How to Remove Pocket from Firefox?

Jun 16, 2015

Mozilla Firefox browser version 38.0.5 and up will have Pocket as a native application. Pocket is a third party service, which allows users to save favorite webpages for later reading. No doubt it is a handy save-for-later tool. But how many Firefox tips users will actually use it? Or is it essential for every user? For me, it is just another junk (because I don’t use it) and I disabled it right after upgrading my web browser. Want to remove Pocket from your Firefox browser? Simply follow the steps mentioned below.

Firefox Pocket

Steps to Disable Pocket for Firefox:

  1. Open Firefox browser.
  2. Type about:config in the address bar (location bar) and press Enter key.
  3. One warning message will appear. Click the ‘I’ll be Careful, I promise’ button.
  4. Firefox About Config Warning

  5. The Firefox config page will appear with lots of preferences and values. In the Search box under the about:config, type browser.pocket.enabled.
  6. Some results will appear below the search box. Find the preference named ‘browser.pocket.enabled‘, right click on it and select Toggle from the context menu. Alternatively double click on browser.pocket.enabled to set it’s value false.
  7. Firefox Disable Pocket

  8. Restart Firefox and check the toolbar area. Pocket icon should be gone by now.

That’s it. You have just removed or disabled Pocket for Firefox. But wait! Pocket disappeared just from the toolbar. It is still there in the Bookmark menu. To remove View Pocket list from the bookmarks, you need to use a userChrome.css file. For help, refer the following steps:

Steps to remove View Pocket List from Firefox:

  1. Open Firefox Profile folder. For that, type about:support in the location bar and press Enter key. Troubleshooting information page will appear. Under Application Basics, there is Profile Folder. Press Show Folder to open your Firefox folder.
  2. Go to the Chrome folder inside your profile folder. If it is not there, create a folder and name it Chrome.
  3. From Chrome folder, open userChrome.css file by using your favorite text editor. If there is no userChrome.css file, create a text file and rename it as userChrome.css. Then open it with your text editor.
  4. Add following codes to your userChrome.css file:
    #menu_pocket, #menu_pocketSeparator, #panelMenu_pocket, #BMB_pocket,
    #BMB_pocketSeparator { display:none !important; }
    #context-savelinktopocket, #context-pocket { display:none!important; }
  5. Save the userChrome.css file
  6. Restart Firefox browser to see the difference. View Pocket List disappeared from the bookmarks menu.


In Firefox user interface (UI), Pocket appears in the bookmark menu and toolbar area. Inclusion of Pocket save-for-later as an inbuilt service is nothing but wastage of precious UI space and another step toward turning Firefox into a bloatware. Firefox should continue supporting third party services such as Pocket, but not by including them as a native service. Add-ons are the best option for using or delivering third party services on Firefox.

22 Responses to “How to Remove Pocket from Firefox?”

  1. Michael Tunnell on 13th Jul, 15 05:07pm #

    Thanks for sharing this info but this is not removing, this is just disabling. It is better than nothing but the title of this article is inaccurate as the service is still in the browser.

    Also making a comment on your blog is annoying as I can not read what I am typing as you made the background and the text color the same color.

    Here is the css selector that is doing that.

    input[type=”text”]:focus, textarea:focus {
    background: #EEE none repeat scroll 0% 0%;
    color: #EEE;

  2. Ed Rohr on 28th Jul, 15 09:07pm #

    Please stop adding crap like “pocket list” to Firefox, unless the user specifically want to customize the product to add it on their own.
    Why did you put it at the top ? It is in the way.

  3. Wondering on 6th Oct, 15 01:10pm #

    You start wondering what possessed the idiots at firefox to include such a useless tool as part of the build. Sure, mozilla could develop an add-in for Pocket, but instead they burn it into the browser base product, just more crap bloatware that users now need to contend with or try to ignore. The more products they add to Firefox, the more security vulnerabilities they will have. Damn idiots.

    • kgb on 1st Feb, 18 05:02pm #

      Thank you for saying what everyone is thinking. They have the same situation on their hands now, as was the case with the Internet Explorer being bundled with Windows.

      Chrome is now monopolizing the Android market (many System Apps to disable on Android first run and the list is growing). However, they have all these “features” that draw the crowds – so, apparently, Firefox has to do the same…

      For now, even though it’s being compiled with the browser, the about:config remains powerful enough to eliminate most of the silliness. Keeping my fingers crossed that this won’t change and we’ll be able to continue using Firefox (now that even Opera is gone.)

  4. wilf on 15th Oct, 15 10:10pm #

    Firefox is becoming more like Microsoft with their ‘I like it so you WILL like it’ attitude.
    Thought the idea behind Firefox was add what YOU want to use and not the useless crap they want you to use.
    Now you have the this bloody pocket and need an addon to have your new tabs as you want.
    If they don’t fix it and stop adding on what THEY think we want it’s goodbye Firefox.

  5. Pissed firefox user on 17th Oct, 15 06:10am #

    Firefox is adding stupid things just fill their own pockets! Looks like they got some funding for including this bloatware in the mozilla firefox core.

    I am sticking with older version of Firefox. If you dont want to dump firefox, use an older version. Don’t worry no security issues with older versions. Browse safely and use a good firewall.

  6. ricardo on 6th Apr, 17 01:04pm #

    Funny this absurdly unwelcome piece of crap arrived just about the time Snowden released his insights.

  7. Zeke5522 on 25th Oct, 17 09:10pm #

    Now it’s “extensions.pocket.enable” — those cagey rascals at Mozilla !!! Trying to keep us from disabling their precious bloat.

  8. ShilohS on 20th Nov, 17 03:11pm #

    When I typed in about:config I was notified it wasn’t a good url

  9. timddeb on 9th Apr, 18 10:04pm #

    pocket is just one more reson to think that someone has paid a lot of money to take over firefox. FF is rapidly becomong shit. I just discovered pocket, which was not there before, despite having updates definitely turned off.
    As an engineer I don’t fix what ain’t broke and I am really skeptical about the so called security issues. FF is now the domain of spotty nerds who have nothing better to do rather than join real life where, surprise, a browser is a tool for a job, not the rasin d’etre de vie.

  10. JohnnyDoh on 30th Aug, 18 02:08pm #

    There is no browser.pocket.enabled setting

    • Anonymous on 26th Feb, 19 09:02am #

      This reply is a rather late but I hope it helps Firefox has changed some things and it is now called extensions.pocket.enabled

  11. John Blue on 30th Dec, 18 12:12pm #


  12. Pam on 22nd Feb, 19 08:02am #

    I too fail to see why Firefox is becoming a clone of google. If I wanted pocket I would add it myself. To be forced to have bloat ware on my new laptop is contrary to all Firefox used to stand for.

    Perhaps I should look for a better alternative.


  13. Sam wright on 1st May, 19 01:05am #

    Pocket is too complicated to get rid of.I’m just getting rid of Firefox and going back to chrome. I don’t want to, but I’m not a techie guy.

  14. Martin Corrick on 18th May, 19 07:05pm #

    I agree that Firefox ought to remove all Pocket links. Please do it, or you’ll lose a lot of your old mates who have followed you for years!

  15. Woodrow Lovett on 1st Dec, 19 04:12pm #

    good bye I can’t take pocket any longer.

  16. Woodrow Lovett on 1st Dec, 19 04:12pm #

    Good bye.

  17. John on 24th Dec, 19 10:12pm #

    Poket is absolute rubbish help to delete.

  18. jon evans on 5th Jul, 20 06:07am #

    really annoying pocket…..just another example of a big company tracking what you’re reading while supposedly making things better for you. presume all this data will be sold on……

    if i want something on my browser i’ll put it there i dont need you to do it for me……

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