How to Customize Vivaldi Browser Start Page?

Apr 9, 2016

Vivaldi browser comes with a Start page, which appears on every new tab page. It is actually a new tab page with speed dial for easy access to your favorite sites. The Vivaldi startpage can be easily customized. You can change background color, remove or modify background image and even control the Speed dial behavior. Continue reading to learn how to customize your Vivaldi browser Start Page.

Customize Vivaldi Start Page

How to customize Vivaldi Start Page

  1. Open Vivaldi browser and go to Settings. To open Settings, go to Tools and select Settings. Alternatively use Vivaldi shortcut (Alt+P).
  2. The Vivaldi Settings dialog box will appear. Go to Start Page tab. There you will notice various customization options.
  3. In the Background color section, change the background color by selecting one of the available options or add your own color by selecting the Custom box.
  4. In the Background image section, check or uncheck Show background image option to show or hide background image.
  5. In the Background image section, choose a different background image or use your custom background image by selecting the Custom box.
  6. In the Speed Dial section, you can show/hide Speed dial titles. If needed, change the column number in Speed dial.
  7. Once you are satisfied with your customization, Close the Settings dialog box.

Using Vivaldi Start Page customization options:

In the Vivaldi browser Start Page settings, there are two main sections. The first one for customizing background color and background image of the Start page. You can change Speed Dial appearance from the second section. The following changes can be made from the Start Page settings page.

Change start page background color:

To change the background color, select one from the available options (Default, Blue and Pro). You can also add your own color. To do that, select Custom and press the Change button that appears below it. Color picker will appear. Pick a color of your choice and press OK.
Vivaldi Start Page Custom Color

Show/hide start page background image:

To show background image, check Show background image option. That’s the default option. To hide background image, simply uncheck that option.

Change start page background image:

In the Background image section, choose any of the available background images. To use your own image, select Custom box and click the Change button. A browse window will appear. Select the image file in your computer and press open. With the Background Image Options, you can set the image to fill the screen or repeat itself (for smaller images).
Vivaldi Star Page Background Options
Change Start Page interface color:
Under Interface Color section, choose from Light, Dark or Inherit form Window appearance option.

Showing/Hiding Speed Dial Titles:

You can disable or remove titles from your Speed Dial items. Go to ‘Show Speed Dial Titles’ option and choose any of the available options (Always, When Needed and Never).

Modify Speed Dial columns:

Go to the Maximum Columns option and set the max column number for your Speed dial. You can choose from 1 to 6.
Vivaldi Start Page Speed dial settings

Show/Hide Add Speed dial button:

Go to Speed dial layout option. To show or hide the add new bookmark button, check or uncheck the box before the option Show Add button.

2 Responses to “How to Customize Vivaldi Browser Start Page?”

  1. Jean on 1st Apr, 19 05:04pm #

    I would like to know if the start page with speed dials can be changed. In other words could I have a page named business, one named personal, or authors or whatever I wanted each tab to be named.
    It says I can rename when hold the mouse over the start plus sign for a new page but even when it lets me type in a name, it still says start page. If I had multiple start pages it would make it confusing.

    • Eric on 12th Dec, 19 03:12am #

      Yes just name it

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