Fully Uninstall Norton with Norton Removal Tool

Jun 13, 2013

This article is about Norton Removal Tool, which is an uninstaller for various Norton products including Norton Antivirus, Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security. Here you’ll find details on the Norton removal tool and step-by-step instructions on how to fully uninstall a Norton product by using that tool. If you wanted to fully remove or uninstall a Norton product, continue reading.

Norton Removal Tool

Norton is one of the popular security software brands in the world. Norton products can be uninstalled via the usual software removal process of the operating system. But sometimes, the standard process fails and some files or settings of the uninstalled product remains in the system. If you want to use a similar product from a different vendor, such traces of uninstalled software might create trouble. That’s why people use special uninstallers such as Norton removal tool. Officially released by Norton, the Norton Removal Tool is a free utility tool specially developed for uninstalling various Norton products. It is less 1MB in size and requires no installation.

The Norton Removal Tool is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating system. It can uninstall following applications: Norton Antivirus, Norton AntiSpam, Norton 360, Norton Ghost, Norton Internet Security, Norton Personal Firewall, Norton Password manager, Norton Confidential Online 2007, Norton SystemWorks, Norton Save and Restore, Norton GoBlack, Norton Safety Minder 1.0, Norton SafeWeb 2.0 and Norton Add-on pack.

Norton Removal Tool window

How to fully uninstall a Norton product?

Using Norton Removal Tools is the best way to fully uninstall or remove a Norton product from a computer. It is easy to use. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Download Norton Removal Tool from official website (look below for download link).
  2. Go to the location where your saved the Norton_Removal_Tool.exe file and run it (double click).
  3. Norton Removal Tool welcome screen will appear. Press Next button.
  4. Usage agreement message will appear. Select I agree the license agreement option and Press Next button.
  5. Then security check will appear. Correctly enter the CAPTCHA text in the blank field. Press Next.
  6. A message will warn you that once the removal process begins, it can’t be stopped. Press Next button.
  7. When the process ends, restart your computer.

Download Link:

Download Norton Removal Tool

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