How to Search in Windows 8?

Sep 28, 2013

How to search files in Windows 8? The best way to quickly find an item in an Windows computer is to use the native search function. In Windows 8, the search option is available on charms bar. You can access the Search charms from any location, even while use other applications. Need some help in using Windows 8 search feature? Continue reading and learn how to search for installed apps, files and settings in Windows 8.

Steps to Search in Windows 8:

  1. Move your muse cursor to top or bottom right corner of the screen.
  2. Windows 8 Charms bar will appear. The first item in the charms bar is Search (magnifying glass icon). Click on that Search icon.
  3. Windows 8 Search

  4. The Search charm will start with a search field. Type the name of the item you want to find in the search field. Example: type network to view all network connection.
  5. Windows will automatically perform search and the number of found items will be displayed below the search box. The search results are displayed according to item type (Apps, Settings and Files).
  6. Windows 8 Search Results

  7. Select the correct type from the options below the search box. and view the results. In our example, we searched for network connections. So, select Settings tab to see all the relevant results. There you’ll see view network connections option.

Windows 8 search charm offers an easy way to search through all installed Apps, Windows Settings and files on your hard drive. Use it to quickly find photos, documents, apps, system settings or any other thing present in your computer.


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  1. Gaurav on 29th Sep, 13 11:09am #

    Windows 8 is crap. It is full of colors and fancy effects. But it’s interface is anti-productive. Probably it is best for new computer users only.

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