How to Stop Firefox plugin-container.exe Process?

Jul 15, 2010

Firefox 3.6.6 making browsing slow on your computer? If yes, it may be due to plugin-container.exe, which was added in recent version of Firefox to prevent browser crash. New version of Firefox web browser loads certain plugins in a separate process (plugin-container.exe) to provide you uninterrupted browsing even when certain plugins stops working. But the problem is, plugin-container.exe may use a lot of memory and slow down your computer. You may experience the problem more often while viewing online flash videos. So, want to disable or stop plugin-container.exe in Firefox 3.6.6? Follow these simple steps:

Stop plugin-container.exe Firefox

Steps to stop plugin-container.exe process:

  • Open Firefox web browser.
  • Type about:config in the address bar and press Enter key.
  • A warning will appear. Ignore it and press the “I’ll be careful, I promise!” button.
  • In the Filter field type dom.ipc. Six preferences will appear for the filter dom.ipc.
  • Ignore first and last preferences (dom.ipc.plugins.enabled and dom.ipc.plugins.timeoutSecs). Toggle (double-click) each of the four remaining preferences to change the value from “true” to “false“.
  • That’s it. For help, take a look at the screenshot.

Explanation: The crash protection feature in Firefox 3.6 is enabled for certain plugins only. The four preferences that we modified here specifies four different out-of-process plugins. They are the the NPAPI test plugin, Adobe Flash, Apple QuickTime (Windows) and Microsoft Silverlight (Windows). These plugins are specified in a separate dom.ipc.plugins.enabled.<filename> preference by default is set to true. We can disable them by changing their value to false. And thus plugin-container.exe will not run. By default the preference dom.ipc.plugins.enabled is already set to “false”. So, no need to touch it. The dom.ipc.plugins.timeoutSecs is also not important here as other values are false.


If you are using Firefox 4 please refer this post: Stop Plugin-container in Firefox 4

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  1. Gary on 19th Jul, 10 04:07pm #

    Thank you for sharing this. I’ve been bothered by this for the last month or so. I really appreciate it.

    • Commander on 18th Aug, 10 09:08pm #

      Genius Sheer Genius. This just works and soooo simple and straight forward. Thanks so much.

      • Bob on 3rd Sep, 10 01:09pm #

        Thanks!!! :-) I’ve been fighting this for a long time, I was going to stop using FireFox because of this problem :-( Thanks again!

        • rahul on 1st Dec, 10 02:12pm #

          I did all this but plugin container is still running…i can see it in task manager

    • tuzarq on 25th Sep, 10 11:09am #

      This is so great!

    • louis on 24th Oct, 10 12:10am #

      do not do it, program requires it they made sure of it, it froze and crashed

      • Sandy Official Reply on 24th Oct, 10 04:10am #

        Can you explain what you mean by do not do it?

        • Dustin on 22nd Jan, 11 03:01pm #

          yeah he stated, “program requires it they made sure of it, it froze and crashed”

    • roman on 27th Oct, 10 04:10am #

      I sure hope this works cause I am tired of having my system crash and the error message of this plugin

    • dreamer on 10th Feb, 11 10:02pm #

      change the first opyion to true and change the last option to 999999999

    • marcT on 24th Mar, 11 08:03pm #

      You are awesome.. I was messing with this issue for the longest after the upgrade to 3.6 and disabling this plugin container really helped my CPU memory!!! Thank you!!!

    • Ranjeet Rain on 4th Jul, 11 01:07pm #

      Great article technically. But not usable. It is common sense that if you disable this container the processes would run in the main process space, defeating the application design and an important built-in security feature. What’s the point. Unless you don’t load any pages with Flash and other type implemented by these DLLs this is not going to help.

      I tested this on Windows 7 with FireFox 3.6.17. Disabling these DLLs causes the plugin to stop, but doesn’t help the memory situation. Memory utilization is still the same. The only difference is that now the memory is being utilized by the main process instead of this, giving some user peace of mind that there is no “strange” process hogging their system.

      The reality is that by disabling these DLLs, you are only defeating the built-in security mechanism in FF. It doesn’t helps memory situation at all. The plugin will definitely need memory if they were to be loaded, in the main process, or an assistant process outside the main process. Test it.

      For myself, I tried this and reverted it back. I am happy to live with this added security feature at the cost of an out-of-main-process entry in my task list.

      I will appreciate if any one who has seen any real benefit on the memory front can post any pre and post screen shots here.

      • cip on 21st Jul, 11 02:07pm #

        yes-done it and happy with the outcome-thanks alot

    • Pat on 31st Dec, 11 06:12am #

      I did all that and now does NOT working at all.
      Thank you ;)

  2. Dlong on 19th Jul, 10 11:07pm #

    OMG! I did this and immediately I could tell the difference. No hanging, long freezes and crashing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • admin on 20th Jul, 10 06:07am #

      I am glad that you guys found it useful. Thanks for leaving your comments.

  3. Jimbo on 21st Jul, 10 01:07pm #

    Thanks!! I had not idea how to fix this problem. I thought I’d be forced to change to Chrome. (shudder)

  4. Costi Pop on 21st Jul, 10 09:07pm #

    just…tanks you.!

  5. Jasper on 22nd Jul, 10 01:07am #

    Thanks a lot, it was like suffering for quite time, all memory was eaten by this pluggin-container.exe. Now things are normal, going to recommend your advise to all my friends :)

  6. ifox on 26th Jul, 10 08:07pm #

    It’s work!
    Really Thanks!!!
    My FF don’t freeze any more!

  7. Ollie on 27th Jul, 10 10:07am #

    Thank you for the great guide. This fixed my problems with Flash content causing silent crashes with FF 3.6.7.

  8. probsat on 27th Jul, 10 08:07pm #

    thanks very much for this fix

  9. vicki on 27th Jul, 10 09:07pm #

    I typed dom.ipc but nothing came up..why?

    • Sandy Official Reply on 31st Jul, 10 02:07pm #

      Did you typed dom.ipc directly in the address bar? First type about:config in the address bar, open the configuration options and then type dom.ipc in the filter field.

      • Adrian on 17th Aug, 10 09:08pm #

        I got this working on my work laptop and then thought I try it on my home Mac and found that there are no configuration items matching dom.ipc on the Mac so that might explain what Vicki is seeing.

        • Sandy Official Reply on 18th Aug, 10 03:08am #

          Good point Adrian. I think current stable version of Firefox (for Mac) don’t have dom.ipc. Those settings are present in Firefox 4 (beta). If someone is running a beta version on Mac, those settings will appear. Thanks

  10. shmoopatties on 28th Jul, 10 12:07am #

    Thank you thank you thank you!! I was pricing new computers. Firefox completely screwed the pooch on this one. It’s getting too big anyway…I’m in the market for a new browser.

  11. cj on 28th Jul, 10 01:07am #

    Thanks!! This has been annoying me no end for weeks now!!!! Your fix worked immediately – thanks again!

  12. Packiya on 28th Jul, 10 12:07pm #

    Thanks… I need it.

  13. White_Spot™ on 28th Jul, 10 03:07pm #

    Thanks, this really solved the problem of firefox became slow and freezing.

  14. Revenue Robot on 29th Jul, 10 12:07am #

    ahhh the perfect solution to what I was looking for! thanks for the awesome yet simplistic post very detailed :)

  15. Vermin F. Cockwolf on 29th Jul, 10 01:07am #

    OMG, you are awesome. Well, the info. you shared is, and you are for sharing it! I concur. The moment I did this my entire system sped up!

    Thank you!!!

  16. oscar on 29th Jul, 10 07:07am #

    all i had to do was restart firefox after switching over the commands from true to false and plug-in container. exe no longer shows up on Windows task manager. AWESOME!~…Thanks

  17. Mephisto on 29th Jul, 10 10:07am #

    Thank you so much. This has driven me insane lately. I would have had no idea about fixing it this way.

  18. gwynster on 29th Jul, 10 02:07pm #

    oh thanks for you help, well this is a nice site keep up the good work. thanks alot my friend

  19. Mike on 29th Jul, 10 08:07pm #

    I just wanted to say thanks for sharing this info. Plugin-container was eating up, literally, 49%-50% of my cpu recources every day. The fan was making so much noise that I had to google “plugin-container” to find out what it is and how to disable it. Thanks so much!

  20. Neng on 29th Jul, 10 08:07pm #

    Nope. version 3.6.8 and still hangs.

    Switching over to IE until next upgrade!!

  21. LR on 30th Jul, 10 02:07pm #

    awesome! works perfectly…it doesn’t disrupt anything as well. just disables that stupid thing from overloading my PC.

    thanks for the help! super simple explanation without any worries of causing damage.

  22. Carol on 30th Jul, 10 07:07pm #

    Thanks! It was beginning to take up more memory than Firefox itself.

  23. Thomas on 31st Jul, 10 03:07am #

    July 30, 2010
    11:48 pm EDT

    Thank you for the post. That did the trick for me. I notice everything was running slower and when I checked task manager, plugin-container.exe was using A TON of memory…as well as 8 to 10 percent of the CPU capability. If I leave this setting (as you have recommended)on permanently, is there any downside?

    Best Regards,

    Thomas Weber

    • Sandy Official Reply on 31st Jul, 10 02:07pm #

      As per my knowledge there is now downside of setting the value to ‘false’. But if you want, you can revert back anytime.

      • Mark on 2nd Aug, 10 03:08pm #

        I am one of those power users the works with Fire Fox with about 60 tabs open. Prior to disabling the plugin container Fire Fox uses 430Megs Ram and The Plugin Container uses 300 Megs after disabling the 4 in this article Fire fox uses 700 Megs and the Plugin Container doesn’t load. So now Fire Fox uses about 300 Megs more Ram. Whats going on now and what is the benefit other than the tiny ram savings?

        • Sandy Official Reply on 2nd Aug, 10 04:08pm #

          Yes, this is about saving RAM. People face the plugin-container problem when they are on a low RAM machine. This fix is for those who wants to stop the plugin-container.exe process. This new process was meant for saving users from browser crashes due to certain plugins. When this process is not running, the respective plugins will run normally within firefox.exe process. So, a bit higher memory use is obvious. I think stopping plugin container is not necessary for you. In the mean time, you can try a fix to lower the memory usage whenever firefox is minimized.

  24. Romas on 1st Aug, 10 08:08pm #

    Grate job.

    • Bennie on 22nd Jul, 12 06:07pm #

      Grate comment.

  25. Alain on 2nd Aug, 10 10:08am #

    Thanks guys for this post, really very helpful

  26. Mark on 2nd Aug, 10 01:08pm #

    I am one of those that power users the works with Fire Fox with about 60 tabs open. Prior to disabling the plugin container Fire Fox uses 430Megs Ram and The Plugin Container uses 300 Megs after disabling the 4 in this article Fire fox uses 700 Megs and the Plugin Container doesn’t load. So now Fire Fox uses about 300 Megs more Ram. Whats going on now and what is the benefit other than the tiny ram savings?

  27. John on 3rd Aug, 10 01:08pm #

    Is that the same as ending the process in the task manager? Are there any security risks by disabling plugin-container.exe? Thanks

    • Sandy Official Reply on 4th Aug, 10 04:08am #

      No security risks involved here. You can safely disable plugin-container.exe.

  28. monty88haynes on 4th Aug, 10 06:08pm #

    WOW!!! it’s been so frustrating and now i feel like i have a new computer. sites are loading so fast!!!!!! thanks a lot.

  29. weaponx1 on 4th Aug, 10 10:08pm #

    this was a great help thanks for info

  30. Tony O Rondo on 4th Aug, 10 11:08pm #

    WOW! THANK YOU! This seriously helps it alot…it was running sooooo slow before I followed these steps. I love geeks :D

  31. Joanna on 5th Aug, 10 07:08pm #

    Immediate difference in speed… Thanks!!

  32. Zoe on 5th Aug, 10 09:08pm #

    This fix definitely works! The freezing and unfreezing problem was driving me up the wall, and the jerky video playback was making it nearly unusable. It was sad that I had to switch to IE to watch a video played back smoothly. After changing those settings, I no longer experience those problems, thank goodness! I am linking to this article from my blog, so more people will know about this!

    • Sandy Official Reply on 6th Aug, 10 04:08am #

      Thanks for your comment. I am glad that you found this fix useful. Also thanks for the blog link.

    • Dustin on 22nd Jan, 11 03:01pm #

      so many people approve of this fix so i’m going to try it. Been having the same problem and I am positive I have more than enough ram.

  33. mike on 5th Aug, 10 11:08pm #

    Thanks! Very clear instructions. I noticed a huge difference in the way firefox has been performing since updating, it was crashing alot and was sooooo slow. The process slowed my netbook down aswell. I’m sure many people, who dont know about this plugin-container.exe, will stop using firefox.

    • Sandy Official Reply on 6th Aug, 10 04:08am #

      Yes, many users gonna dump Firefox just because of this. People at Mozilla must do something if they don’t want to lose some browser market share.

      • Bennie on 22nd Jul, 12 06:07pm #

        Believe me, they don’t care enough to do something. They could have just as easily made their browser without this monstrosity. Alas, they didn’t.

        Thanks for the tip, and please pay more attention to articles in English (the, a, etc.).

        Benoit Isle de France Coppola

  34. Joana (from Implante Dentario) on 9th Aug, 10 04:08pm #

    I have to thank you for this fix.

    I’ve been fighting with Firefox for the last couple of weeks and was getting really frustrated with the fact that it was slowing down everyday.


  35. FG on 11th Aug, 10 02:08pm #

    thank you for this tip!
    i have been constantly bugged by this process and does not know how to stop thi.
    i initially thought of deleting it but wanted to check first if this is safe.
    and i found your site. very helpful indeed!

  36. william on 12th Aug, 10 12:08am #

    thank you,
    this shit has really fucked with my porn veiwing like a motherfucker.

    a few times i had to resort to hot chicks on tv.

  37. Terrie on 12th Aug, 10 02:08pm #

    I followed the simple instructions and it seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks for posting such helpful info on line. I don’t know anything about Firefox so this is very useful.

  38. James on 13th Aug, 10 01:08am #

    YES!!! Amazing! firefox is good again! and this makes me excite…bike….64

  39. Jason on 13th Aug, 10 10:08am #

    That’s some way out there information. Thank you for the guidance. That was more profitable then these make
    money online scams.

  40. Seedeevee on 13th Aug, 10 06:08pm #

    Thanks, Sandy!

    Immediate improvement. I do have an older/low ram machine as a backup and it was running hair-pullingly slow/freezing. Now it seems back to “normal”.

  41. BOB on 14th Aug, 10 04:08pm #

    wow !! My comp fan is quiet again. That plug-in was a real memory Hog. Works great. Thank you

  42. peter on 15th Aug, 10 06:08am #

    Thanks very much for the info, just tried it and even accessing and signing out of Gmail is now so much faster…I’d say Firefox is slowing going down the pan with this sort of crap and they need some serious competition. Book Marked you site..Thanks Again

  43. colin on 15th Aug, 10 11:08am #

    thanks have my old computer back to normal.this has been driving me nuts

  44. Cypherdude on 16th Aug, 10 09:08am #

    thanks for the tip. I have an old WinXP-SP3 system but it works fine, no problems. I recently upgraded from FF 3.5.2 to 3.6.8 and noticed the plugin-container.exe process. I also noticed how much slower my system was when playing any Flash content. Removing the process using your steps sped up my system again.

    • Cypherdude on 17th Aug, 10 05:08am #

      be aware, after I did your tweak above and I went to the UK BBC site which has videos, after I played 2 videos the entire FF 3.6.8 app crashed. When FF crashes, it deletes the profile\cache files, about 55 MB’s. I also have a slower connection so I depend on the FF cache. However, it is always rebuilt after a couple hours of surfing so it’s no biggie.

      I still prefer using the above tweak because it speeds up all flash content. Before using your tweak, in FF 3.6.8 my older system was dropping frames while playing any Flash content. Now Flash content plays as it did in FF 3.5.x (my system is just fast enough).

      It’s obvious the newest FF builds are meant for CPU’s built after 2004. I guess that means users with older systems have the choice of using your tweak, installing Opera, or buying a newer system.

  45. neko on 16th Aug, 10 06:08pm #

    thanks you !

    this prooves to me they never were conciencious about old machine and use a simple poke at the hardware before allowing these on the machines.

    cheers ! your better than that new team of programmer they have over at mozilla , looking at how obvious this issue is and how they let it undone.

    id hire you anyday knowing you are from the ones that would build a better future

  46. nord on 17th Aug, 10 12:08am #

    Thank you very much. Old Pentium, 768 ram and turning off plugin container made all the difference. FF 3.6.8 was running like a slug, but now much faster.

  47. Dallas on 17th Aug, 10 08:08pm #

    Just made the changes I’ll update the results in a day or so. Thank you

  48. Ian on 19th Aug, 10 02:08am #

    Thanks a giant bunch…..surfing emergency averted.

  49. mobile brazzers on 19th Aug, 10 03:08am #

    Thank You Thank You.

    I had no idea what was causing my PC to run so slow.. then I saw “plugin-container.exe” hanging up in my task manager, googled it- and found your page.

    I shut that off and now its back to normal. Man, they gotta address that issue!

  50. Pauline on 19th Aug, 10 03:08am #

    Thank you so much for this fix! My internet browsing has been horrible for the longest time and I could not figure out why. Then, I looked at the window task manager and saw that file and saw that it was using so much memory. Now, firefox is finally working good again.

  51. deeannek on 20th Aug, 10 03:08pm #

    Thank You so much1 My computer was freezing up so much I thought I had a virus or that this old compaq was , well just too old and I was going to have to buy a new computer that I really can’t afford right now. I can’t believe the difference and how easy of a fix this is!
    Thanks again for your help!

    • Sandy Official Reply on 20th Aug, 10 04:08pm #

      No need to buy a computer just because of a problem like this one. First check for virus, malware etc. Clean your computer and try a different version of the problematic software. You know you can use old version of Firefox anytime. Anyway, I am glad that this simple tip helped you. Enjoy browsing with Firefox.

  52. Cho on 20th Aug, 10 07:08pm #

    I almost killed myself until this fixed my slow computer, thanks a bunch !!

  53. Sumi on 24th Aug, 10 11:08am #

    Oh thanks for this guide. I thought it was a virus. Repeatedly scanned my PC but unable to remove it. After a Google search I found this post. Followed the instructions and the process gone! Good job.

  54. TidyMom on 24th Aug, 10 01:08pm #

    THANKS a MILLION!!!!!!! I was about ready to throw my computer out the window!!
    tweeted and stumbled this as well!

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    that was very helpfull

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    Just tried the recommended solution and my computer is now working great! Thanks for the help!

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    Thanks -It was a great help

  58. Ermek on 28th Aug, 10 06:08pm #

    Just followed the instruction. plugin-container.exe process still loads when I start FireFox 3.6.8. I checked and double checked that I do the right thing and yes, all seems to be correct. I have done this process three times. But plugin-container.exe process is still loading. My computer did not get really slower than it was before but still little less responsive. Is there other solution?

    • Jay on 5th Feb, 11 01:02am #

      I’m with Ermek… I’m using a MacBook Pro and whenever I play a game on Facebook with Firefox, the plugin-container.exe goes above 100% (not sure how that’s mathematically possible…) I also tried Safari and Google Chrome, and all of them go nuts as soon as I go to a game… What the crap is going on!?

  59. sunnyboy on 28th Aug, 10 11:08pm #

    Thanks a lot for the step by step walkthru. Screenshot – a picture is worth a 1000 words…

  60. AliG on 29th Aug, 10 12:08am #

    Thanks a bunch! I thought I was going insane.

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    before i see your post, my computer is so slow. I Test so many anti-virus and malware detection, but i confused and don’t know how to fix it. Thanks Adrian, for sharing it

  62. Isabella on 30th Aug, 10 12:08am #

    Hi, Im using the 4.0 Beta 4 version of Firefox, does this disable process work the same for this version? thanks!

  63. Alpha on 30th Aug, 10 04:08pm #

    THANKS!!!! Whomever in Mozilla came up with this asinine idea is totally stupid at best!!!

  64. JinOH on 30th Aug, 10 09:08pm #

    THANK YOU! I saw that in the task manager but had no idea what it was until today. Immediate improvement! I was wondering why my ‘puter was so slow in the past month.

  65. Ramon on 31st Aug, 10 01:08pm #

    I’m worried about instructions that say “first” and “last” preferences since Firefox may change the order of the preferences in future versions and you may be changing the wrong settings in the future. Better to be explicit and specify the *names* of the preferences that should be changed. Just a suggestion.

    • Sandy Official Reply on 31st Aug, 10 02:08pm #

      Thanks for the useful suggestion. Actually I was talking about the first and last ones on the screenshot. Post updated.

  66. Charlie on 31st Aug, 10 09:08pm #

    THANK YOU Sandy! Your post was short, sweet, and helpful!

    How do you understand how all this techie things work together? It’s like random jibber jabber codes… and one code can affect something 100 times down the reaction line. It’s pure mind boggling to me:|

    Hope your expertise is paying you well!

  67. madelaine on 1st Sep, 10 06:09am #

    Thank you so much for the help!
    My comp. has been so slow lately and the “unresponsive script” error has been showing up all the time.
    Whoever were the one deciding that THIS was a good idea to have in the latest upgrade of Firefox.

  68. trlkly on 1st Sep, 10 09:09am #

    There really is a reason this is done–to keep Flash from crashing the browser.

    If you do not have a lot of memory on your computer, you should be decreasing the RAM page file before you bother trying this. It’s the biggest memory hog.

    Reducing memory while minimized is only useful if you keep Firefox open a lot while using other applications. And, even then, it’s going to make Firefox take longer after minimizing. The reduction in memory in Task Manager is only cosmetic.

    Finally, if your computer is really slow, try pigfoot’s optimized version of Firefox. I’ve run a ton of videos already, and I’m at 85MB and 85MB (VM 182MB and 81MB.)

  69. Wendy on 1st Sep, 10 06:09pm #

    Totally works…thanks!

  70. Rachel on 1st Sep, 10 08:09pm #

    Wow, I am impressed. My firefox is running smoothly again at less than 1% CPU utilization without freezing, and videos in silverlight no longer stutter! Thank you, this really helped.

  71. Kaja on 3rd Sep, 10 03:09pm #

    It works. Thank you so much.

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    I am glad too, and wanna thanks you very much for
    this tip!

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    I did it but now I can’t see any flash video (youtube, etc) :((((

  75. Ces on 5th Sep, 10 09:09am #

    You are simply GREAT. I have had this problem for a long time, and due to my IGNORANCE in computers and their working, I had no idea what to do. I thank you so much for supplying this simple remedy! So simple that the COMPUTER MORON that I am, was able to fix it by himself. Once again, my sincere thanks.

  76. Firefoxfan-NOT on 5th Sep, 10 12:09pm #

    I fixed all myh firefox problems by switching back to IE.

  77. Michael on 6th Sep, 10 02:09am #

    A THOUSAND THANK-YOUs. For the first time in years I was close to giving up on Firefox. You would think since their update caused the problem, they would send out a fix – or just an update to remove plugin-container!

    Thanks for the fix!

  78. ereter on 7th Sep, 10 03:09pm #


  79. Sam on 8th Sep, 10 10:09am #

    Impressive. I feel free again in 3.6.8 .. Tks..

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    Thank you so much! I was ready to dump Fire Fox before I came across your solution. Thanks again.

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  83. Larry on 15th Sep, 10 11:09pm #

    Thank you for this. I have had this porblem for a couple of months with plugin-container using lots of RAM, FF slow or totally freezing. Figured out to kill container in Task Manager. Thought it was a Flash problem since it said “flash plugin-container.exe” but now I know it is a FF issue. Using 3.6.9 and all is well now.

  84. A.K on 16th Sep, 10 03:09am #

    Thanks! It works really well on my laptop…Good post^^

  85. Milt on 16th Sep, 10 07:09pm #

    The Adobe Flash problem hit my ver 3.6.9 Firefox installation when it updated to ver a couple of days ago. Older computer running 2G RAM. Have spent hours trying to find solution to problem and your suggestion seems to work perfectly. MANY THANKS!

  86. George on 17th Sep, 10 03:09pm #

    It worked immediately! I can’t thank you enough for the help. I was getting so fed up with the slug-syndrome I was ready to save all my bookmarks and find another browser. You saved me a ton of trouble and time. You’re a gem!

  87. Get Green on 19th Sep, 10 07:09pm #

    Thank you! This was really eating up so much of my RAM and slowing up my PC until I had enough and looked it up and found your page. Simple easy directions. Works instantly. Thanks again.

  88. Mark on 20th Sep, 10 09:09am #

    Thanks, your site solved this problem on both my laptop and my flatmate’s older PC.

  89. James on 20th Sep, 10 04:09pm #

    Many thanks and may all the goddesses bless Sandy!

  90. Mark in Illinois on 21st Sep, 10 07:09pm #

    Wow. Too easy. Thanks very much for this.
    Mozilla clearly has problem with this function.

  91. joe on 22nd Sep, 10 03:09am #

    Holy cow! unbelievable, It solves my firefox 3.6.10 freezing. thanks a lot. Everything is working now properly.

  92. Vicki on 22nd Sep, 10 04:09am #

    Ty so much this was using80-90% of my memory. SO much better now and not a hard fix

  93. Robin on 22nd Sep, 10 12:09pm #

    Dear Sandy:

    Thank you so much! I could not figure out what was wrong with my computer. I ran virus scans, defragged, checked for spyware and malware — you name it.

    Then I noticed that plugin-container.exe was slurping up huge amounts of memory. Google directed me to this helpful thread.

    Sandy, I did what you suggested, but Firefox still seemed to be running slowly and hogging memory, so I finally uninstalled it and will be using IE8.

    Everything on my computer suddenly went back to normal when I did that.

    I may try that optimized Firefox that you supplied a link to if I get tired of IE8.

    But thank you again! I could not figure out what was wrong with my computer!

  94. Robin on 22nd Sep, 10 12:09pm #

    Dear Sandy:

    Thank you! I could not figure out what was wrong with my computer and then I spotted the amount of memory being slurped by the plugin program.

    I tried the fix you suggested for Firefox, but couldn’t make it work — Firefox still slowed my computer down. So I have gone back to IE8.

    I may try the optimized version of Firefox that you recommend. Thank you again!

    • Sandy Official Reply on 22nd Sep, 10 02:09pm #

      Did you successfully disabled the plugin-container.exe process? Check it from the task manager. For your own safety, never download software from sources other than the official site.

  95. Phil in Georgia on 24th Sep, 10 02:09am #

    I was having the same problem with slow browsing and typing in Firefox, and in other apps if Firefox was running, especially after Firefox had been running for one to two hours. Firefox would spike at 100% every ten seconds or so causing pauses. I found my solution was to disable the Google Toolbar. The spikes in resources stopped as well as the pauses and slowdowns. Now neither Firefox nor any other app hesitates like they used to. I do miss the Google Toolbar, though.

  96. marg on 27th Sep, 10 02:09am #

    I did this and it worked great for awhile but that plug in container exe has encountered a problem and needs to close is popping up again. My computer has slowed and freezing again.When I went back in to see if I needed to stop it again it was still all 4 false. Anyone know what may be the problem? Thanks

  97. MIKE on 28th Sep, 10 01:09am #

    Thanks a lot
    Now Flask Work !!

  98. Mahmoud on 28th Sep, 10 02:09am #

    thanks very much for this fix

  99. ESIE on 29th Sep, 10 07:09am #

    thanks so much!

  100. firesnake on 30th Sep, 10 05:09pm #

    Thank you so much!! This has helped tremendously! You saved my sanity at work, and that is something everyone can enjoy!

  101. sigmund on 30th Sep, 10 09:09pm #

    Holy cow, thanks so much for this. I couldn’t figure out why things were running so slow lately. This has actually made firefox crash daily on my computer. So glad to have fixed that.

  102. RogerDodger on 1st Oct, 10 07:10am #

    Thank you for the wonderful solution, and the very clear instructions. I sure was curious about why my browser had slowed so much recently! That was very generous of you to share the fix. Thanks again.

  103. anno on 1st Oct, 10 02:10pm #

    Thanks for the help worked on Firefox 3.6.10 great

  104. NPAGIA on 5th Oct, 10 08:10am #


  105. Gerardo on 5th Oct, 10 03:10pm #

    Gracias amigo!!!

  106. joe on 9th Oct, 10 09:10am #

    Sandy, as a Firefox user, I would like to thank you for posting this little info. I can’t believe this little bastard was the cause of all my problems. I was one step away from switching to Chrome.

    Thanks a lot

    • Sandy Official Reply on 10th Oct, 10 07:10am #

      No need to leave Firefox. We all love it. Isn’t it?

  107. Anup on 12th Oct, 10 10:10am #

    This is anup from india. Thanks for this tips. It was really a great help and now my pc is working fast again. Thanks a lot.

  108. pittsburgh on 13th Oct, 10 08:10am #

    Thanks so much for this, its been heating up my computer and slowing it
    very helpful!!!

  109. Matt on 18th Oct, 10 03:10am #

    Thank you so much! This was bugging me forever!!!

  110. Google's Best Friend on 20th Oct, 10 03:10am #

    Thank you

  111. Anti Explorer on 23rd Oct, 10 10:10pm #

    Nice work, it was eating my memory like hell. thx

  112. safe mode on 25th Oct, 10 05:10am #

    Firefox wont open in its safe mode…

  113. Mark Wilson on 25th Oct, 10 08:10pm #

    Many thanks to all. What a difference this makes. Will wait and see if this was also effecting my virus scan which had slowed to a crawl. Normal 2 hour complete scan was taking 10-12 hours.

  114. Vermilion on 27th Oct, 10 01:10am #

    (in my Tony the Tiger voice) IT’S GREAT!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  115. Jax on 29th Oct, 10 11:10pm #

    Excellent. Thanks for your help. Was starting to get really fed up with everything freezing up all the time :-))

  116. Wayne Gerber on 30th Oct, 10 04:10am #

    Awesome! I can watch videos again! Thanks a lot…

  117. Mitch on 31st Oct, 10 08:10pm #

    Thanks for this post. I kept wondering why it kept coming up for ZoneAlarm and of course I’ve been having lots of freeze ups. For me, it’s a test, but if it goes even 3 days without freezing up, I’m proclaiming you a genius! :-)

  118. Mindy Courtwright on 1st Nov, 10 03:11am #

    I was about to go crazy….hope this really works and doesn’t mess anything up. THANK YOU!

  119. lisa on 6th Nov, 10 10:11am #

    It didnt work for me. It still freezes alot.

  120. Traci on 11th Nov, 10 01:11am #

    Thank you so much for this!
    Super easy to follow and now I can stop using chrome! Yay
    Chome is great but I LUV all my FF extensions.
    You rock

  121. Deeply Frustrated on 17th Nov, 10 10:11am #

    I followed your directions with different variations,…

    1) with all the 5 preference lines on false, then…
    2) with the first preference line on true and the remaining on false, then…
    3) with the first and last preference lines on true, with the middle three on false.

    My computer still crashes. Can anyone help me?

  122. t on 22nd Nov, 10 04:11am #

    Thanks a Million! Now to check my Linux Mint laptop to see if there is such a program running there too……

  123. alex on 25th Nov, 10 02:11am #

    Works for me. Thanks a lot.

  124. rui on 7th Dec, 10 05:12am #

    Thanks a lot for the clear and working instructions to get rid of this stupid thing.

  125. Honey on 7th Dec, 10 03:12pm #

    Thank you!! The quiet is deafening! Speed is neck snapping!

    • yay! on 8th Dec, 10 05:12pm #

      @ honey LOL You described it so well!

      Totally agree. This is AWESOME!

      Thanx technogadge :)

  126. BobK on 9th Dec, 10 03:12pm #

    Amazing!!! I’ve put up with the slow speed browsing for months. Four quick double-clicks and I’m back up to full speed.

    Thanks for the fix.

  127. silver darling on 16th Dec, 10 05:12pm #

    great ! thankyou

  128. markas on 31st Dec, 10 04:12pm #

    Wow thanks: tried it & it works, so much so firefox is not chewing as much of my systems resources, I have also noticed my tempatures are not going through the roof as much as they used to, or the cooling fan cutting in and out as much. which is handy because I spend a lot of time on internet & my operating system is vista home premiun 32 bit running on 1gb of ram. So thanks again!

  129. randall on 8th Jan, 11 04:01pm #

    thank you so much i just got a laptop and i know there was no reason for it to drag like this and i did what you said much faster thank you from the bottom of my heart

  130. bry68 on 11th Jan, 11 03:01pm #

    thanx for the info it works fine

  131. Ravi on 13th Jan, 11 05:01am #

    Thank you so much for the infor….it really helps…i was suffering for a long time with this problem


  132. Ron on 20th Jan, 11 03:01pm #

    Thank you

  133. kden on 24th Jan, 11 03:01pm #

    I did the fix yesterday and thought all was well but firefox crashed again this morning. Frustrated? Pissed? Fed Up? Yes to all.

  134. aaa on 8th Feb, 11 09:02pm #

    Just use Quick Java extension and disable it with an icon on the side,fast and you can choose it in second!

  135. Rudra on 11th Feb, 11 12:02pm #

    thanks man. it helped me a lot.

  136. cheebase on 26th Feb, 11 07:02pm #

    Did anybody tweaked version 3.6.13?
    Just doing my homework… :-)

  137. james on 6th Mar, 11 07:03am #

    you are a genius man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  138. Paul on 7th Mar, 11 06:03am #

    @icy112, THANK YOU so much for this fix!

  139. Cam on 14th Mar, 11 11:03am #

    Thanks so much! this literally ruined the little ability i had to watch videos online. THIS RUINED MY COMPUTER THANK YOU SO MUCH

  140. Ziva on 20th Mar, 11 04:03pm #

    Did what you said, but the plugin is still running, eating up cca 80.000 mem usage. Do you happen to have any other tricks up your sleeve?

    • Sandy Official Reply on 21st Mar, 11 04:03am #

      Sorry, but this is what I did to my Firefox installation. It is working nicely. Please try it once again.

  141. Wes on 22nd Mar, 11 06:03pm #

    I wasn’t having any problems with FF3.6.6 then I upgraded to FF3.6.15 and flash wouldn’t load {Face Book Mobsters} couldn’t find a fix so I installed Chrome {hated it} then I found this fix and instantly went back to normal loading speeds on mobsters. great fix thank you {Chrome went right into the recycle bin ;-)

    • eve bloom on 24th Mar, 11 05:03pm #

      Thanks you so much!!! I have spent 2 days looking for the solution, and you gave it to me.
      Much appreciated!!!

      • Wes on 2nd Apr, 11 07:04pm #

        You’re welcome I went through the same searching for days until I figured it out it was the update that started the flash issues

  142. Dave Schultz on 23rd Mar, 11 09:03am #

    I tried this, but when I type about.config, the only one of the things I’m supposed to change that shows up is:


    The others do not. So I can’t fix the problem at all. Help!

    • Dave Schultz on 23rd Mar, 11 09:03am #

      Oops. about:config

    • Sandy Official Reply on 23rd Mar, 11 05:03pm #

      Hi Dave Schultz,
      You are using FF4. Users of FF4 are required to set the rest of the four boolean preferences manually. So, add the following manually and set their values to false:


      Hope this helps. Thanks.

      • LuLu Comer on 23rd Mar, 11 08:03pm #

        I’m using FF4 also. Could you go step by step on how to manually add the boolean preferences? Also could you show a screen shot of what it should look like? Right now on my Task Manager it shows 16, yes, 16 plugin-container.exe showing with anywhere from 24K to 37,000K on my Mem Usage and FF itself is using a whopping 114,160K of Mem Usage ! Is this an extremely high amount? Do you think my case may be caused by a virus, spyware, or malware problem?

        Thanks in advance for any help you send my way !


        • Sandy Official Reply on 24th Mar, 11 07:03am #

          Just published a new article on how to stop Plugin-Container in Firefox 4. Find it here:
          Plugin-Container in Firefox 4

          Hope this will help you and all users who are having problems with plugin-container in Firefox 4.

  143. Dean on 24th Mar, 11 06:03pm #

    Thanks guys for such a time as this. LIfe saver.

  144. John S. on 30th Mar, 11 10:03pm #

    Ur instructions stopped pesky & slow-making container-plugin stuff under Firefox 4.

    Thank you very much!!!

    John, Alberta, Canada

  145. jon on 12th Apr, 11 11:04pm #


    • Sandy Official Reply on 13th Apr, 11 07:04am #

      Can you explain? Or your name is bullshit? If yes, no need to explain.

      • Chemo on 19th Jan, 12 05:01am #

        It IS indeed bullshit
        by disabling such thing you won’t be able to run most flash applications (bye bye youtube)
        The best thing to do is add a new bolean with “plugins.unloadASAP” and set it to ‘True’

        • Sandy Official Reply on 20th Jan, 12 04:01am #

          Did you tried it? If not, please don’t say BS. I am running the same settings since last one year. I regularly work with flash applications and do various things such as watch YouTube videos, post videos, use flash chat and more. I never found any problem by disabling it.

          I’m not forcing anyone to go for it. Moreover, it can be easily reverted back. Try it or skip it. Your choice.

  146. limerent on 17th Apr, 11 04:04am #

    I’m not a techie, but even I noticed that it was plugin-container.exe that was slowing down my Dell system from 2003, lol. It’s unbelieveable how much time I wasted all these months with my PC’s sluggishness (since the problem surfaced around July 2010, I guess). THANK YOU for sharing your fix. Life is good.

  147. Kevin on 3rd May, 11 10:05pm #

    Huge thanks for this fix. The plugin-container was using 50% of CPU. Trying to move around Google maps was unbearable.Now all is well again.

  148. Eszter on 7th May, 11 11:05am #

    Amazing, thx a lot!!!

  149. Mariana on 9th May, 11 10:05pm #

    Thank you so much for this fix!
    It was driving me insane.

    I’m not a techie at all (actually I’m really “dumb” as far as technical part is concerned, lol)..but your explanation and screenshot were pretty straightforward…so, again, thank you very much. :)

  150. Barney on 19th May, 11 10:05pm #

    Thanks Sandy – Firefox 4 fix worked perfectly, laptop no longer freezing – you’ve made someone you’ll never meet on the other side of the world very happy.

  151. Igor on 4th Jun, 11 01:06pm #

    Hy, thank you but when i type dom.ipc i only get 4 lines: one true, one false and two with number 45. What should i do???

  152. Chris on 8th Jun, 11 08:06pm #

    Hmm entered about:config and did the whole dom.ipc thing. but I only have 4 options come up!


    why is this?


  153. akron45 on 1st Jul, 11 11:07pm #

    Just want to say Thanks so much! This plug-in was using full processor power on my laptop just playing one 10 min. flash video then crash. After applying this solution, videos plays normally–no cpu or ram issues. Sandy FTW!!

  154. Keith on 17th Jul, 11 12:07am #

    Yep…..and all I had to do as a follow up was restart the computer.


  155. Lynne on 18th Jul, 11 01:07pm #

    I typed in dom.ipc in the field but I didn’t get any of the ones that I’m supposed to change. I got the first and last one but the only other ones I had was one for Java and another timeout secs one. Where are the other ones? My memory usage is getting up past 500,000! Help!

  156. fuer on 2nd Aug, 11 03:08am #

    Khazarian Rothchilds have ruined firefox

  157. boehlahz on 19th Aug, 11 09:08am #

    i have v3.6.20 and used your guide and it worked. That was yesterday but today i can see firefox is almost constantly downloading in the background again at 120 kbps (DU Meter tells me). Any idea of what it can be. If i close FF down the DL stops and open FF the DL starts up again. This was never a problem in the previous release. Thanks

    • boehlahz on 19th Aug, 11 09:08am #

      I just checked the dom.ipc settings and they are all as you suggest so FF didn’t revert the settings i altered yesterday. The background DL is crazy now ranging between 110 to 500 kbps. This i driving me crazy :S

      • boehlahz on 22nd Aug, 11 12:08pm #

        Just to round things off:
        Well it’s been a few days now and I started using IE instead to avoid that constant DL in the background in firefox. The last 2 days now I have been using firefox again and the DL has finally stopped. I don’t know if firefox is DL’ing some sort of of massive list or whatever but thankfully it has stopped. I hope that was that. I was briefly considering upping to FF 6.0 but too many add ons won’t work in that version as of yet.

  158. anthony on 2nd Sep, 11 11:09pm #

    what about in firefox 6.0.1?

  159. Elizabeth N on 5th Sep, 11 12:09am #

    hallelujah! Thank you so much, you have just solved my problem of the last three hours.

  160. tim on 21st Sep, 11 10:09pm #

    I dont have the same thing listed under dom.ip in FF version 6…..any clue how to fix this issue? It is driving me crazy how I cannot watch videos without it freezing.

  161. BSC on 30th Sep, 11 11:09pm #

    How about in Firefox 7.0.1 running on a windows7 64bit? Thanks in Advance

  162. Mojo Hand on 24th Oct, 11 08:10pm #

    Wow, this is great. Had almost given up on FF 3.6.23 it bogged my entire machine down to a crawl. IE has refused to run on my Vista 64bit machine since I’ve had it. I was looking at Chrome.

    How can Mozilla put out crap like this? You think with the internet being what it is today someone would put out a browser that doesn’t suck.

    • K on 9th Jan, 12 03:01am #

      THANK YOU! I have Vista/64 and FF is slowly killing me. Chrome has the same damn problems, I find, but everyone talks it up. This is bullshit.

  163. mohit on 29th Oct, 11 07:10am #

    what about firefox 7.0.1

  164. bc1875fc on 30th Oct, 11 09:10am #

    any help for 7.0.1 guys?

  165. LanguedocFox on 17th Nov, 11 09:11am #

    I have Firefox 8.0 which automatically downloaded recently. When I tried this fix, I found the following four lines:

    The values for the middle two were numeric (both 45) I tried changing them to 99999 but it doesn’t make any difference. Is there a better fix? And as an alternative, should I use Windows Task Manager and simply “end process”?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Jim on 24th Nov, 11 05:11pm #

      The MIDDLE two?
      In FF8 the Last 2 should be 45.
      Try…….. False, False,45,45.

  166. BIG RICK on 10th Dec, 11 11:12pm #

    In the filter field I only had four lines come up and 2 of the 4 were for time amounts. On the other two one was already false and then I changed the other to false and so far so good. Thanks for the info.

  167. Bero on 30th Dec, 11 06:12pm #

    Thank you so much! You made my day!

  168. Gius on 19th Jan, 12 11:01pm #

    Thank you for being so generous with your skills and knowledge! Hugs!

  169. ralph on 27th Jan, 12 05:01pm #

    i get 6 listings,true ,false,0,45,45,1…srry if you answered this but i couldnt find the answer ,ty ralph

    • nikamota on 22nd Mar, 12 12:03am #

      Firefox downloaded it’s update a few days ago.I now have Firefox 11.0 but the frustrating freezing of Youtube videos was still doing my head in.This page didn’t really help because the “about:config” instructions are different.

      I played around with some of the time out settings to no avail I ended up leaving them as is(right click and select Reset if you change them)

      In the end i just toggled “dom.ipc.plugins.,java.enabled” to “True”.

      I closed Firefox and then restarted it,picked a Youtube video that was especially problematic,and it played normally at last.

      This worked for me after months of frustration trying to watch my favourite videos.

      Try it and good luck :)

  170. Scott on 17th Feb, 12 01:02pm #

    Thanks so much… much faster….FF was hanging up and I didn’t know why…..

  171. Adrienne on 21st Mar, 12 02:03am #

    If I disable the plug in container will I still be able to play my games on facebook that require adobe?

    • Sandy Official Reply on 21st Mar, 12 05:03am #

      Yes, you’ll be able to play games. I have plugin-container disabled and I never found any problem during playing games or watching YouTube videos.

      • Adrienne on 21st Mar, 12 01:03pm #

        Thank you!!

  172. Norbert on 22nd Mar, 12 10:03am #

    I am not an expert in this, not at all, think I got Firefox 11 (?) but I get 6 listings,true ,false,0,45,45,1…and I don´t know what to do with that…
    but thank You very much for giving advice

    • Sandy Official Reply on 23rd Mar, 12 04:03pm #

      Hi Norbert,
      On Firefox 11, it is easy. Simply double click on dom.ipc.plugins.enabled to set the value as False. Alternatively, right click on dom.ipc.plugins.enabled and select Toggle from the menu.

  173. Kuba on 10th Apr, 12 09:04pm #

    Hello Sandy!
    On my computer it doesnt help at all! I have as well 6 listings and when I change dom.ipc.plugins.enabled to FALSE then I get 50-70% of cpu usage on Firefox instead of as earlier on Plugin Container…and the firefox is still crashing. PLEASE HELP! It is driving me insane :)

    • Sandy Official Reply on 11th Apr, 12 07:04pm #

      Hi Kuba,
      Firefox CPU usage went up to 50-70% just after disabling plugin-container? Or you experienced the high CPU usage after some browsing? Setting the value FALSE simply prevents plugin-container process from running and all your browser plugins should work normally within FF. If one of your plugin has a problem (or needs update) you may experience slowness or high CPU usage. Continuous browsing for a longer period without closing or restarting your browser window may also show high CPU usage. So, I suggest that you check your plugins (go to add-ons and select plugins) first and update them (if needed). You may also disable unwanted plugins. Then try once again.

  174. Robert Glennie on 21st May, 12 09:05am #

    What is the story if you have FF9?

    I would be interested in getting rid of plugin-container.exe if someone could tell me which setting to change in FF9, which I otherwise find to be a pretty good browser.

    • Sandy Official Reply on 23rd May, 12 06:05am #

      I don’t have FF9. The preference dom.ipc.plugins.enabled already there? I think so. If that’s the case, simply toggle the value for that to False (double click on the value). Make sure that other 4 preferences (mentioned above) also have their value set as False. No test once again by browsing a few pages.

  175. Angela on 31st May, 12 09:05pm #

    I have firefox 12 I get 6 listings. How do i change the numbers to false? I need the plugin-container.exe GONE. Thank u

    dom.ipc.plugins.enabled true false
    dom.ipc.plugins.parentTimeoutSecs 0
    dom.ipc.plugins.processLaunchTimeoutSecs 45
    dom.ipc.plugins.timeoutSecs 45
    dom.ipc.processCount 1

    • Sandy Official Reply on 3rd Jun, 12 05:06am #

      You simply double click on the first listing (dom.ipc.plugins.enabled). Then the value will change to false. Leave others as it is.

  176. Crazed on 15th Jun, 12 04:06am #

    Plugin container.exe keeps crashing…..I have FF 13. PLEASE advise on how to fix this. Thank you.

    • Sandy Official Reply on 16th Jun, 12 05:06pm #

      Why not disable plugin-container? Follow the above instruction till the fourth point. Enter dom.ipc and 6 preferences will appear. Double click on the listing dom.ipc.plugins.enabled to change it’s value to false (default is true). Leave others as it is. Now restart your browser. Hope this shortcut instruction helps :)

  177. Daniel on 18th Aug, 12 09:08am #

    Thanks! This helped out alot even the lastest version of firefox. :) No more freeze ups.

  178. HJR on 22nd Aug, 12 02:08am #

    Thanks for the fix, this helped a lot, Fire Fox was running very very slow.

  179. hb on 3rd Oct, 12 05:10pm #

    I am using FF 15.01 and the plugin continer keeps crashing. Could you please help fix this. Thank you

  180. SPG on 16th Oct, 12 07:10am #

    I am using FF 14.01 and how to stop plugin container. Could you please help fix this. Thank you

  181. Mike Compton on 21st Dec, 12 08:12pm #

    Strange. I have been suffering from endless script error problems… tried to update plug-ins to see if that would help, but just ended up with ‘plug in container’. Problems have persisted, and when i followed these instructions i found my values were already set to false.

    After a decade i’m finally going to have to bail on firefox. I hate how things become successful because they’re small and effective – then their success leads to people wanting to mess with what isn’t broken, and soon the previously small/effective thing is large and useless. Alas for Firefox. (i’m using 12.0 because the last time i risked an update is when everything began to go horribly wrong)

    Thanks for this taking the time to post this fix…. The fact that it didn’t work for me makes me no less grateful for the effort.

    • Sandy Official Reply on 22nd Dec, 12 04:12pm #

      I do agree with you (second paragraph). What we need is a browser, not a software suite stuffed with fancy things. Being a Firefox user since 2004, it is very hard for me to switch. That’s why I’m using a little modified version of FF 3.6.3. It is giving far better performance than any newer version (up to Firefox 20), at least for me.

      Are you sure dom.ipc.plugins.enabled was already set to false? Did you read the article & comments in following page?

      • Juan on 24th Apr, 13 01:04am #

        Also, I saw you mentioned that you use a older/modified version of firefox that gives better performance. Is it maybe possible for you to share a link or anything so i can test it out? All these new versions are just becoming more and more buggy :/

  182. Em on 29th Jan, 13 07:01am #

    My value was already on false even though I have problems..

  183. Juan on 24th Apr, 13 01:04am #

    Hi there. Ive recently been experiencing some system crashes and at first i though it was my GPU that is starting to die(similar crashes occurred with my previous GPU just before it died). Then a few days back i found (to my much excitement that i don’t have to buy a new GPU) that some processes are running in the background that slows my PC down. It causes my fps to drop drastically to around 2-4 fps and after a few seconds/min it causes my pc to crash, showing a blue screen saying “dumping physical memory”.

    Now how i came to the conclusion that it was firefox, is that i came across some kind of background version of firefox starting automatically and multiplying somehow. It shows multiple “firefox” apps running in the background while i don’t even have firefox open. After i selected them with much struggle since im running on 2-4 fps on that time and clicked “end process” and closed them all, my pc jumps back to its normal state and the crash does not occur. There are some other processes that runs in the background, but after i close the firefox apps, the others closes automatically.

    Now my question is, if i do this which is showed above, will it help me out at all? Also ive attached a screen of those “dom.ipc” files i had to edit, since i can not find them on my firefox filter.


  184. Juan on 24th Apr, 13 06:04am #

    Any reason why my question was deleted?….

    • Sandy Official Reply on 24th Apr, 13 02:04pm #

      Thanks for your comments. Because of spamming problem, comments are being moderated. Sorry for delay in approval. I guess you don’t get crashes when Firefox is not running. If that’s the case, I suggest you disable plugin-container. You need to set value of dom.ipc.plugins.enabled to False.

      You asked about my older version of Firefox. Yes, I’m still using that one (though I install new versions for testing). It is Firefox 3.6.3. Already running for more than one hour with 10+ open tabs. Memory usage is just 130MB and no plugin-container.exe. Why I’m not uploading the older version? There may be some security risks, if the user computer is not properly protected. Also no new features or functions. For example sync, developer tools etc. If you are interested, you can get that from official Mozilla website. Then you can disable unwanted features.

      Download link for all versions of Firefox

      • Juan on 24th Apr, 13 06:04pm #

        Thanks for the feedback.
        The crash with physical memory dump occurs regardless if firefox is open/was open. Only thing I know is that in my Task Manager it shows that multiple features of firefox is running, and if I end process them, my fps sets back to normal. As soon as it happens again I will upload a screen of it. Also I have a hunch that it may be some kind of worm or something…I am not certain about this though.

        • Sandy Official Reply on 24th Apr, 13 07:04pm #

          Hi Juan, I think it is not Firefox which is causing trouble. Anyway, first do a scan for malware and rootkits with MalwareBytes or other tools. If your computer is clean, run Firefox without any add-ons. I think multiple firefox problem will disappear. Memory dump error may occur due to several reasons – memory fault overheating etc. Did you tried to view the logs? I means even viewer in Administrative tools. The error number can tell you what’s actually causing trouble – software or hardware.

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