Gmail Priority Inbox

Sep 6, 2010

Priority Inbox is a new experimental beta feature of Gmail, which automatically identifies your important incoming messages and separates them out from everything else in your inbox. The main objective of Priority Inbox is to help you focus on the messages that really matters. With this feature you can save your time that you would otherwise spend on going through the emails that arrive in your inbox. You can activate this feature by using the “New! Priority Inbox” link in the top right corner of your Gmail account.


Priority Inbox splits your inbox into three sections: “Important and unread,” Starred” and “Everything else“. Priority Inbox displays different colored arrows to indicate different types of messages. A yellow arrow means that a message is important and unread. A gray marker means that the message is important and read or archived. A message Gmail has classified as unimportant has no marker. Try reading and replying to the messages in the “Important and Unread” section first. Mark anything that requires follow-up with a star, then go to the messages in the “Everything Else” section. You can also use custom importance filters. You can easily customize your Priority Inbox by clicking the Settings link in the upper-right corner of Gmail, and selecting the Priority Inbox tab.

To predict which messages are important to you, Gmail uses multiple signals, including who sent the email, what terms it includes and your actions (replying, using stars, archiving, deleting etc). The good thing about this technology is that you can train it to classify your important messages more accurately. In case of a misclassified message, click the “mark as important” or “mark as not important” button to move it to the appropriate section. In this way Gmail Priority Inbox will learn what you care about most. Try it today.

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