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Jul 4, 2010

For bloggers looking for quality content to publish on their blogs, Guardian News & Media presents a new WordPress plugin. Called The Guardian News Feed, this new WordPress plugin will let bloggers across the globe to access and publish Guardian articles directly from their dashboard. It means, this plugin will make it easier for you to search and republish thousand of quality articles from The Guardian News Feed is the first full article news feed plugin ever released by a major new publisher. With this plugin, you can definitely enjoy blogging. Try it.

Guardian News Feed

With the Guardian News Feed plugin, WordPress bloggers will be able to browse and search for Guardian articles they wish to publish on their blogs. Selected articles can be published or saved to Drafts right from the WordPress admin area. This plugin can update your articles automatically. So, once published, you don’t have to worry about updating it manually.

To use this plugin on your WordPress-powered blog, you need to register for the Guardian Open Platform, agree to the Terms and Conditions and obtain an API key. According to the the Terms and Conditions, you may not remove or alter the text, links or images from the articles. Also, the articles that you pulled from Guardian comes with ads and performance tracking embedded in them. So, you must not alter or remove them.

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    • admin on 5th Jul, 10 06:07am #

      It should work on WP 3.0. If you are facing any problems check that your PHP version is up to date. Also, there may be some bugs as this plugin is new. Wait for next update by the developers.

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