How to Change Default Search Engine in Firefox?

Jun 16, 2015

This article is about how to change or switch your default search engine in Mozilla Firefox web browser. Earlier, it required only one click to change the default search engine in Firefox. But with the introduction of one-click search bar, it is now a multi-click affair! Yes, the new search bar offers an option to use different search engines with one click. All you need to do is type your search term and simply click one of those search engine icons that appears right below your search bar. You will see results from that particular search engine. But that one-click search doesn’t change your default search engine. Unable to change your default search engine? Wondering how to change the default search engine in Firefox? If yes, follow the steps mentioned below.

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Steps to change Firefox Default Search Engine:

  1. Open Firefox.
  2. Type something in the field field. Example:
  3. A dropdown menu will appear below the search form. Click on the Change Search Settings button at the end of that menu. Refer the following screenshot.
    Firefox Change Search Settings
  4. The Search settings page will appear. Go to the Default Search Engine section, select a search provider of your choice from the dropdown menu. For example: I am selecting Bing as shown in the screenshot below.
    Firefox Default Search Engine
  5. Your default search engine will be changed automatically. Restart Firefox to ensure that the change was effective.


  1. Open Firefox
  2. Go to Tools in your menu bar.
  3. Select Options from the dropdown menu.
  4. Firefox preferences panel will appear. Select Search tab in the left bar.
  5. Search preferences will appear. Change your Search engine from the Default Search engine section.

So, what’s how you change search engines in Mozilla Firefox. Was it helpful? Please feel free to leave your feedback.

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