Google Chrome Extension Reviews and Ratings

Jun 4, 2011

Launched in 2008, Google Chrome is now one of the most popular web browsers (right after Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox) in the world. One of the important features of this web browser is the support for extensions. Just like Firefox add-ons, Chrome has extensions. From Chrome Adblock plugin to InvisibleHand shopping tool and from Turn Off The Lights to YSlow page performance tool, there are thousands of extensions for Chrome. With right extension(s), you can easily enhance and extend the functions and performance of your browser.

Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome web store has thousands of extension, apps and themes. But not all of them are useful. In fact some back programs may harm your computer. So, you must choose your extensions carefully. Which one to choose? Which one is best for your requirements? Not sure? Visit, a non-profit web site publishing Google Chrome extension reviews and ratings. On that site you will find various extensions categorized according to their nature of functions. For example, you’ll find Facebook Photo Zoom for Chrome under the Social category. Similarly, featured plugins section contains various important and useful extensions.

Take a look at the extensions listed on that site. Read user reviews and pick your extensions. Want to go for the crowd favorites? Try the top 10 Google Chrome plugins. The top one and most popular of them all is Chrome Adblock plugin. This extension lets you block advertisements from appearing on web pages. Other popular Chrome extensions are: Web of Trust, Turn Off the Lights, Panic Button, Click & Clean, Chrome Facebook extension etc.

Various Chrome apps and themes are also listed and reviewed by So, next time you feel like searching for a new Google Chrome extension, don’t forget to visit!

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