Google introduces ‘Undo Send’ feature in Gmail

Mar 20, 2009

Google has added an exciting new feature to the Gmail Labs, which will enable users to call back a sent email! Well, not exactly a sent message, but it does holds every message for a few extra seconds after hitting the send button. Termed as “Undo Send” this new Gmail Labs feature will definitely help many people, specially when someone has mistakenly clicked the send button.



To use this new feature, you need to turn on Undo Send in Gmail Labs tab under the Settings section of your account. Once the ‘Undo Send’ feature is enabled you’ll see a new “Undo” link on every sent mail confirmation. Just press that link whenever you want to stop a message.

But note that, you will get only 5 seconds to do that! This feature can’t bring back an email that’s already gone! It just holds your message for 5 extra seconds, so that you can change your mind and stop that message. Mind it, you will have just 5 seconds to save the world!

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