How to find Acer SNID and Serial Number?

Mar 23, 2013

Need to find SNID of an Acer product? What is Acer SNID? Is SNID same as the serial number? Wondering where to find the SNID and serial number of your computer? The SNID in case of Acer, stands for Serial Number Identification Number. Acer SNID is not same as the serial number. The SNID is 11 digits long, while the serial number of an Acer product has 22 characters. An SNID represents the serial number of a particular product and it comes handy during support, specially in entering your product serial number into Acer’s automated call-routing system.

For your information, the serial number of an Acer products can have both numbers and letters. But to avoid confusion, letter O is not used by Acer. So, 0 (zero) may be present on a serial number but not O (letter O) .

How to find Acer SNID and Serial Number?

Typically the serial number of an Acer product is located on a white label (serial number label). The label can be found on the bottom or rear of the product. The SNID number is located just below the serial number on the same serial number label. The serial number of a computer can also be accessed from the BIOS. To open BIOS press F2 right after you power on your computer.

Acer Identity Card

If your computer is running Windows 7 operating system, there’s another way to find your product serial number and SNID. Windows 7 products of Acer comes with Identity Card, a small program which lists PC information such as model name and serial number. So, you can easily get a quick overview of your system just by using Acer Identity Card.

  1. Go to Start.
  2. Select All Programs.
  3. Open the Acer folder.
  4. Double click on Identity Card link.

The Identity Card application will display all required information such as Product name, serial number, SNID, part number etc.

Need another solution?

Not using Windows 7? Serial number label is also broken, rubbed off or not readable? What would you do in such a situation? Don’t worry! You can still find your serial number and SNID by installing a simple application on your computer. Download the Acer System Information tool from the link below and run it on your computer to get the SNID and serial number.

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