, JS etc. That’s why I tried to explain the steps properly. I guess my words are not that bad ;) !

  102. Roofie on 17th Feb, 12 02:02am #

    Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you

    Oh god I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate that new version of Yahoo Mail.

    Ok, back to whatever I was TRYING to do.

  103. Justin on 22nd Feb, 12 05:02pm #

    Thank you soooooo much for this. I used the firefox method, then signed out and went in via chrome and still had yahoo classic. The need to trash that new mail ASAP. The tabs are completely pointless, the interface is terrible. Classic mail is still much better.

  104. Steve on 7th Mar, 12 10:03am #

    THANK YOU! New yahoo mail is slow and takes my privacy where it isn’t wanted. If they continue along this line, email may be a thing of the past for me. TAHNKS AGAIN!
    I just want my email and not ANYTHING else. Now (again) I have it.

  105. Miranda Carter on 16th Mar, 12 03:03pm #

    I can’t get none of those options to work….can someone do it for me on there computer? so when i log in it will be changed? please

    • Sandy Official Reply on 19th Mar, 12 06:03am #

      Hi Miranda,
      Please try once again with JavaScript disabled on any browser. Never share your passwords with others.
      That’s my suggestion. But if you still want some help, you can send me an email.

  106. Rashaan on 18th Mar, 12 03:03pm #

    Amazing tip…. thanks.

  107. Michael on 18th Mar, 12 10:03pm #

    Thank you. I found that the new version was marking some of my emails as read when they were in fact unread.

  108. Virtual Office on 23rd Mar, 12 04:03pm #

    Disable Javascript in Firefox options. Then get the Classic version “Just for one time” and get it.

    Simple. :)

  109. jhoi on 27th Mar, 12 02:03am #

    thanks a lot dear!! it really helps… :)

  110. lilian on 27th Mar, 12 11:03am #

    i need to change my yahoomail to do i go about…it

  111. fanchon on 8th Apr, 12 03:04am #

    You are a LIFE SAVER! Hate the text set up, the list, etc., etc., of the New Yahoo. I hoped others did too so instructions would be left for getting back to the old one. Your instructions worked perfectly! Thank you SO MUCH!

  112. Werner on 18th Apr, 12 06:04pm #

    Sorry folks, but this does NOT work anymore.
    Nor does the resolution switch trick, I do believe the Mussollini’s at Yahoo have intentionally disabled it in a way to enforce that piece of crap of their new UI down our throats.

    I say switch email.

    • Franchez on 29th Apr, 12 10:04am #

      it actually works dude i just did it

  113. Phil on 23rd Apr, 12 01:04pm #

    Thanks, this helps a lot

  114. baba on 25th Apr, 12 09:04am #

    i like yahoo mail classic

  115. bala on 9th May, 12 04:05am #

    Its easy to used classicemail

  116. ronak on 13th May, 12 06:05am #

    i like to yahoomail classic mail to back

  117. danieloduro on 14th May, 12 02:05am #

    Please get me into mail classic for better service.

  118. JAeff on 16th May, 12 06:05pm #

    thank you ,,,,,,,,it worked well

  119. PIA C. WINDWOLF on 19th May, 12 07:05pm #

    Face it, the new Yahoo does not work. And going back to Classic does not work either.

    None of us should have to disable and enable Java script all the time. Yahoo really ripped off many people that purchased Mail Plus. From them I always here that Yahoo makes them go back to Basic Mail all the time.

    Yahoo needs to pay more attention to their customers needs. They are not doing that.

  120. akash on 21st May, 12 07:05pm #

    it realyy works ; i got yahoo mail classic back;but chat and sms option gone ;how can i chat with friends now through email;

  121. nat turner on 24th May, 12 12:05am #

    this is bull shit they are pulling. pure and simple

  122. Frank on 27th May, 12 12:05pm #

    Great info, thanks so much!! Worked like a charm!!

  123. Mad at Yahoo on 12th Jun, 12 08:06pm #

    You would think someone at yahoo would take notice to all these comments and at least give a choice as to which verison we want to use. Plenty of other choices out there if they don’t!

  124. Cynthia on 21st Jun, 12 11:06am #

    Thanks a lot for the tips. It worked for me and i got back my yahoo mail classic. This older version is much easier compared to the new mail.

  125. Chetan on 21st Jun, 12 01:06pm #

    I am having FIOS with 14 MBPS. Full 2 hour movie on youtube get loaded withing 17-8 minutes. But new yahoomail is never able to load emails.

  126. swellbox on 24th Jun, 12 01:06pm #

    Joey Alizio Jr –thank you! This works. Disable Java, choose the second “mail classic” option (the first is one-time only, the second is continual, but they don’t say that.) and reenable Java whenever you want. Thank you SO much!

  127. Olusina on 25th Jun, 12 10:06am #

    Thanks for your assistance.
    it was of help.
    God bless.

  128. Brenda on 5th Jul, 12 03:07pm #

    I have previously reverted back to YaHoo Classic. On these emails when I login I am taken directly to my mailbox.
    My YaHoo accounts I have just reverted respond differently when I log in. On these accounts when I log in I am taken to the YaHoo homepage. I must “click” the mail button in the upper right hand corner of the page to enter my mail box.
    Does anyone have a method for setting my emails to avoid the homepage upon login and go directly to my mailbox?

    • Sandy Official Reply on 10th Jul, 12 02:07pm #

      You mean, you are redirected to page after login? That’s unusual. Try to login from a JavaScript disabled browser (or use noscript with Firefx). Then notice what happens.

  129. David Willis on 6th Jul, 12 05:07am #

    Thanks for the instructions which worked like a charm. I do not like the new yahoo and I doubt if I ever will. Yahoo should give people the option of choosing which version they use.
    You have been very helpful as I was considering switching to mail as my main email account if I was forced to continue with the new yahoo.

  130. Tiffany on 18th Jul, 12 01:07pm #

    Totally worked! Thank you

  131. teresa on 20th Jul, 12 03:07pm #

    Thank you. I deleted Firefox so I didnt know how to revert back using IE. My yahoo account got hacked. The person who logged in under my name also changed me to new Yahoo. It works

  132. AmyB on 22nd Jul, 12 01:07pm #


    It worked for me, thanks a lot! :)

  133. MMann on 26th Jul, 12 04:07pm #

    As of 07/26/12 this set of instructions still works. When you get the chance to select an older version of Yahoo Mail, note that there is a “one time” option presented and then a permanent option. Don’t forget the last instruction to re-enable in the Scripting section.

    Thank you very much for posting these directions.

  134. Wali on 26th Jul, 12 04:07pm #

    I’m glad to used your instruction for solution, It was so handful, worked out so quick thanks a lot

  135. brenda on 29th Jul, 12 06:07pm #

    Why can’t I access my mail after signing in.
    I keep getting My Id/user name and password is incorrect, it is not.Please tell me what to do.

  136. jimi on 1st Aug, 12 07:08pm #

    What a mess! Why did Yahoo do this anyway? So far I have not been successful in getting back to Yahoo Classic but will try again. I’m ready to delete my account.

  137. Scott on 19th Aug, 12 05:08am #

    Well sometime today I can no longer sign into my yahoo email. I tried on different accounts and different computers to no avail. I’m still using yahoo ‘classic’ email so wondering if they’re forcing people to upgrade now.

    Is anyone else having this problem?

    • Sandy Official Reply on 19th Aug, 12 05:08pm #

      I’m also using the Classic version of Yahoo Mail. But no problem so far. Did you tried from a different IP address? Did you tried on a new version of your browser? Looks like Yahoo hates older browsers. I got a few mails from them informing me to upgrade the browser! This may be irrelevant in your case. But, small tasks like changing IP, cleaning cache or upgrading browser helps in website related problems.

  138. John Wright on 21st Aug, 12 09:08am #

    Hey Guys,
    Works a treat if yo have problems contact me on my e-mail thank you.
    Regards John Wright.

  139. Sami on 23rd Aug, 12 03:08am #

    It works!!!!!!! I updated Yahoo Mail last night and I didn’t like the newest version, as I have become accustomed to the classic version. I’ve been using Yahoo Mail since I was in third grade. I am now going into eighth grade this year (I’m 12) and I will be using Yahoo Mail much more often. Thanks for the tip!

  140. Nahom on 25th Aug, 12 08:08am #

    It really works. Thanks buddy

  141. Janet on 10th Sep, 12 05:09pm #

    WOW! Worked like a charm. Wonder why I hadn’t found your tip in one of my many previous searches?! The new YMail view makes everything smaller (folders, text general view, etc.) and it’s slooooow! Thanks!!!

  142. Tim on 29th Sep, 12 06:09am #

    Alright!!! it worked and I am so happy. Thank You so much;-)

  143. Adarsh on 11th Oct, 12 03:10pm #

    It worked for me too…Thank you…:)

  144. Jean on 18th Oct, 12 01:10am #

    THANK YOU sooooooo much—–I followed the instructions for Internet Explorer and it worked—-hopefully it will stay that way!!!!! I was unable to ‘open’ any old messages in the new version. Now I am hoping Yahoo Instant Messenger will re-appear (!?)

  145. Jean on 18th Oct, 12 02:10am #

    P.S. Ohhhhh!!….I forgot how nice it is to be able to read the emails in a larger font (the new email was tiny). I just wondered how to get Yahoo IM back into the left area where my folders are listed, etc………………………

    • Sandy Official Reply on 18th Oct, 12 01:10pm #

      Hi Jean,
      Classic mail should continue to work, till they forces us all to switch. BTW, did you meant Yahoo Instant Messenger box on the left side of account area? It is working for me (with IM & SMS facility). So, it should work for you too.

  146. S T S on 18th Oct, 12 05:10pm #

    Oh, thank heavens for these instructions! I did not like the new Yahoo!mail at all, just to look at it, and I didn’t yet know that I wouldn’t want it with my slow connection. Thank you, Sandy!

  147. Jean on 19th Oct, 12 03:10am #

    Hi Sandy-
    Yes, the Yahoo IM box is back on the left, so it’s all good:) Interestingly, my usage on Verizon Internet Access is also back to “normal”………………..either a complaint phone call fixed it, or the return of the old email…hmmmm. (I was using up to 1/2 G/day………………………..really wierd. THANKS!!!

  148. Ned on 30th Oct, 12 06:10pm #

    I am a complete Luddite, someone who does not understand how to use modern technology effectively at all. I still look at a torn and weathered street map guide book from 1987 in my car to get around Los Angeles instead of trying to figure out a GPS gizmo. And when it comes to instructions on technical issues, well, I have a recurring tendency to hyperventilate, froth at the mouth, blank out in a guttural rage, and can’t discern anything through the haze of my missing genetic technological aptitude. So it is of the greatest magnitude of appreciation that I truly thank you assisting me away from the ledge of my screaming-at-the-computer mode this morning when I saw all my “reply,” “forward,” and “delete” buttons suddenly evaporate, vanish, disappear from my “New” version of Yahoo mail. Finding your advice in the sea of Internet suggestions out there absolutely made my day. My week! It was soooooo simple that this Cro-Magnon knuckle-dragger actually could perform the switch in a matter of seconds!!! You are the best! Should another red-flag moment like this happen again, I hope I can turn to you. Have a wonderful day…month…year….life!

    • Sandy Official Reply on 31st Oct, 12 05:10pm #

      Hi Ned,
      Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad that you found my steps simple & useful.

  149. Slim on 5th Nov, 12 12:11pm #

    Excellent Many Thanks o_O

  150. rick on 24th Nov, 12 12:11am #

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! yAHOO Tried to nazi my mail by forcing me to use their awful new email and thanks to you I got it back- btw the ‘screen resolution’ trick worked like a charm-you don’t have to go to firefox

  151. rick on 24th Nov, 12 12:11am #

    btw Yahoo…. your ‘new’ email sucks. It’s no wonder you’re losing market share and your stock is slipping. How can you force people ‘switch’ to a email platform that makes you sign in repeatedly everytime you hit the back button? How can you make all of these icons that are unfamiliar to someone who’s had the email account for more than 8 years and on top of that, put some God-awful purple background and letters on it? Just give people a choice and don’t hide behind ‘ yahoo recommends that you upgrade your browser” -then put them on a screen that forces them to change to your new platform? Just give people their choice back

  152. Kimberly on 24th Nov, 12 03:11am #

    Very dissapointed this won’t work. I used to have access to a simple link which worked and saved oodles of time. Serves me right for using crap explorer.

  153. Kimberly on 24th Nov, 12 03:11am #

    Yahoo does kinda suck anyway. Unfortunate that it’s my best way to communicate with folks. I’ll continue to search for a way that works for me. Thanks for trying everyone.

  154. Kimberly on 24th Nov, 12 03:11am #

    So why is it that no one gives a concise and simple way to disable java in explorer?

  155. Kimberly on 24th Nov, 12 03:11am #

    I have no “radio button” option listed under the active scripting option. Wish I did.

  156. Kimberly on 24th Nov, 12 03:11am #

    Ha! found a working link. It requires no messing around with settings. Log into new yahoo mail first. I’m using crappy Explorer so don’t know if it works with other browsers. I clicked on it and voila…my classic mail is back. Phew…that wasn’t so tough :)

    • Joan on 24th Nov, 12 08:11am #

      I’m going to try your advice, Kimberly, if I can find the right things to click. I am so tired of trying to find the path to get back to Yahoo classic.

      • Joan on 24th Nov, 12 08:11am #

        Kimberly–I tried that link but nothing happened.
        What am I missing? What steps in between???
        I’m not very good at this stuff, so I need step-by-step instructions.

        • Kimberly on 24th Nov, 12 02:11pm #

          Hi Joan. Sorry my link didn’t work for you. Did you log into new yahoo mail first? Then try the classic mail link. I’m using explorer version 8. Perhaps it may not work for all versions…not sure about that. Try what I tried which gave me this link, and you are likely to find one that will work for your pc. Use whatever search engine you wish and enter the following: yahoo mail classic link. I’ve found this to always work for me. Be careful to use discretion on what links you click on.

    • Prashant on 15th Jun, 13 09:06am #

      It works temporary but after logout its not working

  157. Kimberly on 24th Nov, 12 04:11am #

    Hope I helped others too.

  158. Sandy Official Reply on 24th Nov, 12 06:11am #

    Sorry to all for the delay in approving new comments.

  159. Joan on 24th Nov, 12 08:11am #

    I ma desperate to get my account back to Yahoo Classic, and none of the instructions offered here are working for me. My account is in IE, and I tried those instructions. There was no “radio” button to disable under Scripting, but I did select “Disable.” I never got the “warning” message. Nothing happens. What am I missing? What else can I try?

  160. Joan on 24th Nov, 12 09:11am #

    Sandy–You told one commenter to contact you by email. I’d like to to do that, but I don’t see a way to do so. ???

    • Sandy Official Reply on 25th Nov, 12 05:11am #

      Joan, Did you got the Classic version back? If not, use the following link as a temporary solution:
      You need to login and open that link. It should take you automatically to the Classic Mail. But the switch is not permanent. You need to use the link every time you want to use Yahoo mail.

      In the mean time, you can refer the following screenshot for Internet Explorer steps:
      Disable JavaScript in Internet Explorer

      • Lewis B. on 17th Jan, 13 02:01am #

        The link you’ve provided – here it is, – brought me to yahoo mail classic. No Jawa script crap necessary. Thank you. I’m happy.
        Keeping this link in favorites, – after I open ‘regular’ new yahoo mail, I click on that, and I get mail classic.. Awesome!

        This new yahoo mail works (for me) as the slowest dial-up crap, clicking 15 times to read stupid mail..
        I wrote to them, a few times. I don’t think yahoo team gives a crap.

        Yahoo classic still works – perfect.

  161. Prasant on 13th Dec, 12 12:12pm #

    It worked for me! Now I’m back in my old Yahoo interface. God! It is so simple. Why didn’t I came across this article earlier. Anyway, thanks a lot for saving me from the trouble caused by new, broken Yahoo Mail.

  162. IICE on 17th Dec, 12 11:12pm #

    still waiting to access my mail please

  163. Chukwuemeka on 18th Dec, 12 10:12am #

    Please change my mail to yahoo mail classic is more easier for me than the new version

  164. Sandy Official Reply on 19th Dec, 12 08:12am #

    Still unable to switch to old yahoo mail? Please try once again with the above mentioned tips.
    1. First disable JavaScript in your browser.
    2. Login to Yahoo mail. It will tell that JavaScript is needed to be enabled. Instructions to turn on JavaScript will be provided. Ignore that and look below. There is instructions to return to old version. Select the option “Return to a previous version of Yahoo Mail”.
    3. Refresh the web page and enable JavaScript (don’t forget).
    This works for me all the time as I frequently switch between the two versions just to check if there’s any improvement in the new one :)

    For a temporary switch, login to Yahoo mail and open the following link:

  165. arif on 22nd Dec, 12 07:12am #

    i just want to change my yahoo mail into previous mail type tell me the solution and there no option of classic mail & new version mail…………………………..pls urgent……

  166. jodene morales on 23rd Dec, 12 04:12am #

    Thank you. I hate the new yahoo mail. I hate all the tabs that open. I hate that you cant “select all” to delete. Why did they ever change?

  167. mehak on 25th Dec, 12 07:12am #

    Yes it works. just switched to my old mail. I looked at some other sites providing the same info. But I think this article has greater importance. going through all the discussions above took me more than 20 minutes. I love the way people are trying to help each other.
    Thanks & Merry Christmas to all.

  168. ravindra on 25th Dec, 12 08:12am #

    thanks for your suggestion and i successfully changed my account to ‘yahooclassic’.

  169. Robert on 29th Dec, 12 12:12am #

    Yeahhhyyyyyy!!!! It worked great, thanks sooooo much. I had to play around with turning all of the scripting options off because you wrote to “disable radio button”….what? whatever….I did not see that…so i disabled a few scripting options and it didn’t work so I went back and disabled all of the and it worked. Thanks. Yahoo sucks ass for trying to force people to choose the shitty new mail.

    • Sandy Official Reply on 29th Dec, 12 08:12am #

      I’m sorry for not being clear. The selectable circle before each option is called radio button. By disable radio button, I meant select the Disable option.

  170. Julie on 8th Jan, 13 12:01am #

    Hi, TG. If I could bend down and kiss your feet, I would. A couple years ago, I tried the new and improved (NOT) yahoo email then couln’t get out of it. (I have a list a mile long of complaints about the new one. yuck) A search led me to you! Your easy instructions worked. I saved them, thank goodness because I accidentally hit the button again (dummy me). It worked again!! Today I was hacked and the jerks switched me to the new and improved email. A quick search and within minutes I had my beloved yahoo classic back. I recently had to open a new yahoo email for something and didn’t think I could get the classic email because I didn’t have it to begin with. I tried your method. IT WORKED!!! I have guarded this information, only telling my friends who have had the same misfortune as I. I am so afraid that yahoo will learn of it and change it. I will certainly be on the lookout for those thieves.

    • Sandy Official Reply on 8th Jan, 13 06:01am #

      Julie, thanks for your kind words. But it’s not that serious that you should bend down before someone. Yes, Yahoo can remove this option. But look at the masses. So many users prefer the classic version. They aren’t dumping Y Mail, but just want to go back to beloved Y mail classic. So, I believe Yahoo should keep that option for a while :)

      Note to all: By thieves I meant those who copied this article top to bottom and published on their own blogs. You can definitely share the info, even on your own blog or website. But please, don’t copy & republish the whole article.

      • Joseph on 9th Jan, 13 10:01pm #

        Like Julie, I’m here because some spammer jerks hacked my mail and used it to spam my friends, and changed me to the new mail while they were at it. I guess one of their spammer scripts needs the new mail to work. Anyone who got hacked should note that just today, Yahoo finally enabled encrypted (SSL) mail. Everyone should enable that option.

        BTW, I found another way to get back to classic mail. The new mail uses lots of panes, so it needs a large screen. So if you set your screen resolution low, like back to 640×480, Yahoo will show you the screen asking if you want to use classic mail. I don’t think it is any easier than turning off jscript, it’s just another way to do it.

  171. Samar on 9th Jan, 13 02:01pm #

    09/01/2013 – does work on IE 9.0.8112.16421 64 bit and FF 14.0.1 Portable Version

    • Samar on 20th Jan, 13 02:01pm #

      finally after multiple attempts on this method, today Yahoo! has reverted to Classic interface… thanks Sandy!!!

  172. Harimad on 11th Jan, 13 07:01pm #

    I am happy to go back to the previous version. I thought the first new version was the pits but with the newest (as of Jan 2013) version Yahoo showed me that there was still depths to plumb. To start with two easy examples:

    1) Why isn’t there a set of buttons (such as delete) at the bottom as well as the top?

    2) Why, when I send a reply, does Yahoo mail return me to the inbox rather than the message I was working on? For someone like me who keeps a lot of mail in my inbox this is a big PITA.

  173. SL on 11th Jan, 13 11:01pm #

    *sigh* I’m wondering if any of these methods work anymore. Of course, I did this a long time ago with my current yahoo account, but now I’m trying to create a new email in yahoo and I did the same thing I did before *disable javascript* and it even gives me the page to permanently switch back to classic, but it continues to redirect me to the “switch” page and I won’t switch back to classic at all.

    It’s so frustrating. I mean, I like my yahoo for the most part, but maybe it’s time I officially switch to gmail, even though I really don’t want to.

  174. Mario on 14th Jan, 13 03:01pm #

    great !!! what a relief ! the instructions above on disabling the “Active Scripting” worked great and it allowed me to swicth back to YAHOO CLASSIC. It feels great to get rid of this “new crap yahoo”.

    Just one little clarification: Once you disable the “Active scripting” and you go back to open your yahoo email, you will get a message asking you to activate Java script, or switch to yahoo mail classic just this one time, or permanently switch to Yahoo mail classic. Just clikc on the last optinon.

  175. Rod on 15th Jan, 13 03:01am #

    Just tried this at work. Worked great.

    Still have to try it at home.

    Thank you.

  176. Ronald Lemire on 2nd Feb, 13 01:02am #

    Thankyou so very much.Many sights have suggestions which none worked.This one did.You really should charge a fee.A reasonable fee lol. Thanks again

  177. Donna Holt on 4th Feb, 13 08:02pm #

    Thank you! It worked. Back to good old Classic Mail. For those of you who are having a problem doing it.
    First, sign out of Yahoo.
    Second – as they said, disable your browser’s javascript. I have firefox on a mac. So go to your Firefox on the top left of your menu. Click on it, then click on Preferences. Then, when the window opens, click on Content, then uncheck “Enable Javascript”.
    Third – Exit out of Firefox
    Fourth – Open up Firefox
    Fifth – Sign into your Yahoo and then open your mail.
    You should get a message saying that you need to enable javascript or you cannot access Yahoo Plus. They will give you two choices to go back to previous email. A one time and just plain old go back. Choose the second one. You should now have Classic Mail. Then, go back and enable javascript.

  178. MART TRADE on 5th Feb, 13 04:02pm #

    I recently opened this new email account in Yahoo and I was automatically given this version of Yahoo Mail which is different from the old classic version. I find this new version totally vague and hard to know where to go to get things functioning. The icons are hard to understand what they represent and what functions are they hiding within them. Somewhere in the new version page it is said that this new version is the finest design the Yahoo designers have created. I find it myopic and mediocre. I had a hard time, and lost precious time, in trying to find the means how I can get back to the classic design. I am much thankful to for helping me find the process of getting back the classic design. Yahoo did not include this classic version recovery process in the new version Yahoo Mail page. It has instead a deceptive statement that says “Choose Version”, but does nothing when you click on the option to change to classic design. I love those guys who made the classic design. Bring them back. Those are the kind of guys we need in this world.

  179. MG on 8th Feb, 13 08:02pm #

    Oh, thank god. A spammer hacked my account and changed it to the new version, and my work supposedly has DSL, but it’s overburdened DSL and runs only a little faster than dialup, I swear. *picks you up and smooches you*

  180. Jeff on 20th Feb, 13 04:02am #

    Works fine.. just be sure to refresh the entire page after disabling javascript.

  181. mary moore on 23rd Feb, 13 10:02pm #

    which is the refresh button?

    • Sandy Official Reply on 24th Feb, 13 05:02am #

      Refresh button is the one which looks like a rotating arrow. But I prefer shortcut. Just press Ctrl+R button on your keyboard to refresh the current web page.

  182. janie on 4th Mar, 13 12:03pm #

    tks so much for your instructions…they worked perfectly. i am much happier with the old version of yahoo mail.

  183. Ranjan on 7th Mar, 13 07:03am #

    Disabling JavaScript got me back to classic yahoo mail. Thanks.

  184. dennis reil on 12th Mar, 13 09:03pm #

    I tried to get back to Classic via your instructions for Internet Explorer by disabling the active scripting. Yahoo would not let me log on with it disabled but did when I reenabled it. ???? Please advise.

    • Sandy Official Reply on 14th Mar, 13 01:03pm #

      It should work. I suggest you try again after clearing your browser cache. If that fails, try on a different computer. I just switched twice by using Firefox or Safari.

  185. Jevon on 22nd Mar, 13 08:03pm #

    It worked! Thank you

  186. Jevon on 22nd Mar, 13 08:03pm #

    I got it to work using Mozilla Firefox. Try it!!!

  187. Amy on 23rd Mar, 13 06:03am #

    Thank you. this article helped me return to original yahoo mail. No doubt it is the most useful web page on how to switch to mail classic. Five stars & love.

  188. amed on 27th Mar, 13 06:03am #

    i want my yahoo classic back

  189. ahmed ali on 31st Mar, 13 04:03pm #

    thanks for yahoo

  190. bbear on 5th Apr, 13 06:04am #

    Last year, I switched to classic Y! mail. Thanks to this article. I’m keeping an eye on this page, as I doubt Yahoo is eager to keep the old mail. Look how messenger is being removed from classic mail. New mail version is awfully slow and looks like broken. Mail often fails to load, requires multiple refresh. Still, they advocate the new version and is trying force all users to upgrade. That’s bad. If they shuts down classic mail, I will dump Yahoo mail. I’m sure many of us will do the same.

  191. Naved on 11th Apr, 13 07:04am #

    The new Yahoo Beta is so user unfriendly, I dont understand what yahoo team doing? Whether they want to be in competition or wanna wrap up yahoo? Dont they see the customer feedback?

  192. raf on 17th Apr, 13 01:04am #

    Followed the instructions exactly and it Worked like a charm! Thanks so much!

  193. AKS on 17th Apr, 13 05:04am #

    First Uninstall higher version of IE and install IE 5 or 6 and try to log in to yahoo mail .It will ask you to switch yahoo mail to “classsic”( our fav version).

  194. BrianG on 18th Apr, 13 12:04pm #

    I’ve been using Mail Classic for a long time, fine with slower dialup access/legacy OS/browser. I just discovered with certain email accounts I haven’t used in a while that I am road-blocked when trying to login, I get the error about “must have javascript enabled”. I can still login fine and automatically get to MailClassic with one account I have been using regularly, so what is going on? Am I busted in that I can’t fix this situation from here?, do I have to get to another platform, login there, and then try the tactics described here to get back to Classic? Thanks.

    • Sandy Official Reply on 18th Apr, 13 01:04pm #

      You mean JavaScript error when you try to login? You are getting “must have javascript enabled” message when JavaScript is already enabled on your browser? If yes, that’s strange. Are you getting a message like the screenshot below? If yes, you need to press the “go to a previous version of Yahoo! Mail link”.
      Go to Yahoo Mail Classic

      • nevermind on 28th May, 13 10:05am #

        it worked, you are great

  195. BrianG on 19th Apr, 13 10:04am #

    >You are getting “must have javascript enabled” message when JavaScript is already enabled on your browser? If yes, that’s strange.<

    Yes, correct, strange indeed. I just get dumped back in the login screen where you have the userid and password fields, and the error message
    is in the upper right area above the userid field.
    Note this is with a somewhat older but still entirely functional IE browser version that is not supported by that new version of Yahoo mail.
    Maybe the error message is misleading, in that maybe the login process is trying to "force" it's way to the newer version of mail, but it is
    not supported on some older browsers, so you get into a chicken-and-egg sort of situation.
    Previously it was handled intelligently, an attempt to "migrate" to the new version of Yahoo mail was greeted with a message something
    to the effect of "Oh, your browser is not supported with the new mail so you have to stay with Mail Classic. Please upgrade your browser".

    This sucks. I will have to get online somewhere else such as an Internet Cafe with recent software versions and see what happens,
    see if I can get in to those other accounts into the new mail, and then switch back. I'll leave a message as soon as I get a chance to do

  196. Alan Smithee on 21st Apr, 13 04:04am #

    Changing the screen resolution worked. I didn’t have to select classic mail, but it did warn me about the resolution so I said ok.

    This issue has gone on for months and caused a ton of grief when I was trying to send off job applications.

  197. BrianG on 21st Apr, 13 07:04pm #

    To followup on my recent message, I appear to have managed to get the situation fixed. As it turns out the problem was not that Yahoo had somehow reconfigured some of my email accounts to use the new version of mail, but instead they messed up in a whole other regard. When I went to an alternative internet access with recent os/browser levels, and logged into the Yahoo email accounts that were “stuck”, the first thing I was greeted with was a window displaying a special alpha-numeric graphic and a field asking that I confirm the special code. I’ve seen this sort of thing before, Kijiji has that when you want to respond to an ad, the intent is to prevent automatic programs from interacting with web sites, try to provide some process that only a live interacting human can deal with. Once past that step there was request to update some security information, such as providing an alternative email address in case you somehow get locked out of your account, and there was some supplementary steps (they send an email to the other account and you have to go there and click on a verification link etc). Once I went through that additional security update stuff my Yahoo email account access seemed back to normal, and I was still on Yahoo Mail Classic. So the problem was that Yahoo decided based on certain logic (like maybe not logged into your email for a certain length of time?) to temporarily graft a whole extra one time security verification step as part of your login to email, but that process is NOT functional with some older OS/browser levels, so you basically end up locked out from those plafforms. I could try going to the Yahoo help center page and leaving Yahoo a message warning them to this oversight of theirs, but I don’t know if that
    would do any good. In principle if they add any special one time process on the front end of the email login, it should check the run-time client environment and make sure it is suitable and if not skip that special procedure maybe send an email instead.
    Okay so back to Yahoo Mail Classic!

    • Sandy Official Reply on 22nd Apr, 13 02:04pm #

      I am glad that you are able to fix the problem. Thanks for the long followup message. I really appreciate it. The alphanumeric graphic that you noticed is CAPTCHA. I experienced such a situation once. I guess it’s a problem/glitch in coding. Javascript, OS and browser version etc can be easily detected from a web page. So displaying a specific message is not a big deal. But instead of doing that most developers prefer to declare certain versions of web browser as ancient and prevent users from accessing web pages. Example: just a year old version of Firefox is now being regarded as outdated by most websites. That’s a bad approach in my view. Personally I prefer older Firefox versions over the new memory hog being released every month. Am I prone to viruses of spyware? No way because my security software are doing their jobs nicely.

  198. Arun on 23rd Apr, 13 10:04am #

    Nice. It works perfectly. Now using classic mail. Thanks

  199. August on 27th Apr, 13 01:04am #

    All this is going to END, because THE POWERS THAT BE have decided that after GOOGLE MAIL, and the recent forcing of MICROSOFT WINDOWS LIVE HOTMAIL clients to switch to the new mail platform, it is now time for the old versions of YAHOO! Mail, including especially CLASSIC, to be dumped in favor of the bad “The New YAHOO! Mail”…

    You should be very attentive of all their gibberish when they suddendly decide to make subtle changes to the legal provisions regarding the “Terms of Service” and the “Privacy Policy”, which they justify with commercial necessities – something like this: special scannings and readings of your mails, attachments and messenger conversations are really needed, but only because you must be better served with tips for various announcements of products you might be (err…) interested in…

    So, the new platforms come with servers having the special incorporated software, for a more efficient “big brothering” of your mailings & messaging ‘privacy, ..where as the software added to the old platforms was not so prolific in keeping a watchfull eye on you…

    And things in the real world look quite that unbelievable like the news from this article posted a couple of years ago… And since then, the evil “tech-ing” has made significant progresses.

    So, anyway, SKYNET is here, and it will completely take over -beginning with the 3rd of June, as you can read on the work-blogs of some important chiefs from YAHOO!…

    Plus, a somewhat cynical analisys:

    So, am I crazy? Many, especially YAHOO!, will be frantic in saying that I am…

    Well, but not even the simple logic takes their side, because in the haste to make us believe that all is beind done for more modern services, which -of course- includes the trashing of YAHOO! Mail CLASSIC, -they fail to explain why a very good old service, well-proven on old operating systems and browers, is being disgarded, ..but only for them to create a new version which to work on those same old operating systems and browers, –still this new “low-fi” version will prove a really cosmic “must be” ..on the same new “Big Brother”-ized platform, as it can be deduced from the following:

    So, their management thinks that we are all so brain-washed by TV reality-shows, that we can not add 2 with 2…

    P.S.: I hope you’ll excuse my language mistakes, but I had 2 days and nights of hard work, only to again be so “pleasantly” surprised by another “user-friendly” move of YAHOO!’s C.E.O., proud she-member (she-wolf) of an another board of big company, you’ve probably guessed it, WAL-MART!

  200. BrianG on 28th Apr, 13 12:04am #

    Hi “Sandy”, you are welcome for my somewhat lengthy previous reply, thought it just might help someone else out there.
    I just read an email I received from yahoo mission-control that sounded a whole lot like the bit from a couple of years ago, saying we are moving everyone to a new and improved taste-great Yahoo mail, and you have about thirty days or so left with your current version. Oh Crap!
    Does it look like we are _really_ going to be forced to move on this time? Would you think it might help if some of us blitzed yahoo with messages to basically say give us the choice to leave things the way they are?
    I just read the above just posted message from early April 27, and once again I am thinking “Oh Crap”… Any further thoughts?

    • Sandy Official Reply on 28th Apr, 13 06:04am #

      This is it. Classic Mail is dead. Only two options left – upgrade or leave. Yahoo clearly mentioned that on their blog posts and help pages. Nothing will happen even millions of users shout or sign petition. They have decided to do it. They’ll do it. After all it is their company, we users simply enjoy that free service & contribute nothing to their income (it appears some people thought so).

      So either upgrade or move to different service. If you want to move, keep the Yahoo account and test other services. Then backup your emails and if needed move to a new service. Otherwise, convince yourself to like the new version! They said there’s a simple HTML version too. Not sure how many of us would find that usable. For me, webmail software provided by web hosting companies works better. That’s why I’m considering moving my important emails to an account under my own domain name. At least it won’t take forever to load a simple email!

  201. vijay on 3rd May, 13 07:05am #

    thanks alot

  202. Shahi on 3rd May, 13 03:05pm #

    OK. I tried to use this new mail for a long time. My impressions are: it sucks, it is bugging me constantly, it is VERY slow.
    After all, today I even wasn’t be able to read my messages at all! The hole page inside my mailbox went blank, my messages just didn’t show up. Ok, I found how to switch back and now it works perfectly with classic interface.
    But now you are telling me that they are going just eliminate my mailbox with all my stuff if I don’t switch back to that new buggy interface?? I’ve been using this Yahoo mail since 2000. But enough is enough, don’t you think so?
    I am going just to back up my mail and quit. Who can suggest a good mail service (not gmail, I already have one there)?

    • Sandy Official Reply on 4th May, 13 05:05am #

      Last week I upgraded one of my accounts and now unable to read a single email. Only the navigation works and rest appears blank (white). Switched browsers, IPs and even operating systems. Same problem. Looks like they are out of money and now trying to reduce load on their servers by displaying blank pages (joking).

      I moved an account to my own server. A bit headache but I can read all e-mails comfortably. Gmail is good but not a better alternative. So, I can’t suggest any other service.

  203. Paula on 19th May, 13 04:05pm #

    Looks like the trick is still working. After facing numerous trouble with new yahoo mail, just switched to Classic. What a relief. But if what you said in the update is true, I’ll probably dump yahoo just because fo this useless new design.

  204. Bbala on 22nd May, 13 09:05am #

    Cool it worked 4 me…….thanks

  205. Mohamed on 23rd May, 13 10:05pm #

    Thank you; It worked for me.

  206. BrianG on 3rd Jun, 13 06:06pm #

    Hi, I thought I’d try following up from when I was around here late April. So it is June 3rd, and my Yahoo Mail Classic is still working, for now… Does anyone have any further info/update? Is the plug going to be pulled soon?, or is there maybe going to be some kind of last minute change?… Thanks.

    • Sandy Official Reply on 7th Jun, 13 03:06pm #


      Looks like Classic Version is still working for some user. Some of my friends also confirmed that. But I doubt that yahoo will keep the Classic version. Looks like New version is a part of their new business plan. They will put advertisements based on content of emails (just like Gmail). So, they can risk their business model by allowing users to continue using old version. In case of big sites like Yahoo, it takes some time to apply a change across servers. So, lets wait till next week!

  207. simi on 7th Jun, 13 10:06am #

    Just want to confirm that Yahoo Mail Classic is still working. I switched back years ago by using instructions provided you guys at Thanks

  208. Amit Gupta on 8th Jun, 13 07:06am #

    BY Mistake i am clicking on “Get the newest Yahoo! Mail”

    now i try all things mentioned on the page
    but new version is still there ,

    I disable javascript but it shows “Continue without upgrading JavaScript” instead of previous version

    I found on some other forum after 3 June 2013 it is not possible to back Yahoo mail classic is any body can help to back with yahoo mail classic

    My problem is not upgrade

    I want access my other pop mails
    it working on previous version of yahoo but in new version of yahoo is not Accessible


    • Sandy Official Reply on 8th Jun, 13 07:06pm #


      Users who upgraded can’t go back to Classic mail now. Interestingly, many of those tho didn’t upgraded are still enjoying classic mail. But looks like Yahoo will upset them too! Anyway, I think there’s some problem with their POP mail service. In most countries POP is a Yahoo Mail Plus only service. If you are a subscriber of Plus service, contact Yahoo.

  209. Jay on 9th Jun, 13 06:06pm #

    I should have looked here long ago. I feel I was forced to upgrade from Mail Classic quite some time ago and have been unhappy ever since. I do feel that the Classic version should have been “grandfathered” and users should have been given the option of keeping it.

    It seems to me that the new young CEO of Yahoo, charged with saving the business, is throwing a lot of stuff against the wall to see if anything sticks. So far, nothing seems to be working even though in addition to alienating existing users, she has been on a buying spree acquiring companies who will supposedly appeal to a younger demographic.

    • Sandy Official Reply on 10th Jun, 13 05:06am #


      Thanks for your comment. Grandfathered – you are right. They could have easily kept the Classic version. But they didn’t. Now after a fat purchase like Tumblr, they’ll have little time to think about other things. It’ll be not easy to recover that money. God knows what other items will be thrown on us. Poor Classic mail. I’ll always miss it *.

      (* one of my Classic Mail account is still working)

  210. Santanu on 12th Jun, 13 07:06pm #

    Everywhere people are saying that Classic version of yahoo mail is dead. But I can’t believe it! Because I’m still using Yahoo Mail Classic. Everything is working fine, not a single problem. BTW I’m from India.

    • Sandy Official Reply on 14th Jun, 13 03:06pm #

      Like I said, Classic version is working for some of those users who didn’t upgraded or who switched last month. I guess, they will be forced to upgrade soon.

  211. Bill on 14th Jun, 13 04:06pm #

    The link below still works for me. I have it in favorites & select it after logging in if new mail comes up. My problem is, when I go to search my email it switches to the new search page. Search is my biggest issue with the new version. We have a Yahoo Small Business account, & use email as a filing system. With the old search screen, one could search by sender, recipient, subject, key words in message or attachments, etc, or any combination. Is there a way to switch to the old search screen?;.rand=264306477#_pg=showFolder;_ylc=X3oDMTBuNGM1a2ppBF9TAzM5ODMwMTA0MQRhYwNjaGtNYWls&&.rand=662210497&order=down&pSize=25&tt=9930&.jsrand=6348732

    • Sandy Official Reply on 14th Jun, 13 06:06pm #

      So, it is still working? I guess that link is working just for your account. Not sure till when Classic version will continue to work. Today I got an upgrade notice while trying to login to my mail account (older version is working on that account). Luckily, they are providing a link to continue with Classic.

      Regarding search, did you tried the basic new version? I just checked. No option for using old search interface. The new version offers search filtering by sender, attachment type, date, folder, status etc. As you are a Business account holder, I suggest you contact their support.

  212. antonio favretto on 16th Jun, 13 01:06am #

    i selected yahoo mail by accident. how do i switch back to yahoo mail classic. i have windows xp pro internet explorer 8

  213. Mihai on 17th Jun, 13 12:06pm #

    Thank you, Thank you, Bill (on 14th Jun, 13 04:06pm). Used your link, logged in from the prompt and I was back to the classic interface. Half an hour more of the new nightmare and I would have switched completely from Yahoo.
    BTW any other method (lowering resolution, disable Javascript, Switch to IE with disable ActiveX …) did not work.

    • Sandy Official Reply on 17th Jun, 13 02:06pm #


      Thanks for confirming. That didn’t worked for one of my accounts. So, I didn’t tried with other accounts.

  214. kumarmangat on 18th Jun, 13 12:06am #

    none of the solution works anymore. i click on couple of link yesterday and it was taking me to old yahoo but today it is not working. Can someone come up with the solution Thanks.

  215. Bill on 18th Jun, 13 12:06pm #

    I have the same problem beginning last night. It was working at +- 5:00 pm CDT US.

    At 10:00 pm it wasn’t. I Went to the new email basic & still can only get into one account.

    Is Classic officially dead??

    • Sandy Official Reply on 18th Jun, 13 01:06pm #

      Sorry to hear that. Classic version is officially dead since the start of this month. But looks like it is still there on some servers. Because one of my account is still working.

      *** If any of your Yahoo mail account is still working & you get the upgrade notice, look down and press remind me later link. That will load the classic version.

      • Bill on 18th Jun, 13 02:06pm #


        I finally gave up and switched. That let me into my business account. Then the links I listed above still work. Guess I’ll ride this horse as long as he’ll run!!!

  216. NAZMUL on 18th Jun, 13 02:06pm #

    Please put me back to Yahoo Classic Mail.

    • Bill on 18th Jun, 13 10:06pm #


      Try the links I posted above. They might work

  217. Rajeev on 24th Jun, 13 08:06am #

    Looks like I’m little late. Tried everything. Nothing is working. Are you sure Yahoo Mail Classic version is till working for some people? If yes, is there any way to go back. This new yahoo mail sucks. Keeping advertisements & new tracking/scanning policies aside, I’d say the new interface is less user-friendly. Looks like it was designed keeping smartphones in mind. Did yahoo forgot that people uses computers? There are many people who known nothing about mobile device icons. Now they find themselves lost in yahoo. Now some mails loads quickly, while others take ages to load. Another problem with new yahoo mail is browser compatibility. It fails to load properly on earlier versions of popular browser & even denies support when accessed from Opera desktop browser. I’m sure that the thousands of loyal Yahoo users hate this new interface. I do.

    • Sandy Official Reply on 24th Jun, 13 06:06pm #

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, Classic was better than new version. Proof? This page has received more than 1 million pageviews. Why? Technogadge is not a social media driven blog. Almost all visitors came from search engines and referring sites. Why so many people wants to go back to yahoo mail classic? There must be some serious issue with the new interface. But reality is – Yahoo don’t care. We must accept the truth. Yahoo mail classic is dead.

      * One of my accounts is still running classic version. But upgrade notice appears after each signin.

  218. raju on 24th Jun, 13 01:06pm #

    i did have the old classic yahoo email and now the new version came on and i dont like the new e-mail i cant get to my email and my spams so how can i get to my old classic back i try to click on the options and did not work for me.

    • Sandy Official Reply on 24th Jun, 13 07:06pm #

      Raju, you pressed the upgrade link? Like the said earlier, you should have pressed the remind me later link in the upgrade screen. By using that link, I’m still using Yahoo mail classic. In my opinion it is now impossible to switch to classic. You may try the basic version of new yahoo mail. But can’t guarantee that you’ll be impressed!

  219. JJ on 28th Jun, 13 05:06pm #

    i absolutely don’t like what yahoo is forcing us to switch from classic which i’m very comfortable with! i’m still with the classic but as i’m reading this i think they won’t be available anymore soon! i’m very sad with this change!

  220. Melissa on 28th Jun, 13 10:06pm #

    Sad that “complaining” is discouraged. If more people speak up, it does make a big difference. “All that is needed for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” -the bible
    If the one million people who have seen this webpage spent the time to leave yahoo a comment, it would matter.

  221. ramesh on 29th Jun, 13 12:06pm #

    The link below still works for me. I have it in favorites & select it after logging in if new mail comes up. My problem is, when I go to search my email it switches to the new search page. Search is my biggest issue with the new version. We have a Yahoo Small Business account, & use email as a filing system. With the old search screen, one could search by sender, recipient, subject, key words in message or attachments, etc, or any combination. Is there a way to switch to the old search screen

  222. Sharon on 1st Jul, 13 02:07pm #

    I hate hate hate this latest version! It looks like I’ll have to switch from Yahoo. My emails are so delayed that I have to go back an re-type them every time. What were they thinking?

  223. Tom Barrister on 5th Jul, 13 05:07pm #

    There is no longer a way to go back to Yahoo Mail Classic. Screen resolution, Disable scripting, and all of the URLs no longer work. On July 9th, all who are still using Classic will be required to go to the new interface and use its Basic or Enhanced versions.

    I’ve had my Yahoo name for almost 12 years, and I use it for most of my business mail. Unfortunately, that may not be true much longer. I don’t like the new interface, and I don’t like the “do it our way or leave” attitude. I realize that they’re catering to the majority, but some of the rest of us prefer the old streamlined version, and it’s not that difficult to keep both working.

    • Sandy Official Reply on 6th Jul, 13 06:07am #


      Thanks for your comment. In my view they are trying to please young generation and new users, not loyal users who were with them in this long journey to top. Majority of the new users just started to use Internet and they don’t know about classic mail. They’ll hardly feel any difference. As it is still the top free webmail provide, users will keep coming to yahoo. So, why should they care about users like you, me and few thousand? That’s why upgrade or leave it attitude.

    • Bill on 9th Jul, 13 12:07pm #

      You called it, Tom. My old links were still working until this morning. When I came my email was open in the new version and the links are dead.


  224. A. Petition on 9th Jul, 13 12:07am #

    Like many of the comments here by previously happy customers I have been using Yahoo Classic Mail for over a decade, in fact, I signed up in ’99. I too am really fed up with Yahoo for not giving the option to stay with the excellent Classic Mail. I have tried all of the suggestions listed above and of course, none work. Let’s start a petition. Let’s try to get it back. What have we got to lose? If they don’t bring it back, let’s move on – let’s all go to the same email provider, maybe that will make Yahoo notice us? Who is Yahoo’s greatest competitor? Let’s say we’ll go there. After all these years and like Sandy said, sticking with Yahoo from the beginning and they throw us away rather than appreciate those who helped them make a lot of money. Let’s do it. Let’s try. Last chance to dance, anyone? Via a petition, that is…

  225. julie on 9th Jul, 13 12:07am #

    I am with you all. Fussing and cursing all the way, I am. I was in the middle of an email when it just closed down out of the blue, and to get back in I had no choice but to change. I knew it was inevitable, but I guess I was still holding out hope. They are control freaks. It has to be about money somehow. It’s always about money.

  226. Ellen S on 9th Jul, 13 03:07am #

    I am under deadline so I cannot yet pore over the new licenses, privacy pages, and other legal junk they force on you with the new and decidedly-not-improved yahoomail, but I suspect that the real reason is along the lines of their trying to echo the facebook model of spoonfeeding you only ten items at a time and forcing you to re-click and re-click and thinking they can force you to log in constantly since they never let you see anything older than two seconds, and then track everything you do online and sell it (just like facebook, only working even worse).

  227. Goria on 9th Jul, 13 04:07am #

    It is actually amazing yahoo is worth so much money then you see something like this new mail and it is just amazing people like them can be so incompetent and still make a website that is worth anything. I have to close this yahoo thing down this week enough is enough.
    I think forcing it on me is what really did it – but how bad it really is shows you in a forceful way that yahoo is just plain pathetic it shows you alot about the people who work there, and they need ignored its a big internet with alot of options this is crazy.
    I will never click on a yahoo link again…..

  228. meridiean on 9th Jul, 13 10:07am #

    I’m with y’all. I have to wonder why Yahoo decided it was a good marketing strategy to change something that worked fine and piss off a lot of loyal customers. They’ve let it be known that they could not care less about their customer base by NOT offering to let us keep the version that we liked – the version that worked great.
    Changing something simply because “OMG! PROGRESS!!!” isn’t a great way to run a business. I figure they prefer this new, crappy, set-up because it makes it easier for them to access, store, use, and sell (even more of) our information than the old version. You know…the version that worked. They wouldn’t have bothered with the change if they weren’t getting SOMETHING out of it. That must be it, or why ELSE would they be so cold and uncaring about their customer’s satisfaction?

  229. A. Petition on 9th Jul, 13 10:07am #

    So….a petition is not something we will do. Okay, well, let’s not leave without saying ‘goodbye’ and giving them our reasons for it. Here’s the most recent feedback link;

    Let’s tell them how inferior their upgrade is, and let’s be sure to say we preferred the Classic Mail, after all a criticism is nicely balanced by praise or a useful suggestion. Generally, I would recommend a polite suggestion, although it is tempting to tell them where exactly their ‘upgrade’ belongs, and unlike today outside the sun don’t shine in the most appropriate place for it.

    • Brumman on 10th Jul, 13 07:07am #

      and naturally the feedback link doesn’t work!
      Yahoo has become a disaster – I’ve been with it since 1998 as my main email account but everything about it has declined during the past 5 years – remember when you could actually get real live help via online chat?!
      I have had to migrate masses of stored mail from 2 other webmail services to the hated Gmail and now I guess i have no option to do this with my yahoo accounts! As people have mentioned not everyone can access a high speed Internet service.
      But for now does anyone know how to changes from the (recommended) full featured mail to the basic? – I thought they were going to make that an option but cannot find it anywhere!

      • Sandy Official Reply on 10th Jul, 13 08:07am #

        Hi Brumman,

        Thanks for your comment. To help users switch to basic version of the new Mail (not classic), recently I published an article. You can find it here.

    • Anthony Santos on 13th Apr, 14 07:04am #

      I do not like your new version of Yahoo Mail. It is frustrating and useless. Please switch back to Classic Mail I have been using Yahoo for eleven years without problems. Now, it is difficult to view my mail and see my Flickr pictures.
      Make an effort to satisfy your customers, not make them angry with “new” nonsense.

  230. Susantha Gajadeera on 13th Jul, 13 04:07am #

    I wanted to go back to Yahoo Classic Mail from Yahoo 7. Tried in several ways as depicted by various individuals. But sorry to say that nothing was worked for me.

  231. John David on 13th Jul, 13 11:07am #

    I don’t like the newest version of this yahoo mail… I prefer using the old school style classic version… Yahoo! please let us choose our preferred version of mail… we’re the one’s suffering/ or having the convenience not Yahoo! mgt…

  232. Gurooz on 27th Jul, 13 05:07pm #

    I don’t like the newest version of this yahoo mail…I moved to gmail. I think moving from Yahoo to some other mail is better.

  233. sarhan on 30th Jul, 13 10:07pm #

    New e-mail is very bad
    Because I can not open the page independent of other pages
    And when you allow messages when you press twice survey licked until messages that have not been put mark in front, while the old e-mail does not wipe any message only if there is a sign in front of

  234. Mildred on 1st Nov, 13 11:11pm #

    Thank you for your response. I did everything and Im happy with the results. I like it

  235. Smart Products, Ltd. on 3rd Nov, 13 01:11pm #

    Returning to Yahoo Mail Classic

    Uninstall Firefox without removing Personal Data and Bookmarks.
    Install Firefox 14.0.1. or a version of Firefox that allows the user to Disable JavaScript
    Click Tools; Options; Content; Remove Check Mark from Enable JavaScript.
    Click OK.
    Close and Restart Firefox.
    Go to Yahoo Mail.
    The following message appears: Yahoo recommends you upgrade your browser to enjoy all the features in the new Yahoo Mail.
    Click Continue without upgrading.
    Message appears: JavaScript is not enabled on your browser.
    Click Continue without upgrading JavaScript.
    Yahoo Mail Classic will appear.
    JavaScript will be needed to click or remove Check Marks from selection boxes, so Click Tools; Options; Content; and insert a Check Mark in Enable JavaScript.
    Enabling JavaScript will not affect Yahoo Mail Classic.
    Upgrading Version 14.0.1 to the latest Version of Firefox will not affect Yahoo Mail Classic, although the option to Disable JavaScript will no longer be there in the latest versions.

    • sama on 6th May, 14 10:05pm #

      tnx very very much, I can see my inbox after 20days! just with your right orders. I have a problem in this case! I dont delet my spamms, but while I reading my spam mails, automaticlly it deleted! some my true messeges were in my spams! how can I see them again?! I want them! thx alot,,,kiss

    • Kristin on 28th May, 14 05:05pm #

      THIS WORKS! IT’S BACK! Thank you for sharing these incredibly SIMPLE steps to resurrect the Classic Yahoo Mail. I have Firefox 11.0 and was able to DISABLE JavaScript without having to uninstall and reinstall Firefox, however, it is in a different location than the newer version, as you described. So, for anyone still using Firefox 11.0 —
      Click FIREFOX > PREFERENCES > CONTENT > Then REMOVE THE CHECK MARK from “Enable JavaScript”.
      Click OK.

      THEN, continue with the steps posted (by Smart Products, Ltd. on 3rd Nov, 13) listed below:

      Close and Restart Firefox.
      Go to Yahoo Mail.
      The following message appears: Yahoo recommends you upgrade your browser to enjoy all the features in the new Yahoo Mail.
      Click Continue without upgrading.
      Message appears: JavaScript is not enabled on your browser.
      Click Continue without upgrading JavaScript.
      Yahoo Mail Classic will appear.
      JavaScript will be needed to click or remove Check Marks from selection boxes, so Click Tools; Options; Content; and insert a Check Mark in Enable JavaScript.
      Enabling JavaScript will not affect Yahoo Mail Classic.
      Upgrading Version 14.0.1 to the latest Version of Firefox will not affect Yahoo Mail Classic, although the option to Disable JavaScript will no longer be there in the latest versions.

  236. Geraldo on 22nd Dec, 13 03:12pm #

    I only recently signed up for a yahoo e-mail account and found that the progress bar to open the inbox section was so very slow. Heavy javascripting! I use dial-up. I also use Firefox v.24 in Linux and do not have Noscript addon as I prefer to disable or enable javascript in preferences. In current Firefox, they have removed the ability to disable/enable javascript under edit> preferences> content. To disable it I open a new tab, type in about:config and promise to be careful and untick “show this window each time” then in about:config I type in java in search url field and the second entry is
    javascript.enabled True. Double click on this entry to change it to False. You can leave this tab open while you surf in other tabs so you can “on the fly” enable/disable javascript again.
    Go to you yahoo email account and login. It will say you do not have javascript enabled and a link on how to enable it. Below this is option, Do not update javascript and continue, (not exact wording) and click on it. It was fast at going to my inbox.
    I also recently opened a gmail account, and they have the smarts to offer a preference to use HTML for slow connections and set it permanently. I have had an e-mail account with fastmail for years, but they no longer offer a free account., They also offer a classic menu that you can tick at login page, or simply login with javascript disabled.

  237. Kathy on 15th Feb, 14 10:02pm #

    I have google as my browser (not google chrome or firefox) when I disabled when I enchecked Enable Javascript it didn’t work …just took me right back to the new Yahoo which won’t auto fill my email addresses from my contacts and groups. I have to fill them in individually which is driivng me nuts!

  238. dale on 20th Feb, 14 11:02pm #

    i just got the old win back , win u in mail, mail options mail counts there the basic

  239. PJ on 27th Feb, 14 05:02pm #

    This tip did work on IE. Way better. We have a super fast connection here at my work and the new version was still glitchy and problematic. Thanks for the help!

  240. Anthony Santos on 13th Apr, 14 07:04am #


  241. frankantony c on 14th Aug, 14 06:08am #

    Please i need return to classic

  242. Allen nuarez on 16th Dec, 17 01:12am #


  243. Allen nuarez on 16th Dec, 17 01:12am #

    Put me on classic!!!!!

  244. MUKUNDHAN on 21st Jun, 19 03:06pm #

    return to a previous version of Yahoo!

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