Google Chrome goes Beta again!

Mar 18, 2009

Google on Tuesday released a new Beta version of it’s web browser Chrome. The new version of Chrome boosts speed and stability besides some new features such as form autofill, autoscroll, full page zoom and ability to drag tabs out for a side-by-side view.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

This new release is the first major update for Chrome since Google introduced it six months ago. The most important feature in the new beta release in the speed. According to a blog post on Google Chrome blog, the new beta is 25% to 35% faster than current stable version which was released in February 3, 2009. Google claims this by using their V8 and Sunspider benchmark.

Now there are three different versions available for Chrome: the stable release, the new beta and the developer release. You can get the Beta version of Google Chrome here. For more information about the new drag tabs feature of the beta, watch the following video:

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