Google Maps Previews in Gmail

Jun 11, 2010

Google has added another cool new feature to Gmail Labs. And this time it is Google Maps previews right in your Gmail inbox. When you get a new address in an email, what you do to find the location? You copy that address, open Google Maps and paste it in to search the location. Isn’t it? Now, with the help of "Google Maps Previews in Mail" feature in Gmail Labs you can easily see maps of all the addresses you receive in Gmail. This one will save your time and will make your emails look more interesting!

Google Maps Previews in Mail

To enable this cool new feature go to the "Gmail Labs" tab under the "Settings" in your Gmail account and enable the "Google Maps Previews in Mail". Once you saved the settings, a maps preview link will appear at the bottom of each email that contains an address or a Google Maps link. Click that link to view the map for that address. For better view, you can also open the Google Maps link in a new window.

Note that Google Maps URL will work for any location, but in case of addresses only US locations will appear in the map. Don’t worry! Google is working on to make this feature applicable for addresses around the world. As a bonus, the "Google Maps Previews in Mail" feature will display location maps for the Google Maps link into the post box in Google Buzz.

Via: Gmail Blog

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