Hello! Messenger for iPhone and iPod

Mar 25, 2010

Standard IM Inc has launched the first version of its Hello! Messenger application for mobiles on iPhones and iPods. Hello! Messenger is an instant messenger program designed to suit mobile smart phones and other mobile devices. It lets you chat with all of your friends for free. Hello! allows you to message as many friends as you want at once. There’s no limit to the number of people you can chat with. So, it will help you reduce expensive SMS fees.

Hello! Messenger iPhone

Unlike desktop instant messenger programs, Hello! Messenger is designed to integrate perfectly with the handset, allowing users to locate or invite friends and colleagues to their ‘buddy list’ directly from the phones contacts or from Facebook. They can then exchange free messages instantly; in essence, it is like having free SMS. Hello! Messenger will allow users on multiple smart-phone platforms to communicate faster and for zero cost, replacing SMS and rendering it obsolete. It is always free no matter where you are in the world and works on 3G / EDGE / and Wi-Fi connections.

Hello! Messenger is available in two versions for iPhones and iPod Touch. Advertising supported version is free and the advertising-free version is available at the a reduced $1.99 price. To find out more about the application and to download it now, search for ‘Hello! Messenger’ at the iTunes Store.

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