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Jan 26, 2011

Today, lets talk about QR Codes? What actually a QR Code is? In simple words QR (Quick Response) Code is a two dimensional code that denotes text, URL or other data. The qr barcodes are readable by special barcode readers and camera phones with appropriate applications. Visually it is a square pattern consisting of black modules in white background. Take a look at the picture below. Looks familiar? Yes, it is a QR code.


Users can scan a QR Code by using a camera phone equipped with a barcode scanner application. Once a scan is complete, the encoded text, URL or other information are displayed instantly. URLs can be opened directly in a phone’s web browser. Interesting. Isn’t it? Yes, indeed. That’s why QR Codes are now widely used for marketing campaigns. Marketers utilize them as a tool to promote their products or links and measure the performance of their marketing campaigns. How about making your own qr codes?

You can start making QR codes by utilizing services provided by various web sites. One such site is Just register for a free account and generate your QR codes. SPARQCode has an easy-to-use qr generator that will let you add contact information, phone number, SMS, RAW data, map link, URL, vCal, or mobile application store links (iPhone App Store, Android Market and BlackBerry App World).

So, a lot of useful information can be included in a QR code. You can use those codes for various purposes. For example, you can market your products, distribute freebies, distribute product catalogs, measure conversion rate of your campaigns, drive customers to your product links or storefront etc. SPARQCode does provide real-time analytics report for QR codes. You will get free report for the first 250 scans of your campaigns. For advanced usage, you need to upgrade your account. Pro plans includes various additional features including social media monitoring, location metrics, multi-URLs, SVG output, Raw data export etc.

Believe it or not, the age of mobile advertising is here. And with popularity of mobile advertising, usage of QR code is also increasing. If you are a marketer or a business owner, don’t overlook the possibilities of this new marketing tool. Embrace QR code today!

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    QR codes will change the way we advertise or show online information to the people. Check out to make a social QR codes for your business or personal needs.

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