Google launches Google Public DNS service

Dec 5, 2009

Google on Friday launched a new service called Google Public DNS. As the name suggests, it is a Domain Name System (DNS) resolving service that will use Google’s infrastructure to improve page loading time. The primary goal of Google Public DNS is to provide end users with an alternative to their current DNS service.

Google Logo "We built Google Public DNS to make the web faster and to retain as little information about usage as we could, while still being able to detect and fix problems," Google says.

Besides providing end users an alternative DNS service, Google Public DNS also aims to help reduce the load on ISPs’ DNS servers by taking advantage of their global data-center and caching infrastructure. Google Public DNS implements a number of security, performance, and compliance improvements, which is expected to help make the web faster and more secure.

Right now, I am testing Google Public DNS and trying to compare it with my previous DNS service – OpenDNS. Till now, no difference in performance. But I must that Google Public DNS works. If you are a Google fan, I am sure that you’d love to try it. Try it today by changing your DNS server addresses to the following IP addresses – and

2 Responses to “Google launches Google Public DNS service”

  1. The Evangelist on 5th Dec, 09 06:12pm #

    Privacy concerns aside, this seems pretty cool.

    Those who have ISPs with unreliable DNS service can certainly benefit from this.

    • admin on 6th Dec, 09 05:12am #

      Yes, you are right. It is definitely for ISPs with poor DNS service. If someone is looking for an OpenDNS alternative, Google Public DNS is a right option.

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