How to Disable Chrome PDF Viewer?

Jun 17, 2013

This article is about how to disable the Portable Document Format (PDF) Viewer in Chrome. Google Chrome browser comes with a native or built-in PDF viewer. It comes handy when you want to open a PDF link and view the content right in the browser window. Though it is not as feature rich as Adobe Reader, the PDF viewer serves it’s purpose pretty well. It can open PDF files right in the web browser window. It has features / options like fit to page, fit to width, zoom in, zoom out, fill form fields, search text, print, and save PDF files. Want to disable Chrome PDF viewer? It is very simple. Follow the instructions on this page.

Disable Chrome PDF Viewer

Steps to disable PDF Viewer in Chrome:

  1. Open Google Chrome browser in your computer.
  2. In the address bar type chrome://plugins and press enter. The Chrome Plug-ins tab will open.
  3. Find Chrome PDF Viewer in the plug-ins list and press the Disable link below the name.
  4. Close the Plug-ins tab and enjoy browsing with Chrome.

Note: When you disable Chrome PDF Viewer plugin, Adobe Reader will be enabled (if available). If you don’t have Adobe Reader plugin or if you disable that one too, any PDF link that you open with Google Chrome will be automatically downloaded and saved in hard disk.

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  1. Margie on 9th Dec, 18 10:12pm #

    The link to the plug in doesn’t work and you’re not a secure website!!!

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