How to Download a Complete Web Page in Firefox?

Apr 21, 2013

For various reasons, you may want to download a complete web page. For example: offline viewing, customized printing, learning HTML etc. How to download a web page for offline viewing? How to download the entire page with JavaScript/CSS files? Need some help? Read on to find instructions on how to download a complete web pages using Firefox browser. Also find a quicker way to save web pages.

Webpages are not simple text documents. A typical web page may comprise of HTML code, image, style sheets and  scripts like JavaScript. If you want to download a webpage with original layout and formatting intact, you need to save all those content. Otherwise it may appear broken when viewed offline. In hurry, we often forget this and end up saving just text of a webpage without any formatting or images.

Steps to download a full web page with images and original formatting:

  1. Start Firefox browser and open the webpage you want to download.
  2. When the page completely loads, go to the Menu Bar in Firefox, press File and select “Save As” from the menu. If you prefer shortcuts, press Ctrl+S on your keyboard.
  3. The Save As window will appear. Select the location where you want to save the web page. If you want to save a page with a custom name, type the new name in File name section.
  4. Most important step. In the Save as type option, select “Web Page, complete“.
  5. Press the Save button.

Firefox Web Page Download

That’s it. The web page will be now saved on the location you specified. As you selected “Web Page, complete”, whole web page including extra files such as images and scripts, will be downloaded. A new folder with the name save as the file name will be created in the download location. All images, style sheets and scripts will be saved on that folder. If you select Web Page, HTML only or Text Files in the step 4, only the web page text will be saved. When you open that page later, the formatting may appear broken (specially when you are offline).

A quick way to download webpages in Firefox:

  1. Open Firefox and go to Downloads window.
  2. Copy the URL of page you want to save and paste it into the Downloads window. You can use Ctrl+V shortcut keys to page.
  3. Instantly Firefox Save As window will appear. If you want, type a new file name and press the Save button.

But there’s a little problem in this method. Pasting an URL in the Firefox web browser downloads window will save a page as Firefox HTML document. It means only HTML document will be saved and you can’t choose to save the complete web page with images and other files.

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