Disable One-click Search and get Old Search Bar in Firefox

Jun 16, 2015

This article is about how to disable the one-click search or how to restore the old search bar in Mozilla Firefox browser. Newer versions of Firefox uses a different type of search bar. Called as one-click search, this new search bar annoys many users. When you start to type something in the search field, a dropdown menu appears with a list of search engine icons or one-off buttons. This is distracting, specially for those who are familiar with older versions of this popular web browser. When you click one of those icons, Firefox automatically process your search query using that particular search engine. That’s why it is called One-click search. With this new feature, you can’t change the default Search engine with one click (which was possible in the traditional search bar). If you want to revert back to older version of search bar in Firefox, follow the steps mentioned in this page.

Firefox One-click Search

Steps to disable Firefox One-click Search:

  1. Open Firefox browser.
  2. In the location bar or address bar, type about:config. Press Enter key.
  3. Warning message will appear. Accept it by clicking the button (I’ll be careful, I promise).
  4. In the Search: field below the address bar, type browser.search.showOneOffButtons
  5. You’ll notice one preference named browser.search.showOneOffButtons. Double click on that preference to change it’s value from true to false (You can also right click on the name and select Toggle from the menu). For help, refer the following screenshot.
    Firefox One-off Buttons
  6. Restart Firefox. Enter a word in the search form. You’ll notice that the one-click search feature is gone.

So, what’s how we turn off one-click search bar in Firefox. Was it helpful? Was you able to get back the older version of search bar? Feel free to leave your feedback.

4 Responses to “Disable One-click Search and get Old Search Bar in Firefox”

  1. DiesLaughing on 30th Aug, 15 07:08pm #

    I’m so glad I found this. I use the Add to Search Bar addon like a short bookmark menu for all the websites I use frequently. I have DOZENS on there with two letter keywords so I can go to the page I need without even thinking about it. Obviously, I’m not using it for searches much. It’s much more efficient than the bookmarks menu, which I also use like a library. Recently I had to refresh my browser, twice. The first time I was able to copy over my addons without a problem, but the second time the one-click search menu was integrated with the Add to Search Bar addons, eliminating the features that allow managing the search engines; sorting, changing the keyword, etc. I didn’t mind the grid of icons, but the fact that the “Manage Search Engines” option was missing and Firefox wanted me to change my search engines form their Preferences web page (only option is delete) wasn’t acceptable. Thank you so much for putting this out there. I wouldn’t have known that showOneOffButtons was the thing to turn off. It fixed the problem and I can now use my most important add-on the way I have grown accustomed to using it.

  2. scar on 19th Dec, 15 06:12am #

    this doesn’t work anymore in firefox 43, any suggestions?

    • Sandy on 14th Jan, 16 08:01am #

      The rapid release cycle of Firefox is annoying. I no longer update Firefox. That’s how I save myself from unwanted bloatware and stability issues. My current version is FF 25 and I’m happy with it. I will try to update this with solution for new version.

    • Martha Allred on 24th Oct, 17 04:10pm #

      I need Yahoo Classic back PLEASE. I am 86 years old and I am used to that one.

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