How to Fix Failed to init aswData.dll?

Jun 13, 2013

Are you getting a “failed to init aswData.dll” message in your computer? If yes, don’t ignore it. Because, the “failed to init aswData.dll” error message is related to Avast! antivirus software. It usually appears right after starting the computer and Avast fails to load normally. As Avast! is a security software, you mustn’t ignore such messages. Anyway, the best solution for failed to init aswData.dll error is to repair Avast!

The Avast antivirus application comes with an in-built repair option. Using that option repairs all installed components and restores the default settings. So, repair often comes handy in fixing issues like fix failed to init aswData.dll. Not sure how to repair Avast? Continue reading and follow the steps mentioned below.

aswdata.dll error

How to fix Avast! failed to init aswData.dll error?

  1. Open Avast Installation Window. For that, use the respective option for your operating system:
    • Windows XP: Go to Control panel and open add/remove programs. Then Go to Avast and press change/remove button.
    • Windows 7: Press Start button, go to Control Panel, click Programs and open Programs and Features. Select Avast from the list and click Change or Repair.
    • Windows 8: Open Control Panel, go to Programs and choose Uninstall or Change a Program. Click on Avast and click the Repair button.
  2. Now Avast installation window will appear. Select Repair option. Press Next button. Installation will progress.
  3. When successfully completed, a happy emoticon will appear in green color. Press the Finish button and restart your computer.

Avast Repair Complete

If there was a problem in repairing, a sad emoticon will appear in red color ( in step 3 above). In that case, press the view setup log button to know more about the problem. Try once again. If repair fails, seek technical help or reinstall Avast. I suggest you fully uninstall Avast and then start the installation process.

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  1. siano on 21st Jan, 14 02:01pm #

    thank you soooo muuuch!!! problems resolved!!!
    all the best for the New Year !
    greetings from Italy
    Heidi Siano

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