How to Enable VLC Media Player Interactive Zoom?

Apr 9, 2016

Learn how to enable VLC player Interactive Zoom mode. VLC media player comes with an interactive zoom feature, which comes handy when you want to zoom in specific areas of the video. And the best part is that once enabled, the whole playback can be enjoyed in zoomed mode. VLC player interactive zoom function also comes with multiple video transformation options such as rotate, flip, transpose and anti-transpose. By default interactive zoom is disabled and there is no button in the UI to enable or disable this function. Then, how could one use this interactive feature? You need to turn it on from the Video effects. Follow the steps mentioned below and learn how to start using VLC interactive zoom feature.

VLC Interactive Zoom Example

Steps to enable VLC media player Interactive Zoom:

  1. Start VLC media player and open the video your choice.
  2. Go to Tools menu in VLC player and select Effects and filters from the menu.
  3. VLC player Effects and Filters

  4. Adjustments and Effects dialogue box will appear. Go to Video Effects tab.
  5. Under Video Effects, there are tabs for different effects. Select the Geometry tab.
  6. In the Geometry effects, you’ll find Interactive Zoom. Check the checkbox to enable Interactive Zoom.
  7. VLC Enable Interactive Zoom

  8. Press the Close button and enjoy the zoom!

Once you are done with the zoomed viewing, don’t forget to switch back to normal mode or turn-off VLC player interactive zoom. To do that, follow the above mentioned steps from step 1 to step 4 and uncheck Interactive Zoom in step 5.

How to use Interactive Zoom:

After enabling vlc player interactive zoom, you’ll notice a small video preview on the top left corner of your current video. That will show you the original video, while the rest of the window will show the zoomed version of the video. Move your mouse inside that small video preview. You’ll notice a square that moves when the mouse cursor is moved. That square denotes the zoomed area. Below that video preview, you’ll notice a small curve like figure. That is for controlling zoom level. To increase zoom level, click towards top and to lower zoom level, click towards bottom.

With interactive zoom, you can also add some effects to your video. In the step 5 of the above mentioned guide, select the checkbox for Transform and choose any of the available options. You’ll find options to rotate, flip, transpose and anti-transpose the video. You can rotate the video by 90 degrees, 180 degrees or 270 degrees. The video can be flipped both horizontally and vertically.

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